Over 17,000 delegates from around the world attended the recent Tableau Conference, and I was thrilled that, alongside my team, I got to help share the Telstra story with them.

We spoke about our data visualisation journey and the innovative work our teams are doing in the analytics space, particularly when it comes to helping our people thrive through the use of data.

It was also great to hear from other global tech companies like Facebook and Expedia, and their presentations really reinforced to me just how important data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are to help solve some of the world’s most complex problems.

So what were the biggest takeaways from the biggest data and analytics conference in the world that could help your career? Here are my top four things:

Share your data journey

Learning from other people’s roadblocks and adoption strategies, allows you to make more meaningful progress across similar hurdles that you might face.

It also gives you a new network of people to reach out to throughout the year, if you need advice and inspiration for one of your projects.

Data equality is important

Data equality is a strategic imperative for any organisation wanting to thrive in the connected world in which we live.

This means everyone has access to the same data regardless of their job title, and can self-serve when they need to, to help solve problems and create new business opportunities.

This requires 100 per cent transparency and a culture that supports everyone having the data basics, which are:

– Visualisation
– A standard data tool set
– Access to a ‘Data Jedi’ to seek advice from

Make valuable connections

You should leverage the power and energy of the data community.

Whether you’re looking to improve your current technical skillset or are trying to improve your company’s approach to data visualisation, architecture, remediation or intelligence, the data community is a great resource to help you think outside the square, collaborate and gather insights.

Data is making a difference to our community

A great example of analytics coming to life and having a positive impact on the community was through the Visualize No Malaria initiative.

Through the use of data analytics, some of the best minds at the conference revealed how they’ve helped to drive a 90 per cent reduction in malaria related deaths in Southern Zambia. Some of the ideas they came up with were mind blowing.

So when I returned back to Australia, we held a similar initiative at Telstra, where the best ‘Data Jedi’s’ within Telstra helped to solve some of our complex problems.

It was a great way for all of our people to learn from others and challenge the status quo to see what is possible through data.

Here at Telstra, we’re taking the best things that are working in the data and analytics world and bringing them into our organisation.

This means a career with us will see you work with the best tools in the business and alongside the best people in their field.

Want to see where a career at Telstra can take you? Head to our careers website to hear from our leaders and learn about our teams.