Let’s face it some people think that Instagram is a place to get sunsets, food pics and endless travel snaps. But in reality Instagram is a the perfect place for dogs – for those updates where you can follow thousands of cute canines about their daily business or their journey from puppy to pooch.

It’s amazes me how quickly dogs have taken to Instagram, turning their paws into filter choosing, picture cropping, sharing machines. Numerous dogs have built hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram where on my own followers are still wallowing in the low hundreds.


How can you go past the “world’s cutest dog” and his mates. With 617k followers you won’t be the first to discover the fun times here.

Homer Pugalicious

This list could not be complete without our very good friend Homer who can be seen here checking out Telstra Air (which BTW is awesome for uploading your doggie updates). Hailing from Western Australia and with 137k followers, Homer is more famous than some footballers.

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The Dogist

Like Humans Of New York but with dogs, need I say more?

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Marnie The Dog

Marnie definitely falls into the old puppy category, but has managed to rack up 1.9 million Instagram followers. A great story of a dog that was rescued at age 10 and is living a full, amazing life.

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OMG Puppies

The name says it all. The ultimate Instagram puppy indulgence, all you’ll find here are puppies, and that is all you’ll need.

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