Today, we celebrate the world’s first-ever World WiFi Day, and we can’t think of better timing – because today also marks a year since Telstra and Fon announced a partnership that has brought thousands of WiFi hotspots to Australia.

WiFi has completely altered how we go about our daily lives, especially when it comes to travel. You’re not alone when it comes to seeking out a WiFi hotspot when on the go or overseas. The majority of us rely heavily on WiFi while abroad, with a whopping 88% of travellers seeking a WiFi connection whenever possible. In fact WiFi is now a vital part of travelling even before the trip starts with 47% of Australian travellers use WiFi and their mobile device to plan a vacation

And if a WiFi connection can’t be found, seems 23% of us simply switch our phones off altogether to avoid roaming data costs. And 67% of us also consider WiFi to be THE most important factor when choosing a hotel or Airbnb, over location.

Six common uses for WiFI overseas

  1. Checking social media – 58%
  2. Checking directions – 54%
  3. Sending / receiving work emails – 49%
  4. Looking up local travel tips – 43%
  5. Video calls – 31%
  6. Looking at dating sites – 11%

To celebrate our anniversary and World WiFi Day Check out our gallery of the top six things you can use your WiFi data for with Telstra Air/Fon at more than 19 million hotspots when travelling overseas, if you’re a Telstra Air home broadband member with data left on your home allowance.

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