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5 ways young Australians are embracing technology

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Posted on July 26, 2018

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The constantly-evolving communication and tech habits of young Australians are a regular topic of conversation for older generations.
In fact, new generational research shows Baby Boomers reckon the technology embraced by young Australians has diminished the quality of conversations (53 per cent), face to face interaction (59 per cent) and the beloved Friday night trips to the video store (19 per cent).

Yet the same research also finds Aussies have a lot to thank our younger generation for. With an insatiable appetite for data-enabled technologies, the research indicates young Australians are pioneering a wave of positive societal change that benefits every age group.

Let’s look at some of these changes:

  • 1 Connecting with family on the go

    Video call technology has already won over the population with the over 69 per cent of Australian adults claiming it’s made them happier. A further thirty-eight per cent feel more connected now they can see the faces of their loved ones at the touch of a button.

  • 2 Finding love

    Searching for your soulmate? Well, young Australians have helped to normalise online dating with one in five Aussies now saying they have secured a date via an app. If you thought Tinder was only for youngsters, think again – eight per cent of seniors say they are active on dating apps.

  • 3 Access to sport and entertainment they love

    The ability to stream and revel in live AFL matches (or catch up on last night’s Love Island while cocooned in a doona) is entertaining to no end. Video streaming now accounts for 40 per cent of usage on the Telstra mobile network – and it’s not just millennials driving this growth.

  • 4 Endless categories of music

    If you’re a music lover, your prayers have been answered. We now have access to an endless amount of music. Music streaming is crowned the most popular entertainment application, two in five Aussies now stream music from apps such as Apple Music and Spotify. 36 per cent of Boomers have tried streaming – millennials may have led the way (with 59% per cent embracing music streaming) – now everyone is getting involved.

  • 5 Working flexibly to increase a work life balance

    Millennials were the fastest to adopt flexible working practices and today 18% per cent say they work flexibly multiple times a week. The research shows 40 per cent of Aussies have worked remotely and 28 per cent say flexible hours are important to them. Furthermore, 16 per cent of Aussies now consider flexible hours a ‘must-have’ in a new job, with a five per cent having rejected a job due to lack of flexible working.

    Aussie millennials’ adoption of new technologies and their love of mobile data has helped contribute to the removal of excess data charges, with Telstra launching Peace of Mind Data on selected new mobile plans. For more info on the new plans head here.

    About the research

    Generational research conducted for Telstra by YouGov Galaxy in July 2018, a representative sample of Australians over the age of 18. There were over 1,500 survey respondents.

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