We’ve all been there. It’s a Sunday night, we’re feeling a bit adventurous and run to a local grocer to try something new. You find something that looks delicious, but the only problem is all the directions and ingredients are in another language. If only there was something you could use to live translate, right?

You head home, try your best to work it all out and prepare it to eat. But it looks and tastes nothing like you thought it would. Worst Sunday night dinner ever.

If we had a Google Pixel 6 and its suite of translation features in our pockets though, this problem could have been avoided completely. We would have known to flash fry those noodles, not boil them.

Google’s translation suite has been an incredible feature on Google’s Pixel devices for a couple of years now, but with the introduction of Google’s first Tensor chip, the Pixel 6 takes it up a notch with Live Translate*. Translations happen in almost real-time and its more accurate than ever – plus you don’t need an internet connection to use it. You can translate text, speech and listen to podcasts with translated captions.

You can even use your camera in Lens mode with a Pixel 6 to read and translate signs, labels and documents – mighty handy for food labels**.

Playing around with Live Translate got us thinking. There are loads of movies and TV shows that have whole plot points built around people being in lost in translation – so we pulled together a list of TV shows, movies and pop culture moments that could have been completely different if someone had a Google Pixel 6.

Mean Girls

School girls being awful to each other. That’s basically the plot of the movie. It’s funny, at times kinda deep and has been one of the key coming of age movies for a generation. The whole story could have ended up very different though if head mean girl Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams, had a Pixel 6 with Google Lens. In an attempt from Lindsey Lohan’s Cady to sabotage Regina ahead of the Spring Fling formal, she gives her Swedish weight gain bars, but claims they help burn calories instead. The wrapper could have revealed the truth, but it was all written in Swedish. Regina ends up getting hooked to them and by the end can’t fit into her Spring Fling dress anymore.

Love Actually

In everyone’s favourite Christmas Movie and romantic comedy, we have Jamie, played by Colin Firth who’s escaping home to write a novel after catching his girlfriend sleeping with his brother in a French cottage. Here he meets Portugese housekeeper Aurelia, played by Lucia Moniz. They don’t understand a word each other says, but the mystery fumbling builds the attraction between them, eventually leading them to declare their love in broken English and Portugese. With Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode on-board, Jamie might have had his draft saved from flying into the pond, but that mystery between them would be gone. Maybe they don’t even end up together?

Lost in Translation

I mean, this whole movie would be much harder to make today with the Pixel 6 and Live Translate in existence. Bill Murray plays Bob Harris, a fading American movie star who is having a midlife crisis when he travels to Tokyo to promote a Japanese whisky. There, he befriends another estranged American named Charlotte, a young woman and recent college graduate played by Scarlett Johansson. The film explores disconnection through a backdrop of being isolated in a place you don’t know, around people you can’t communicate with.


A romantic drama and comedy that centres around a mother and daughter migrating to America in search for a better life who move into the home of an American couple. Many of the plot points are based around a clash of culture and communication, including fights that are done through other characters as an interpreter. The families are ultimately looking to live in harmony – but miscommunication gets in the way throughout.

Finding Nemo

Dory and Marlin find themselves swimming for their lives after asking for help reading a scuba mask from a Great White Shark named Bruce that just got a sniff of blood, sending him lusting for fish tonight. Stuck in a submarine wreck, trying to get out, they come across a hatch which Dory has a hard time reading, with whale being her strongest language, while Bruce is ramming at them. Perhaps a fish-friendly Pixel 6 with Google Lens or Live Translate could have not only helped them find the escape hatch, but read the address on the scuba mask to avoid the whole incident to begin with.


Pixel 6 Arthur
Who needs to read when a Pixel will do it for you

Well, this one is more just a scene that has turned into an incredible meme template. DW wouldn’t need to read if her Pixel just translated that text out loud.

*Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. See g.co/pixel/livetranslate for more information.
**Camera-based translation using Lens is available in 55 languages. Language availability may be more limited for other Pixel translation features. See g.co/pixel/livetranslate for more information.