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3 ways volunteering has helped our careers

Telstra Careers Community

Posted on May 24, 2018

1 min read

What we offer our people is more than just a job, here they can make a difference to not only the lives of our customers but also those in their community.

That’s why every full time employee in Australia and overseas is offered one day of paid volunteering leave every year.

The skills our people learn during this volunteer experience can have a positive impact on their career. So I thought I would ask a few Telstra people what they learnt from their volunteer day, which might help your career. Here’s what they told me:


  • Authentic communication 

    I recently spent the day volunteering at the Future Schools Conference in Melbourne on behalf of Code Club Australia, which is a partner of the Telstra Foundation. Code Club Australia is a not-for-profit organisation with a network of over 2000 coding clubs and its aim is to get kids to collaborate and solve problems using technology.

    “Our role was to engage educators and help them understand how simple and effective it is to run a Code Club inside their local school, library or community hub. We also had the opportunity to show people how the Telstra Foundation partners with the not-for-profit sector more broadly to support initiatives that create digital futures for kids.

    “Authentic communication is an important capability in any role here at Telstra, and this is something I was able to experiment with during my volunteer day. I found that telling people a story was one of the best ways to engage and influence our audience, and this is a skill I will be sure to transfer when I present or have conversations in the workplace.

    Maroushka Saldanha, Change and Continuous Improvement

  • We’re better together

    Along with a few other graduates, I volunteered with Landcare at the Oxley Creek Common in Queensland, where we assisted in a native revitalisation project. We spent the morning identifying and removing noxious weeds from the bush and then planting native trees and foliage in the afternoon.

    As a graduate, the experience was a crystallising moment in experiencing one of the Telstra values ‘better together’.  We received feedback from Landcare that the area of land we cleared as a team in one morning usually took a volunteer upwards of 3 weeks to clear, which was amazing to hear.


    In contrast to my ‘desk job’ it was refreshing to get my hands dirty and make a contribution to a project where I could see the physical outcomes before my eyes. I will most definitely be taking the lessons of ‘keeping the big picture front of mind’ and ‘better together’ with me on my career journey after this experience.

    Blake Morvad, HR Global Case Management

  • It’s important to think of others

    In my volunteer role, I worked as a team member at the busy and huge phone room for the Good Friday appeal. My job was to answer inbound phone calls, take donations and pledges from a very generous and friendly public.

    One of the great things about this experience was being able to work with the Telstra Team including technicians, project specialists, and operations experts to help reach an awesome result for the Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. We helped to raise a huge $18 million dollars this year and it really highlighted to me how important team work is if you want to be successful in your career and business.

    Melody Ku, Testing Specialist

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