Today is World World Wide Web day, where we are free to celebrate everything the WWW. Email, IM, banking online – you name it, it can be done on the WWW.

But we all know the Internet is more useful than that! We have the most powerful tool at our fingers every single day, why would you utilise it to do something useful when you can do any of the following…

5. Post photos of your delicious food

Mmmmm... Pie!
Pictured: my lunch

That new restaurant in town doesn’t take bookings, but you managed to get a table for 2 at 11:30pm after waiting for 3 and a half hours.

Make your friends jealous by posting a photo of that delicious raw vegan lasagne – but make sure you get a glass of wine in the shot!

4. Lol @ memes

Such Doge
Pictured: Such Doge. Photographer: Roberto Vasarri, this image is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence

What better way to strike up a conversation in the work kitchen that to talk about that meme, you know, the one where there’s this guy and he’s the most interesting man in the world. And he says that he doesn’t always do this thing, but when he does he does that thing.

Works great. Try it some time!

3. Take selfies

Dog taking a selfie
Pictured: A dog taking a selfie, proving peak selfie

The fact that even animals are taking selfies these days means that we have hit peak-selfie.

What better way than to let everyone know you’re really busy and really important than taking a selfie at the thing you’re at with the people and stuff.

2. Post cat pics

Grumpy Cat and Le Derp Cat
Pictured: Grumpy Cat and friend. Photographer: Adam Rifkin, this photograph is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Not everyone loves cats, but given that the internet is built on cats it’s pretty hard to ignore their cute faces.

Your cat might be in a box or it might be in a bag, but the important thing is that your Facebook friends know you have a cat, and that you know that you’ll get at least 20 likes on this picture.

1. Read Top 5 lists

Top 5

There is no better way to procrastinate than to bury yourself in a Top 5, Top 10 or Top 73 billion list, and you don’t have to look too far.

Memorise them and tell your friends on a Friday night as if you made it up – it’s fun for the whole family.

What’s your favourite internet time waster?