Sitting down to a hard-hitting debate isn’t always what you feel like after a long day at work, but getting more politics into your life has become its own category of gripping entertainment.

This mix of brilliant shows offers enough drama and satire to keep you entertained for weeks to come – and you can watch them all on Telstra TV right now.

The Ex-PM (Netflix)

The Ex-PM - Netflix - Telstra TV

Australia’s very own Shawn Micallef has had us in stiches since he sprung onto the comedy scene in the early 90s, but his latest political-themed satire is a standout performance. The show follows Micallef playing a retired long-serving Prime Minister, who is surrounded by a hilariously mismatched team of advisors and dysfunctional family, as he battles some unusual obstacles.

Watch The Ex-PM on Netflix on your Telstra TV.

VEEP (Foxtel Now)

VEEP - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

Swapping her iconic role as Eileen from Seinfeld for a top-seat in the White House, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back playing a potty-mouthed former senator with a slightly unorthodox approach to politics. With a generous sprinkle of dark humour, the show touches on all the political fires and personal catastrophes that arise as she’s given the prestigious role as US Vice President.

Watch VEEP on Foxtel Now on your Telstra TV.

Homeland (Netflix, Foxtel Now, BigPond Movies and SBS On Demand)

Homeland - Netflix, Foxtel Now, BigPond Movies and SBS On Demand - Telstra TV

From Friday 16 February, SBS will premiere season seven of Homeland in Australia with the series available to watch anytime on SBS On Demand on your Telstra TV. And you can catch the first six seasons across a range of services on Telstra TV. This has got to be one of the most action-packed thrillers around right now. Homeland follows a CIA agent accusing a respected marine sergeant of conducting a lethal terror plot, leading to serious unrest for America’s national security. Years later, the estranged agent is sent to the Middle East where she encounters the horrors of war head-on, leading to a show-stopping trail of events that’ll have you hooked.

Watch Homeland on Netflix, Foxtel Now and BigPond Movies and season seven on SBS On Demand on your Telstra TV.

Scandal (Foxtel Now and BigPond Movies)

Scandal - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

Now in its seventh season, this award-winning political thriller series follows Olivia Pope, the former media consultant of the President as she opens her own crisis-management firm. Unable to shake ties from her White House past, drama ensues as she must deal with her dangerously dysfunctional staff which includes genius hackers and professionals trained in covering up dark truths.

Watch Scandal on Foxtel Now and BigPond Movies on your Telstra TV.

Designated Survivor (Netflix and BigPond Movies)

Designated Survivor - Netflix - Telstra TV

After a devastating bomb attack on Washington claims the lives of the President, and everyone in the line of succession except a lower-level cabinet member – Tom Kirkman (Keifer Sutherland) who had been named the designated survivor is immediately sworn in as President. Upon taking the reins of a government in chaos, drama becomes his normal as the parliament quickly realises the attack was only a glimpse into the terrors the United States is set to face.

Watch Designated Survivor on Netflix and BigPond Movies on your Telstra TV.

Versailles (BigPond Movies)

Versailles - BigPond Movies - Telstra TV

Set in the glamourous Palace of Versailles in 1667, the show follows King Louis XIV of France as the 28-year-old grapples with gaining sole command of his kingdom. Facing a deadly sibling rivalry, constant threats of war, and a wife desperate to tame his wandering ways, addictively intense drama is a consistent theme you’ll love in Versailles.

Watch Versailles on BigPond Movies on your Telstra TV.

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