Gone are the days of the tight-fitted corsets, flowing skirts and laced bonnets, but it’s an era of elegance we love to celebrate in television and films. Expect all the relationship drama and political challenges that we face today, with very different technology and societal norms.

Here’s a selection of our favourite films and shows on Telstra TV to take you back in time.

Alias Grace (Netflix)

Alias Grace on Telstra TV

Based on a novel by Margaret Atwood, the woman who gave us The Handmaid’s Tale, ALIAS GRACE on Netflix follows the real-life of Grace Marks, a young Irish immigrant accused of murdering her Canadian employer and his housekeeper in 1843. Sentenced to life incarceration, Marks went on to become the most notorious women in Canada as she lived through harsh treatments and prison politics. It wasn’t until a psychologist came to study her memories that she realised some thoughts had been long-buried.

A Place To Call Home (Foxtel Now)

A Place To Call Home on Telstra TV

In this gorgeous Australian story, we’re taken back to rural New South Wales in the 1950’s, in a town rocked by the fallout from the Second World War. A PLACE TO CALL HOME on Foxtel Now follows Sarah Adam, who returns to the country after twenty years abroad, finding herself clashing with a very wealthy matriarch. With forbidden romances, post-traumatic stress, town scandals and marriages, it’s no surprise this captivating melodrama has gathered huge success around the nation as it addresses a period of massive societal change.

Reign (Stan)

Reign on Telstra TV

Hidden between the lines of the history books on Stan is the story of Mary Stuart, the woman the world would come to know as Mary, Queen of Scots. Utilising the bold fashion and interior styling from the 1500’s, REIGN provides a visually stunning, highly dramatised look into the politics surrounding Mary’s engagement to Prince Francis, and all the other women that vied for his affection. With a whole heap of romance, backstabbing and historical alliances, there is no shortness of drama in this addictive period series.

Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

Peaky Blinders on Telstra TV

Set in 1919 Birmingham, following the aftermath of World War 1, soldiers, revolutionaries and mobsters are all competing for authority as the city is dealing with a new level of violence and crime. The show’s power-hungry lead, Thomas Shelby, leads crime gang PEAKY BLINDERS as they strive to maximise profits through illegal betting and black market sales on Netflix. Starring Cillian Murphey (Inception), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) and Tom Hardy (Venom), you can expect maximum action and show-stopping drama.

Boardwalk Empire (Foxtel Now)

Boardwalk Empire on Telstra TV

While you’ll find it readily available in most dining establishments, in 1920’s Atlantic City, alcohol was strictly forbidden at the dawn of Prohibition era. In BOARDWALK EMPIRE on Foxtel Now, word quickly spreads that the town’s much-respected treasurer and his brother are the go-to guys for sourcing highly illegal booze. Working closely with is all the top gangsters, everything’s going swimmingly for the criminal politician until a former protégé points law enforcement in his direction.

Little Women (Stan)

Little Women on Telstra TV

Following the iconic coming-of-age story from Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 novel, this adaption of LITTLE WOMEN for Stan is a beautiful three-part miniseries set in a divided country. With their father away at war, four sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, are forced to grow up quickly and complete domestic duties, discover their personal talents and desires, and marry wealthy men approved by their mother. With exclusive parties and balls, this historical series will give a nod to the real glamour that existed amongst poverty.

Atonement (Foxtel Now)

Atonement on Telstra TV

With a powerful blend of love, loss and battles, this epic war-romance drama is made even more brilliant with Kiera Knightly (Pride and Prejudice) and James McAvoy (Split) at the helm of a stellar cast. ATONEMENT on Foxtel Now follows the forced separation of the young couple following a dishonest accusation made by a jealous younger sister that results in unjust imprisonment. When the couple’s paths cross during World War II, there is hope for a reunion – but not without a few tragic obstacles.

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