Telstra continues to lead the way in delivery of the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program, switching on our 450th base station, as well as our first location under the recently announced Priority Location round of the program.

Closer to Papua New Guinea than the Australian mainland, Erub/Darnley Island is the location of our 450th base station, bringing Telstra’s 3G and 4GX mobile coverage to this beautiful part of the world for the first time.

Erub/Darnley Island, in the Torres Strait, is approximately 180 kilometres from Cape York Peninsula, more than 2,000km from Brisbane and home to around 300 people.

The remoteness of the site made delivering coverage to the community equally challenging and rewarding. Crews and equipment had to be either flown in or arrive by boat, whilst battling monsoonal rain, but the state of the art connectivity that is now being delivered to the island is bringing many benefits.

As well as being able to make calls and access fast wireless data, this project importantly opens up digital doors to education, health and business opportunities to benefit some of Australia’s most remote communities.

First site switched on under Priority Location Round

In April 2018, the Federal Government announced the successful tender bids for the third round of the Mobile Black Spot Program, the Priority Locations Round, and we’re proud to announce we’ve now switched on the first location at East Lynne, in NSW.

This new base station will enhance Telstra’s 3G and 4GX coverage for people who live and work in the area. We know how important mobile coverage is for Australians, and we’re proud to have brought better mobile coverage to this community so quickly.

Telstra has won an additional 89 sites in the Priority Locations round of the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program, boosting the total number of Telstra locations across the three rounds of the program to more than 650 sites.