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How to redeem your free Thanks Thursday movie


When we announced Telstra Thanks Thursday’s, we were very excited – and every week we’ve been loving our free movie rental! And we know you have too, ’cause you’ve been telling us on social media.

However, some of you have also told us that you’ve been a bit confused when trying to redeem your free rental.

Well, no need to worry! You just need to grab your unique code from the Thanks Movies website, before renting one of three free on your compatible device.

If you’re unsure where to get the code or how to use it, just follow the instructions below. There’s also a handy video below that you can watch if you’re still confused.


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Trialling the future of 4G in Sydney and Adelaide


Telstra customers in selected pockets of Sydney and Adelaide CBDs will soon be able to access the next generation of 4G services after we secured early access to the 700 MHz spectrum for commercial trials starting in mid September.

Once switched on, customers using compatible devices in these trial locations will experience the fastest mobile data speeds in Australia. 4G services on 700MHz spectrum will be rolled out in more cities and regional centres as spectrum becomes available in January 2015.


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Zeek Power gives a Bob Evans classic a Second Chance


Zeek Power has just been named the winner of Telstra’s 2nd Chance Song competition, with his playful, urban interpretation of  Bob Evans’ modern classic “Don’t You Think It’s Time”. Read his story.

When I found out I won the competition, I was genuinely surprised. It was a bit of a shock to find out that I’d been selected in the top three, so actually winning was a pretty awesome bonus! My entry was recorded in only one take and featured my signature loop beats, synth and loads of energy.

The best thing about winning is how excited my mum and dad are. I grew up in a musical family in Brisbane and they have a big influence on the music I create today. It’s actually thanks to my family that I entered the competition! My little sister sent me a Facebook link to the entry form, saying it reminded her of me. Seeing as it was a covers comp, I thought it’d be fun to give it a shot. Really, I just want to have fun with it – I never imagined I would actually win!


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The NBN, brought to life in Ballarat

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Nothing brings a home to life like one connected to the NBN.

And as a regular visitor, I see how the NBN is benefitting Ballarat residents firsthand.

How? Simply, it makes life easier.

The NBN helps get everyone online at the same time without slowing things down. It also expands access to digital entertainment – I don’t know about you, but I love streaming content on different screens around the home.

I also see how the NBN is benefiting the community as a whole; marking a new era of connectivity for our locals. Whether it’s through entertainment, health, small business or schoolwork, the arrival of the NBN provides a range of new services and applications to us all.

The Telstra Projections Competition rejoices in the possibilities of living in a NBN connected city,  encouraging local children to submit artwork under the theme of Ballarat’s Brilliant Connected Future” between 18 August and 6 October, 2014.


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A Reliable Network, Not a Reliable Goat: our #TrendingFarmer brings the laughs


“I’ve had four views already,” says our friendly farmer in our latest video series. “And that’s half the population of the local town, so I reckon it’s gone viral!”

Looking after digital content within Telstra’s Chief Marketing Office, I am fortunate enough to help bring creative ideas to market via engaging online videos. So it was with great interest a few months ago that we received a brief to talk about the strength and reliability of Telstra’s mobile network.

How could we tell an old story in a different and engaging way? How could we entertain viewers but at the same time ensure we got our message across? How could we create content that viewers would be comfortable sharing across their social networks (and thus help us spread the word)?


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