Good movies have the power to make us laugh, gasp and cry, and they’re made even more intense when the storyline follows real events. Providing the perfect balance of historical information, action and drama, here’s a selection of our favourite films and television shows that tell true stories. You can watch them all on Telstra TV tonight.

Only the Brave (BigPond Movies)

Only the Brave - BigPond Movies

Plunging into life-threatening conditions is part of their day-to-day roles, but some fires are worse than others. This equally shocking and exciting film on BigPond Movies, ONLY THE BRAVE, follows one of America’s most elite firefighting teams as they run towards danger to protect communities from the Yarnell Hill blaze. Starring Josh Brolin and Jennifer Connelly among a strong cast, this true story is well-acted and highly visual as it delves into the stories behind the team that fought the devastating 2013 fire.

Battle of the Sexes (BigPond Movies)

Battle of the Sexes - BigPond Movies

Even those who were not die-hard tennis fans tuned in to the tennis match between women’s world champion Billie Jean King and former men’s champ Bobby Riggs in 1973. Dubbed the ‘BATTLE OF THE SEXES‘, this intense tennis match became one of the most watched televised sports events of all time and kicked off an even greater rivalry off-court. Starring crowd-favourites Emma Stone and Steve Carell, the film offers deep insight into the players’ complex personal battles on BigPond Movies.

The Crown (Netflix)

The Crown - Season 2 - Netflix

Whether you religiously follow the lives of our royal family or struggle to name The Queen’s sister, THE CROWN has something to offer everyone. This Netflix original beautifully captures the eventful reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Starting from her coronation at age 25 in the 1940s and continuing through to modern times, the series gives a brilliant insight into the personal struggles, romances, and political rivalries faced by the entire royal family, which helped shape the 20th century as we knew it.

Boardwalk Empire (Foxtel Now)

Boardwalk Empire - Foxtel Now

In 1920, the world looked very different. With alcohol forbidden during the Prohibition era, outlaws quickly became kings as they illegally brewed, imported and distributed liquor to the citizens of Atlantic City. Starring Steve Buscemi as a corrupt politician and ruthless gangster, BOARDWALK EMPIRE viewers are given insight into the organised crime that provided lucrative opportunities for bootleggers and distributors. You’ll love the suave scheming of these outlaws while getting a generous dose of American history on Foxtel Now.

Narcos (Netflix)

Narcos - Netflix

Delving into the gripping real-life stories of the biggest drug kingpins of the ’80s, this gritty Netflix series follows Pablo Escobar and his powerful team involved in manufacturing and distributing cocaine. NARCOS kicks off in Columbia in the late 1970s, the series doesn’t shy away from the dangerous repercussions of the drug world and closely follows the law enforcement squad as they targeted notorious players and sought to overcome mass corruption.

Goodbye Christopher Robin (BigPond Movies)

Goodbye Christopher Robin - BigPond Movies

On BigPond Movies, they’re the gorgeous children’s cartoons we all grew up with, but readers rarely get a glimpse into the life of A.A. Milne, the author of Winnie the Pooh. GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN gives us insight into the relationship between Milne and his son Christopher Robin, whose toys inspired the much-loved series as a way of providing comfort after World War One. As the family quickly get swept up in international success, we realise Milne was overcoming some deep traumas of his own.

G.L.O.W (Netflix)

Glow - Netflix

This bright and loveable Netflix series follows Ruth Wilder, an out-of-work actress who gathered a team of LA misfits to join a wrestling competition in the 1980s. Joining a world of glitter and spandex, the team reinvent themselves as the Gorgeous Women of Wrestling (G.L.O.W) and find out that success doesn’t come easy. With Alison Brie leading the group, this Netflix series is just as much beautiful as it is entertaining.

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