Our latest world first test of 1Gbps capability on our commercial mobile network pushes LTE beyond the 4G barrier

Following on from our recent world first launch of 600Mbps capability, Telstra, in collaboration with Ericsson, achieved a world first testing 1Gbps speed capability on a commercial mobile network, promising even faster speeds and enhanced consumer experience into the future.

We successfully tested 1Gbps speed capability by aggregating together 100MHz of Telstra’s spectrum holdings across five separate 4G channels integrated on our commercial end to end network.

Many may be aware of the debate some year ago around the technical definition of what 4G should be, with a widely accepted view that 4G should achieve peak speeds in the range of 1 Gbps. In the end the global consensus was that the term 4G could be applied to any LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology regardless of peak speed capability, but with LTE now reaching 1Gbps speeds in reality, LTE technology could be argued to be finally moving beyond the 4G barrier.

speed test

Our end to end tests have been achieving amazing download speeds of over 950Mbps using a specialised speed test application, so perhaps we can now say LTE has delivered on that original vision of 4G and we can now justifiably look beyond the term “4G” to what comes next. Just as importantly we have also been able to hit speeds of over 843 Mbps end to end over the Internet to the speed test.net site.

Demand for a superior user experience is ever increasing as customers are ‘always-on’ and have access to new and advanced technologies.

The demonstration of 1Gbps end to end capability shows the advanced state of these standards and our ability to rapidly bring them into commercial service in order to deliver increased capacity in our network to meet the growing demand. In addition to Telstra consumer customers, we are preparing our networks for growth in business use, as well as emerging technologies, which rely on our ability to deliver high capacity and low-latency solutions.

Currently Telstra customers can access world-leading speeds on devices capable of up to 450 Mbps on compatible handsets and 600 Mbps on a mobile hotspot in selected 4GX coverage areas. No doubt we still have some work to do however the days of commercial 1Gbps services in the market are coming.

Mike 1Gbps Pic 4

Pictured: Mike Wright, GMD Networks, with the live network equipment used to support the end to end test.

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