Here’s some examples of interesting uses of NFC (near field communications) tags, following on from my previous blog about the emergence of NFC technology.

1. Samsung TecTile Programmable NFC Tags

These are smart NFC tags that you can programme to do many different things. Samsung Australia will be selling the TecTile NFC Tags as an accessory from December 2012, from the Samsung Store initially. You programme these little tiles with the free application. Some examples of what is possible – programme your phone settings for work or home; update your status on social media; or even make phone calls or send text messages automatically. Once you’ve programmed the tile – put it in a convenient place,  tap your pone to the TecTile, and watch it do its stuff!

2. Sony Xperia Smart Tags

In a similar vein to the Samsung TecTile, Sony’s Xperia Smart Tags are fully programmable, giving you the opportunity to set your phone to mute in the bedroom or boardroom, turn on an alarm or reminder, turn on or off wifi. Place one in your car and tap it to start Bluetooth , GPS or launch Google navigator. A key thing to remember is these tags are designed to save you time – programme them once and you’re away.

3. Nokia

Nokia are promoting the use of NFC on its phones through tags in the public arena. For example, tap on an in-store display and see what colours a jacket comes in; download a movie trailer from a street-side poster or get directions to a restaurant from an interactive ad.

4. RIM (Research in Motion)

RIM, famous for the BlackBerry, released BBM Music earlier this year. Touting a catalogue of “millions of songs”, BBM Music can be used free for up to 30 days. BBM Music allows you to add 50 songs to your profile, and you can swap out up to 25 songs a month to update your profile. BBM Music allows you to create profiles and share them with other BBM Music users – a great way to get exposure to other musical tastes. The BlackBerry Music Gateway can be attached to your car stereo or home music system by its 3.5mm aux input or RCA connectors. Tap your NFC enabled BlackBerry on the BBM Music Gateway to start streaming music.

5. Objecs

Apart from the common applications for NFC – including Transportation and Digital Wallet, a trend is emerging embedding NFC tags to create Smart Objects. The one that caught my attention was a company called Objecs. To quote from their website – Objecs “provide complete end-to-end solutions for the exchange of information between humans and real world objects…” One of their product with embedded NFC technology is tombstones. By touching an NFC enabled mobile phone to the Personal Rosetta Stone, you can find out additional information about the deceased. What a great way to capture and preserve history.

6. NFriendConnector

If you are a social media junkie (my definition – someone who has more virtual friends than real ones!) – then NFC has you covered. NFriendConnector “enables seamless integration of users’ offline social transactions with their online social network using a mobile phone”. In simple terms – you can exchange information with another person if you both have NFriendConnector working on your phones. Saves time and effort, and as you are both in control of the exchange of information, you are aware of the exchange, this reduces privacy issues associated with other social networking apps.

Have you seen any other cool examples of NFC technology around? Share them in the comments.

Images: Samsung, Sony Mobile, Nokia, Research in Motion