The biggest boxing bout of the year and a Bachelorette onesie party stoush over the sinister ‘watering’ of a pot plant have been among the headline moments of the biggest data days on Telstra’s mobile network in 2017.

In 2017 Australians used around 40% more data on the Telstra mobile network than last year, with the day of the Floyd Mayweather-Connor McGregor bout topping the list for data usage in a 24-hour period.

Other events coinciding with Telstra’s biggest data days include the NRL Grand Final, which featured US rapper Macklemore’s marriage equality anthem Same Love, Winx’s 18th straight win after missing the start in the Warwick Stakes, ongoing coverage of the Spain terror attacks, the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the Bachelorette onesie party.

The huge growth in mobile usage and the increasing access to high-speed 4G and 4GX technology have created more ways for people to view their news items, videos, shows and movies.

What we have seen is that data usage has been growing consistently and rapidly throughout the year. All our top data days were in the second half of the year and the biggest data day in the first few months of the year is just an average day now.

The list below shows events that may have contributed to the usage on our biggest data days and highlights how central smartphones are to how people now consume news and enjoy entertainment and sporting events.

Previously, technical events like operating system updates have driven the highest usage, but now it is all about sport, news and entertainment.

Events at the end of the working week and across the weekend are when we are generally seeing the biggest data days across our network.

One exception was the high traffic recorded on Wednesday, 11 October, which coincides with one of the popular Bachelorette episodes.

Interestingly, the NRL Grand Final day made the top five nationally but the AFL Grand Final did not.

However, at the MCG itself, AFL fans were very data hungry, using almost double the data compared to fans at ANZ Stadium for the NRL Grand Final.

All the Richmond fans sharing the news of their first Premiership in more than 30 years meant traffic in and around the MCG was up by around 40% from the year before in what was one of the biggest single data events we’ve ever seen.

Telstra’s top five data days for 2017*


Event links

Sunday, 27 August 2017

  • Mayweather vs McGregor
  • Eagles beat Crows to win last AFL finals spot

Friday, 22 September 2017

  • AFL Preliminary Final: Crows v Cats
  • NRL Preliminary Final: Storm v Broncos

Saturday, 19 August 2017

  • Ongoing coverage of Spain terror attack
  • Winx scores 18th straight win

Sunday, 1 October 2017

  • NRL Grand Final and Macklemore performance

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

  • Bachelorette onesie party episode
  • Ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal

* Between 1 January 2017 and mid November 2017. Events are speculative and might not be the only or biggest cause of data spikes on these dates.