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Top 5 cult horror classics to rival Sharknado 2


Monsters and zombies; aliens and ghosts: you only have to look at our favourite cult films to identify humanities worst fears.

But in 2013 we were introduced to a new type of fear; a fear that none of us could have predicted: shark tornadoes.

With its bad acting, questionable effects and flying sharks, Sharknado immediately secured itself a spot on people’s favourite b-grade horrors lists.

Now, a year later, Sharknado 2 has made it to our screens. It premiered on Foxtel this morning and is playing on Syfy +2 right now. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably missing it right now.

Don’t worry if you do miss it though (damn work), it’s airing again tonight at 9.30pm.

If one laugh-filled cult classic isn’t enough to get you through the week (and let’s admit it, it never is!) then we have the perfect list to get you through to Sunday.


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Why the B20 matters: How one conference plans to create millions of new jobs


I was recently involved in the B20 conference in Sydney together with 400 other business leaders from all around the globe.

The B20 (Business 20) has a critical role providing a channel for business to generate ideas and advise governments about how we think economic growth can be boosted, workforce participation increased and jobs created.


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Giving you more with Telstra Upgrade


If you’re anything like me, you love an upgrade. Whether it’s getting a free muffin with your morning coffee or being upgraded to a fancy hotel room – getting a little bit extra can brighten up a day.

We think Telstra mobile customers also deserve a little extra, which is why we are introducing our new Telstra Upgrade offer.

From today, if you sign up to a new eligible Mobile Accelerate Plan you will be able to choose between 500MB of extra data to use in Australia or $500 worth of calls and MMS for use in Australian to standards Australian numbers, each month (all eligible plans already come with unlimited SMS).

This is not just a short-term offer. If you sign up to an eligible plan the Telstra Upgrade you choose is added to your plan for the life of your contract.


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It’s time to say goodbye old friend

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Today we are announcing our plan to close the 2G (GSM) network by the end of 2016.

GSM, or Global System for Mobiles communications, was the second generation of mobile technology after Analog which had it’s origins in a pan European collaboration of Engineering experts. In my view it was the mobile system that changed the world and it did this by creating one of the most complete and comprehensive mobile standards the world had ever seen, this created scale, drove down cost and made the mobile phone accessible to the mass market. Along the way GSM introduced us to International roaming, text messaging and the early mobile Internet.

From relatively early in my career I became involved in the rollout of 2G in Australia and through that program and subsequent projects I am privileged to say that I have been able to get to know some of the original GSM contributors from countries such as France, UK, Sweden and more. In my view, the world owes these people a great debt.

Our 2G network has operated for more than 20 years and was once the premium mobile network for Australians. At the time, just making a phone call on the move was a novelty and Australians embraced the mobile phenomenon. But times change. 


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LG G3 and LG G-Watch are coming to Telstra


Back in June we announced that the LG G3 was coming to Telstra. What we can tell you today is that we will also be launching a brand new smartwatch, the LG G-Watch, from 5 August as well.

The LG G-Watch will be one of the first smartwatches launched by Telstra to use Google’s latest Android Wear Operating System.

Wearables’ is the hottest buzz word in tech at the moment. Wearables technology is challenging people to re-think the way they interact with tech by making their day more efficient, helping them to keep up to date with meetings, reminders and messages while they are on the go.

At Telstra we are very excited about the LG G-Watch because it’s one of the first running the new Android Wear OS, specifically designed for smartwatches.


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