With the recent success of shows like STRANGER THINGS and BLACK MIRROR, we’re flocking to science fiction series more than ever before as we welcome time travel, alternative universes and artificial intelligence into our lounge rooms.

Here’s a section of our favourite new sci-fi shows hitting Telstra TV.

Future Man (Foxtel Now)

Future Man - Foxtel Now - Telstra TV

Uninspired and lacking motivation, janitor Josh Futturman’s once-dull life is rocked when he wins a seemingly unbeatable video game, summoning characters from ‘Biotic Wars’ to appear. As more futuristic entities pop up, Josh is quickly forced to travel through time, completing various missions as he strives to save his world and as the video game begins to take over. With producers including Seth Rogen and Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson, FUTURE MAN on Foxtel Now puts a light, comedic spin on a classic sci-fi adventure series.

The 100 (BigPond Movies)

The 100 - BigPond Movies - Telstra TV

After civilisation on Earth is completely wiped out following a nuclear Armageddon, there are only twelve humans to survive – astronauts living on the international space stations. After a few generations of life in space, a growing population quickly leads to dwindling resources, forcing a handful of juvenile prisoners to head back. THE 100 on BigPond Movies follows this feisty young group as they reassess the planet’s habitability. After a lifetime in space, an abandoned Earth proves to be both thrilling and terrifying.

Lost in Space (Netflix)

Lost in Space - Netflix - Telstra TV

Netflix’s modern television adaption of the 1960’s LOST IN SPACE series follows the lovable Robinson family as they are tasked with colonising a new planet. However, after they’re thrown off course and plunged into a dangerous alien environment light years from their anticipated destination, the Robinsons must form critical alliances to ensure their survival. Highlighting interpersonal human demons and challenges alongside fighting impending danger is as much about gripping character development as it is sci-fi action.

Counterpart (SBS)

Counterpart - SBS On Demand - Telstra TV

Putting a thrilling, futuristic twist on traditional espionage drama, COUNTERPART on SBS On Demand follows Howard Silk (J.K. Simmons) as he discovers his Berlin-based spy organisation is hiding a secret gateway into a parallel dimension. Plunged into a dangerous world of characters mirroring the people closest to him, Howard discovers his own identical ‘counterpart’, quickly uncovering this alternative universe was accessed by accident during the Cold War.

Hard Sun (7Plus)

Hard Sun - 7Plus - Telstra TV

With life as we know it caving in around them, London-based detectives Charlie Hicks and Elaine Renko are unwillingly paired together in a pre-apocalyptic world. Attempting to juggle police work while fighting for their families’ survival on a collapsing planet, the unlikely duo is forced to break down their trust for one another as their first case uncovers a dark secret that will bind them together for life. Police drama, apocalyptic mayhem and seriously cool science-fiction – HARD SUN on 7Plus ticks all boxes!

Incorporated (Stan)

Incorporated - Telstra TV

In the year 2074, massive corporations have acquired unlimited reign following a number of financial and environmental crises, acting as makeshift governments in a dangerous world of politics and profit. Following one young executive in particular, Ben Larson, INCORPORATED on Stan examines the life-threatening risk when trying to climb the corporate ladder as he is forced to hide his true identity to save the woman he loves. With Oscar winners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck among the show’s executive producers, you can expect big things from this addictive sci-fi drama.

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