The new financial year is in full swing, and for many of us, especially those with families it’s that time of year when we should give serious thought to how to budget smarter without having to compromise the things we love.

With this in mind, we’re offering new customers who join our Telstra family before 4 August 2015, a $200 Welcome Credit on selected Go Mobile plans for the month of July.

To celebrate, we’ve crowdsourced seven great hacks for saving cash from across the team at Telstra.

Things you need to know

Extra Data: If you go over your Monthly Data Allowance, we automatically add data to your allowance for that month in 1GB blocks for $10 per GB. Extra Data is for use in Australia with eligible plans, is shared between eligible data sharing services on your account and expires at the end of that billing month.

Thanks Thursday: Offer is to rent one free movie from BigPond Movies per week from a selection of three movies. Data charges may apply. Available for Telstra customers aged 18 or over, who have registered for My Account and BigPond Movies. Each week’s voucher code is available through from 12:01pm Friday to 11:59pm Thursday. The offer can be used between 5:30am and 11:59pm on Thursday by entering the code in BigPond Movies on your compatible device and selecting and renting your movie. You have 48 hours to begin watching the movie and you have 48 hours to finish watching once you click play. You can only view the movie on the device where it was rented. For BigPond Movies to function correctly, a minimum download speed of 3.5Mbps is recommended. Compatible devices include Telstra T-Box and some smart TVs, PCs and tablets. See for more details.

Welcome Credit: If you cancel your plan before 12 months or move to an ineligible plan, you must pay a portion of the credit back to us based on the number of months left remaining in your minimum term. Welcome credit will be applied to your account on or before your second bill and will appear in the Other Charges and Credit section.