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Do you have #4GXAppeal?


Fashion moves fast. By the time you finish reading this, hemlines will have shortened and lengthened back three times, men will be questioning the checks and striped combo shirt they thought was cool, and the new black will most definitely not be black.

This Friday we’re celebrating style and all things trendy for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Both phones are stylish, smart and sophisticated, just like you. They’re also 4GX compatible, which means they’re capable of the fastest 4G speeds in Australia in 4GX areas so you’ll be able to shop, browse and share before the next new trend comes along.

And speaking of trends, we’ve combined two that will never get old for the launch of these very stylish looking smartphones: Street Style (unique, yet totally attainable, style) and the Hero Accessory (something extra that takes your look from zero to hero).

In Telstra stores across six Australian capital cities, we’ll be hosting Australia’s first ever nationwide street style photoshoot and it will all be captured on the latest hero accessory, a Samsung Galaxy S6. We’ll also have some fabulous fashion photographers, stylists and bloggers on hand to snap your style, give you a mini makeover and share their style tips with you!

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Walking on vCloud Air


The team at Telstra are on cloud nine today, with the launch of VMware vCloud® Air™ for our Australian customers. First announced in 2014, new and existing Telstra VMware customers can today easily extend or move their on-premise IT infrastructure to a public cloud, which is perfect for managing enterprise applications, development and testing environments, as well as disaster recovery.

With the VMware vCloud Air Australian region deployed in Telstra’s data centre and integrated into Telstra’s Next IP® network, customers have the benefit of secure, high-speed connectivity for their hybrid computing environments. With this comes the control and agility necessary to deliver high performance and results, with the added peace of mind that your data is hosted in Telstra’s Australian data centres, delivered over the Telstra network.


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Hello, this is Australia


As a newcomer to Australia in the 1980’s, I was struck by two things: the strength of Australia’s telecommunications systems and the Australian sense of humour. A new documentary called ’Hello, This Is Australia‘, which airs on Channel 7 on Thursday 9 April at 8pm, has succeeded in capturing both aspects brilliantly.

This one hour TV special, produced by Telstra, tells the story of how telecommunications built a nation. It features luminaries such as Malcolm Turnball and Ita Buttrose and is narrated by comedian Dave Hughes in a funny and informative manner. I was also invited to offer some insights into what a brilliant connected future looks like for Australians.


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The final wire: wireless charging in a cable-filled world


My desk is a snakes-nest of cables. However, they have been gradually reducing – replaced each time by another wireless link. My phone connects to Telstra’s 4G network. My iPad connects to the office Wi-Fi. Still, the wire that is needed to provide power to these devices hasn’t been replaced. Although, perhaps not for long.

Famed inventor Nikola Tesla demonstrated sending power without wires back in the late 19th century. The idea is not a new one, but the need has never been greater. I doubt Tesla carried as many portable electronic devices around as the average Australian does these days.

So it’s good to see that wireless charging is now appearing, and with it comes a better user experience. A wireless charging plate is embedded in a table or desk, and when a smartphone is positioned on top, the battery will begin charging. It’s so simple, and there are no wires to be seen.

There are two different international standards for wireless charging – Powermat and Qi (pronounced “chee”). It’s a bit like VHS vs Betamax, or Bluray vs HD-DVD. These standards both provide a similar experience for customers, but only as long as you have the compatible devices.


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Grand Prix fan store demonstrates life in the NBN fast lane


The future of fast broadband is coming to Australian apartment complexes and in conjunction with NBN Co, we have been busy piloting high speed fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) technology right here in Melbourne.

NBN Co’s new technology is set to become one of the core components of the NBN Co’s network rollout and we are excited to be at the forefront of its delivery.

FTTB is where fibre is run to a large office building or apartment block and connected to NBN equipment in the comms room to enable high-speed broadband for end users in the building. From the comms room the existing in-building wiring is used as the final connection to the individual homes or businesses.

We’ve been piloting the technology with over 30 customers in Carlton. To date, we’ve clocked up over 10,000 testing hours. The results are really encouraging.


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