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Top 10 holiday destinations you must visit, a free AFL Live trial and more, this week on Telstra Media


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Autumn: season of my birth; falling leaves; cool but sunny days; and, of course, the kick-off – literally – of the season of the boot.

Yep, that’s right, AFL will be in full effect in Melbtown and across the rest of Australia from this time next week. I’m airing the scarves in anticipation. And before it all begins, I’m signing up for the free trial of our AFL live pass. It’s a chance to trial the only app that brings footy fans EVERY SINGLE GAME live on mobile and on tablet. Seriously, it’s a must.


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Securing your data


The Australian Government has now passed legislation to create a data retention scheme. Under the scheme, all telcos will be required to collect and store a significant amount of customer metadata for two years and make it available upon lawful request to certain law enforcement and national security agencies.

This means we will be legally required to collect, store and make accessible certain customer data, such as the time and duration of phone calls, originating IP addresses, the mobile phone tower connected to when initiating a call and email records. This does not extend to the content of communications.

Previously, we have highlighted the increased security risk associated with retaining more customer metadata we don’t currently need in the delivery of our services to our customers. If some of this is stored and made accessible, then we are creating what has been called a ‘honey pot’ for hackers and criminals to target.


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More value for you with our free fixed broadband data top ups


Recently we started topping up the data allowances for our consumer fixed broadband customers and aim to reach more than 2.5 million customers in the coming months. The data will be applied to all consumer ADSL, Cable, FTTP and NBN plans.

The extra gigabytes are a permanent addition to your plan. No conditions, easy.

This has surprised some of you, but we want to let you know it’s genuine!

The reason we’re doing this is simple: we want to say thank-you for being a Telstra customer by offering you more value on a service that you tell us is becoming more and more integral to your life every day.


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There’s streaming… and then there’s Presto on T-Box, on us for 6 months


There are sitcoms on TV… and then there’s Modern Family.

There is comedy drama… and then there’s Girls.

There’s crime… and then there’s Ray Donovan.

There are action movies… and then there’s Captain America.

‘Binge viewing’ might be all the rage at the moment but all we really want is the very best shows, right?

This is where Presto delivers. It’s the strongest subscription video on demand service in the Australian market today. It’s marquee TV shows and huge movie catalogue is simply better than the rest.

And this is precisely why, from today, we’re making Presto available to our hundreds of thousands of T-Box customers around Australia, and throwing in a bonus 6-month subscription to celebrate.


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Knowing what network quality looks like

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The Telstra Mobile Network stands for speed, coverage and reliability. These metrics are what underpins the experience millions of customers get when they use their smartphone, tablet or dongle on our network.

Delivering for our customers on speed, coverage and reliability is our top priority and we have an extensive range of metrics, tools, testers, robots and analytics in place to ensure we do. We also benchmark ourselves against others so we can monitor and ensure we are best in class. Indeed we believe that Australians benefit from some of the most competitive and high performing mobile networks in the world.

There are a range of external parties who measure network performance, as well as an increasing emergence of software and apps that purport to measure and rank performance.


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