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About a week ago I shared with you my involvement in LinkedIn’s Talent Connect Conference – where I presented on Telstra’s employment brand journey, as well as connecting with my peers in the industry, and exploring best practices in talent attraction and acquisition.

I ended the blog with a quick summary of Peter Baines’ (Founder of Hands Across the Water) lessons on authentic leadership and its impact on achieving results. Peter has played an instrumental role in managing the response to some of the most confronting natural disasters and acts of terrorism. He shared his personal accounts of the Bali bombings and Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand.

These stories alone would have made for an enlightening and inspirational experience, however Peter also shared some amazing lessons on authentic leadership and its impact on achieving results; lessons I’ve already begun to apply in my work and personal life.

Here are ten of Peter’s lessons that resonated most with me.

10 ways you can be a better leader

1. You don’t need a title to be a leader

2. Good leaders:

  • Act decisively and quickly
  • Lead with sensitivity
  • Deal with issues for resistance before trying to implement change
  • Lead with simplicity

3. Have clarity of purpose – know why you do what you do, and make that relevant for all individuals

4. Change is important, great leaders embrace it. And, they guide and support others to adopt and embrace change too

5. Find out what your people are passionate about – and buy into this with honesty and integrity

6. Focus on results, not excuses

7. If there is something you don’t like about your work or life, then you need to do something about it

8. If we do nothing, then nothing will change. And if you want to bring about long term change, then you need to make long term commitments

9. Courage is in making hard decisions, and then living with the outcome. Take comfort that you have the courage to make hard decisions – that’s what leadership is all about

10. You can’t change what has happened, but you can change what happens next

Until next time,
Brie Mason – Employment Brand Manager