Planning a night in on the couch with your other half or just boycotting Valentine’s Day altogether? These addictive series on Telstra TV touch on the ups and downs of dating – all while keeping you hitting ‘play’ on that next episode.

Dirty John (Netflix)

True crime is undoubtedly having its moment on our screens and in our ears, and this highly anticipated series is bringing popular podcast DIRTY JOHN to life on Netflix. Starring industry favourites Connie Britton and Eric Bana, this equally disturbing and intriguing series highlights the scary downsides of online dating as successful businesswoman Debra Newell discovers the dreamy doctor she’s fallen for is actually a sociopathic con artist. Intent on proving that the increasingly present John isn’t all he seems, Debra’s daughters seek to unveil his manipulative tactics – but not without massive fallout for the family. Strap yourself in for this one – dropping Valentine’s Day.

This Is Us (BigPond Movies)

Following an ensemble of lovable characters going through their own personal struggles with relationships, this brilliant comedy-drama series will tug at your heartstrings as you become unnecessarily invested in their journeys. THIS IS US on BigPond Movies introduces us to a heavily pregnant couple expecting triplets, a successful actor bored with bachelorhood, and a modern businessman juggling parenthood and work – to name a few. Set over different timelines and multiple locations, the show focuses on the complex relationships between the children, their parents and partners as their lives become intertwined unexpectedly.

Outlander (Foxtel Now)

Onto its fourth season, OUTLANDER on Foxtel Now has gained massive popularity with romance and history lovers alike. The gripping period drama begins in post-World War II Britain, where army nurse Claire is enjoying her second honeymoon in Scotland as she stumbles across an ancient stone that transports her back to 1743. Plunged into a mysterious world of Scottish Highlanders brutal British invaders and old-fashioned mindsets, Claire’s safety and freedom are at great risk. In order to survive, she marries Jamie, a rough but loving Scottish warrior with whom she quickly forms a passionate romance. Torn between two worlds and two men, Claire must battle with her emotions she navigates her way through a very different reality.

You’re The Worst (SBS On Demand)

Offering a humorous and slightly dark twist on romantic television series, YOU’RE THE WORST on SBS On Demand follows the unlikely relationship between two people very unlucky in love. After reconnecting post one-night-stand, self-obsessed and stubborn Jimmy enters into a relationship with reckless and cynical Gretchen. Naturally, drama ensues as the pair grapple with all that comes with modern dating – fear of commitment, passionate romance, heartbreak and lifelong friendship. You’ll love laughing at the ridiculously relatable experiences the pair go through, all while rooting for the success of their functionally dysfunctional relationship.

Younger (Stan)

This hilarious series follows 40-year-old single mother Liza as she pretends to be 26 in order to score a highly competitive position in the publishing industry. After befriending a young book editor, played by Hilary Duff, she embraces a world of new friends, clothes, bars and men. Created by the man behind Sex and the City, YOUNGER on Stan is packed full of sass, comedy and drama as Liza juggles multiple new relationships while trying to keep her secret hidden.

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