11 ways to spoil yourself with tech this Singles’ Day

We all know about Valentine’s Day, a day for couples to show how much they care for each other. But what about all the singles out there? Surely they deserve a day of pampering? Enter Singles’ Day.

Also known as ‘bare sticks holiday,’ Singles’ Day started in 1993 at China’s Nanjing University as a day for students to celebrate their singledom. The date 11th of the 11th was selected as it resembles four solitary bare sticks (11/11).

But since that time Singles’ Day has grown in China, and globally, to become a day where singles spoil themselves with a little retail therapy.

As the owner of Telstra’s Box Hill store in Victoria, my team is all set for Singles’ Day this Sunday, and we believe the best gifts are tech gifts – especially when the gift is for yourself.

Last week, we announced we’re giving customers more choice to add the things they love when personalising their home and mobile plans.

For the first time, customers can choose from a selection of high-end devices for the home or on the go – such as smart watches, drones and headphones – and add them to their home or mobile plan with no upfront fees. Customers simply pay the item off over the term of their contract, making the latest in tech more affordable.

To celebrate Singles’ Day and more choice for customers, my team and I have put together 11 add-ons customers can spoil themselves this Sunday – plus a special bonus gift and thanks for customers.