Discover a world of topical, thought-provoking documentaries with iwonder, the new documentary streaming app launching today on Telstra TV.

With a huge range of award-winning and critically acclaimed factual films and series available on demand – including political, cultural, scientific, historical and biographical content – there’s something to intrigue every inquisitive mind. Below are just a few of our top picks to get you started.

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Eating Animals

Based on the bestselling book by Jonathan Safran Foer, the author teamed up with Academy Award winner Natalie Portman to produce this eye-opening exploration into the factory farming industry. Looking at the ways in which agriculture has changed over the past four decades, we find out more about what goes on behind the scenes to bring food to American dinner tables – including practices that endanger animal welfare and ultimately the health of consumers. The film also considers a way out, returning to traditional farming methods that were more sustainable and beneficial for all concerned.

American Dharma

Pull back the curtain and get a glimpse into the mind of the man who shaped Donald Trump’s presidency, Steve Bannon. The controversial former campaign manager and alt-right pundit sat down with filmmaker Errol Morris to discuss the ideas and influences that shaped his worldview – in an open and honest interview that doesn’t directly challenge its subject, but certainly gives him enough rope. And by breaking up their conversation with clips from Bannon’s favourite films, following a lengthy discussion on classic Hollywood characters he identifies with, Morris is able to paint a picture of how this master manipulator views himself and his place in the world.


In this visually magnificent and yet touchingly intimate film, mountain-dwelling Macedonian woman Hatidze Muratova maintains an ancient method of wild beekeeping to support herself and her ailing mother, Nazife. Living without running water, electricity or roads – and walking four hours to the nearest city to sell her honey – Hatidze leads a tranquil, isolated lifestyle. That is, until a new family moves in nearby, bringing with them seven raucous children and a herd of cattle. Showing little respect for Hatidze’s years of experience, the newcomers try their own hand at beekeeping – and it’s not long before tensions arise between the new neighbours.

Anote’s Ark

Often when we hear about the projected impacts of climate change, the magnitude of the problems our world will face in the coming years can seem a little too abstract to fully comprehend. But when it comes to the issue of sea-level rise, the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati is painfully aware of what it will mean for their population of over 100,000 people – their entire low-lying country will eventually be submerged. Following the now former president Anote Tong’s campaign to raise global awareness of the plight of his people, this compelling film also explores one family’s fight to survive by immigrating to New Zealand.

The Pickup Game

The seedy, sexist and (not surprisingly) scandal-ridden industry of so-called “seduction coaching” is exposed in this enthralling documentary directed by brothers Barnaby and Matthew O’Connor. Raking in hundreds of millions of dollars each year, the master manipulators behind the multitude of self-help seminars, online courses and private coaching sessions have their secrets revealed – as they prey on lonely, insecure men promising to help them significantly improve their dating lives. From predatory tactics to pyramid selling, it’s a cesspool of sleaze all the way down.

Basquiat: Rage to Riches

Discover the groundbreaking work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Haitian-American artist who captivated the New York art scene during the late 1970s and 80s before his untimely death at the age of 27. Through interviews with his sisters, his friends, fellow artists and art dealers, director David Shulman explores Basquiat’s audacious street-art style, defined by his experiences with racism, drugs and his observations of the world around him during a time of great cultural change. Admired and befriended by his contemporaries including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Francesco Clemente, Basquiat is considered one of the great artists of the twentieth century.

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