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Let the games begin! Telstra’s M2M University Challenge has commenced


Over the next 10 weeks, students across the country will be competing to see who can create the most innovative idea as part of the Telstra M2M University Challenge.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications involves the exchange of information between machines, people, processes or the cloud. Today M2M solutions ranges from mobile Payment, to Vehicle Tracking, Vending solutions, Asset Tracking and Meter reading just to name a few. Tomorrow M2M technology is expected to be embedded into many more of the ‘things’ we interact with every day in innovative ways that will fundamentally change our world.


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Samsung GALAXY S5: turning innovation up to 11 [REVIEW]


This week Samsung launched their latest offerings, the GALAXY S5 and associated wearables, in an exciting invite only event in Sydney last week. We sent guest blogger Michael Faro-Tusino from Unleash the Phones to tell us what he thinks.

Sitting in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, I watched with anticipation as Samsung Australia took to the stage. On show were the highly anticipated GALAXY S5 and Gear wearable devices, the new Gear 2, Gear Fit and Gear Neo.

The Galaxy S5 takes the innovations seen in last year’s Galaxy S4 and turns it up to 11. Rocking a fingerprint scanner in the home button (yes, just like Apple’s iPhone 5S) and a heart beat monitor beneath the rear camera, Samsung has set out to make the S5 truly personal.

Apparently, my heart rate was pretty high – the tech on show must have excited me!


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How to create great service experiences? Start with the customer

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I travel for both business and pleasure. A while ago, my husband found a nifty app called TripIT, which allows me to book and review all sorts of travel details from any device, like checking into flights from my iPhone or confirming accommodation on my iPad.

TripIT even integrates with the Passbook app that came with my iPhone, so I can simply access my electronic boarding pass, scan it at the gate, and board the plane.

That’s a great service experience and soon we’ll all expect it every time we travel.

And at Telstra we aspire to provide these great service experiences everywhere, every time.


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The New HTC One comes to Telstra


Great news for those of you who appreciate beautiful industrial design: the next generation of HTCs flagship smartphone, the HTC One (M8) will be hitting Telstra stores next Tuesday 1 April 2014.

And if you can’t wait until then to secure one, you can pre-order it from today.

Last year’s HTC One was a huge hit with customers. This year’s release will be just as popular.


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Top 5 cross-platform apps to sync your world


Ask any tech-heads at a dinner party what their favourite phone is and you’ll likely kick off a heated round-table on why their device is the-ultimate-smartphone-ever-made-across-space-and-timeTM.

Firstly, your design mate will wax-lyrical of an almost inappropriate love of their iPhone, arguing the benefits of a consistent look and feel.

Next, your geeky best friend will fervently argue of the freedom of Android, claiming it to be basically the second coming.

And finally, someone at the end of the table will throw in their bit for the humble Windows Phone.

But in truth the best smartphone for you will depend on what you need it for – and that could change as the years go by!

So to help as you navigate through a multi-platform world, here’s a list of my favourite apps that work across (almost) any mobile operating system.


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