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The 10 biggest moments in the Walking Dead

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Posted on October 18, 2016

7 min read

Even if zombies are not your thing, chances are you’ve heard of The Walking Dead, the hit American horror drama that follows the tale of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). After awakening from a coma to discover he is in a world overrun by zombies and reuniting with his family, Rick leads a group of survivors as they work together to adapt to their post-apocalyptic world.

The Golden Globe winning show has produced six series to date, with the seventh series due to air later this month. If you haven’t been bitten by the ‘walker’ and become a series zombie yet, there is still time to catch up. Head to Presto now where you will find all six series.

And if you can’t wait for the seventh series to air, or you’re wondering what you have been missing, check out our top ten moments from the show. Warning: there are spoilers ahead.

Riding Around Atlanta

As Rick rides on horseback through the deserted streets and surveys the devastation around him, he turns a corner to see a mass crowd of ‘walkers’ charging towards him. As the army of ‘walkers’ attack Rick, he falls to the ground and is forced to fight his way to the safety of a nearby tank.

The image of the sea of ‘walkers’ is the first time viewers get an idea of just how many ‘walkers’ are out there and what they are capable of. Viewers also get an appreciation for the struggle Rick is about to embark on if he is going to survive in his new world.

Shane’s Barn Brawl

Shane is Rick’s high school friend and was his partner at the sheriff’s department. In season two, he becomes prone to acts of violence and bloodlust. He reaches boiling point in this gruesome scene. Shane leads the entire group and massacres all of the ‘walkers’ they encounter in the barn.

Shane’s release of pent-up emotion is what makes this scene stand out from previous fight scenes. The emotion is raw and the character’s anger is clear to see in this brilliantly acted scene from Jon Bernthal.

Shane Takes on Rick

Shane has always lived in Rick’s shadow, and until now he has been comfortable with this. As tensions escalate and the two former best friends begin to butt heads over Rick’s leadership decisions, viewers know there will be a confrontation and only one character can survive, but who?

Shane traps Rick alone in the woods and attempts to murder him. However, it is Shane who meets his own untimely end at the hands of Rick, much to the shock of viewers.  The beauty of the deserted landscape in the background of this scene makes a great contrast to the ugly battle these two characters are being forced to fight.

Glenn Becomes a Man

Until now, Glenn’s character was best known for his scavenger skills and knowledge of every back street and shortcut in the area, a legacy of his time as a pizza delivery boy. In this scene Glenn is forced to fight for his life and the life of his girlfriend, Maggie. Glenn is kidnapped by Merle, a survivor previously banned by Rick due to his abusive and violent nature, and tortured for information about Rick.

As Glenn is tied to a chair, Merle releases a ‘walker’ into the room. Viewers assume this is the end for our gentle pizza-boy, but as he is forced to fight for his life, an inner strength is unleashed. Glenn breaks free from the chair and murders the zombie in a very gruesome fashion. As viewers breathe a side of relief, it is clear to see the pizza-boy has become a man.

The Madness of Morgan

As Rick heads to his hometown on a supply run, he stumbles upon Morgan. Morgan was the first survivor Rick ever met and as they cross paths in season three it is clear Morgan is not the man he once was. Just like Rick, he has been forced to commit brutal acts and murders, his actions have taken their toll on his mentality.

This dialogue heavy scene is a rare shift from fighting zombies. This scene focuses on how trying to survive in this world this can ruin an otherwise great man. This moment between the two survivors gives the audience insights into the mindset of their characters and how they have changed since their first meeting in season one.

Battle with the The Governor 

This is a scene from the highest rated episode of the series to date. Tensions were rising throughout season four between Rick and The Governor, and this is the culmination. The Governor is the leader of another group of survivors who are based in a fortified town. Unlike Rick he does not struggle with his morals and will kill anyone to ensure his people have the supplies they need. This scene brings the two leaders together and highlights their differing morals.

As the bloodthirsty Governor is unwilling to compromise with Rick, a gruesome scene unfolds. The scene shows the beheading of Hershel, Rick receive a savage beating and the Governor’s eventual death. As Rick comes out victorious, it is yet another example of when the character is forced into brutality to protect those he loves, even though he wishes to take the higher moral ground.

Rick Takes Action

As Rick and the group of survivors are ambushed by another survivor group, Rick finally snaps and takes drastic action. As Joe, the rival groups leader, grabs Rick and holds him close, he taunts him. Rick snaps and he takes a ferocious bite from Joe’s neck. As he rips a chunk of flesh from his neck, viewers are left appalled by his act of savagery.

Ricks actions in this scene, although monstrous, show viewers the raw savagery the survivors need to possess to survive in their mad world.

Carol Saves the Day

The season five opening episode saw nearly all our favourite characters bent over troughs and about to meet their demise at the hands in the villagers of Terminus. Just as they are about to be gutted, Carol single handily battles to rescue all her friends. In a gory and exciting scene, she saves them just in the nick of time.

Carol has been with the group of survivors since the early days, a housewife who depended mostly on her husband for survival. This scene how Carol has learnt to survive on her own and was the perfect taster for the action packed and gory filled season to come.

Carol Bakes Cookies 

Ok, this is not an action-filled, gruesome scene that us fans have come to appreciate, but it is a welcome relief from all the violence and madness of season five. In this moment we are reminded of a world that used to be. This rare flashback gives us a glimpse into Carol’s previous life, baking sweet, delicious cookies in a world that no longer exists.

Who Will Survive?

The season six finale saw our survivors follow their leader Rick to a nearby compound. As supplies are low, the group hope they will destroy their leader and find supplies.

Sadly, the group are no match for the survival skills of the compound people and they find themselves face to face with their leader, Negan. Negan holds Rick and the group at gunpoint and decides they will be punished. Who will survive?

Season seven cannot come quick enough!

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