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A ‘surprise’ YouTube hit


Ask most kids what the best part of Easter is and the answers will surely be ‘chocolate’ and ‘Easter Eggs’.

However, as a reasonably recent parent of two – a two-and-a-half year old girl and a five month old boy – I have discovered that the love of chocolate eggs may not be limited just to Easter. And these ones contain no calories!

My daughter loves our iPad and especially watching ‘The YouTubes’ as she calls it. I see no harm in this from time to time, watching some Peppa Pig or Dora the Explorer, even some old-school favourites from when I was a kid. However, recently I’ve discovered a new phenomenon: watching YouTube videos of people opening Kinder Surprise eggs!


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Happy Easter from the depths of your Android device


Happy Easter! Welcome to the week of chocolate and bunnies, where it is completely acceptable to stuff your face with chocolate eggs several times before 11am.

As much as I love eating my weight in chocolate, I’m here today to chat about eggs of a different kind. Android Easter Eggs, that is!

Many Droidheads will already be familiar with Android’s hidden treat, but if you’re new to the Land of Droid, you may be up for a surprise!


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ILF Books: interactive children’s stories with the help of muru-D


Spiros Kotsialos is an entrepreneur working with Chatty Kidz, one of the teams in Telstra’s start-up accelerator, muru-D. Read about a Chatty Kidz project below.

It’s great to tell you about a project I’m passionate about. My background is in publishing and technology, so to build an app that combines these two areas in such a practical way is a great opportunity to make a meaningful difference.

I am talking about ILF Books, a project where Chatty Kidz and The Indigenous Literary Foundation have teamed up to launch a simple, yet powerful app for reading with children.


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Customer Relationship Management in a mobile-centric world

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We’re all living in a rapidly changing, ever evolving and increasingly mobile-centric world. We expect speed and intimacy in our dealings with organisations and of course, our customers expect that from us.

At Telstra, we’re always looking at ways to serve our customers better. Over the past 12 months (in conjunction with IT and our technology partners, Infosys and Oracle) my team have been working to improve the customer experience by increasing the responsiveness and productivity of our frontline sales team.

What have they been working so hard on? An enhanced mobile and desktop Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) user interface. This new interface is all about taking the pain out of sales administration, freeing our people so they can spend more time doing what they do best: solving customer business challenges.


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The future of fitness tech is wearable


Smartphones are part of our everyday lives. More than seven in ten of our customers now own one. We know they can act like our personal assistants, taking our calls, text messages, informing us about the weather or upcoming meetings and social events.

But this integration into our everyday lives is now taking on a new role. According to new research Telstra commissioned to understand the role of technology in health and fitness, we’re now using our smartphones as pocket Personal Trainers (PTs).

We asked around 1,200 Aussies about how they use their smartphones to support their health and the results were surprising. Over a quarter of us use our smartphone as a pocket PT helping track fitness goals, improve their health and lose weight.


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