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2013 Cyber Security Challenge

Tech and Innovation

Posted on May 7, 2013

2 min read

Telstra is supporting an initiative to uncover Australia’s next top cyber security minds, the 2013 Cyber Security Challenge.  More than 40 teams from universities and TAFEs across the country are battling their wits to demonstrate they have the cyber know how to bag some great prizes, which for the first place winners includes a trip to the Black Hat Security Conference in the US.

Partnering with the Australian Government, we’ve used our varied skills and experience to develop a challenge that will demonstrate to these tertiary students the excitement and diversity they can expect from a career in cyber security.

We’re taking these students away from their text books and asking them to assume the identity of real life cyber security professionals and identify security deficiencies of a fictitious company.

In my time I’ve seen a lot of cyber challenges, mainly hacking competitions or ‘capture the flag’ activities where the race is on to break, steal, hack or destroy data, but this challenge is different.

The students will work in teams, as they would in a workplace, and test the overall health of the company’s security systems.

Sounds easy, but along the way the teams will be required to perform a number of technical tests as well as clearly report on their findings. All designed to unleash the students’ passion for cyber security.

The Challenge starts at midday Tuesday 7 May and runs for 24 hours.  Follow @CySCA2013Game on Twitter for live scoring and progress updates.

What’s not to love about a career in Cyber Security?  Plenty of intrigue, enough technical complexities to challenge your best problem solving techniques and of course coming up with new ideas to encourage people to adopt safe behaviours and practises when using the internet.