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A look at the Sony SmartWatch 3 with Robyn Foyster


Robyn is the publisher and founder of The Carousel, and she reviewed the Sony SmartWatch 3 as part of our Wearable Wednesdays series, a weekly look at the world of wearables.

Ok, I’ll admit it; I don’t have the most organised handbag in the world. But it’s a habit that’s not going to change any time soon, so anything that helps put things back in order and streamlines my busy life is a winner.

The crux of the problem of a messy handbag is I’m in constant need of my phone throughout the day. This means that every time I get a notification, I find myself rummaging through millions of vaguely familiar ‘things’ and wasting time before being able to see that either my meeting has been cancelled or that my son needs a lift home from sport.

But recently I’ve been using Sony’s SmartWatch 3, so now when I get a notification, all I have to do is look at my wrist, as the update gets sent through via Bluetooth when paired with my enabled and compatible smartphone. What’s even more convenient for me is that because it’s running on Android Wear I can use Google’s voice command software to tell my son I have a meeting (but sadly not tell my meeting I have a son) by just speaking to my watch.

For me this type of technology, when you get the gist of it, is a marvelous tool and even if you are not an early adopter or tech savvy the benefits of the new array of wearable gadgets such as Sony’s new smart watch are truly life enhancing.


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The new Blackberry Classic, a review

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Blackberry has gone back to its roots with the release of the new Blackberry Classic and it launched online and in stores yesterday. The return of the much loved QWERTY keyboard sees it firmly staking its claim on the business market.

I’ve spent the past fortnight with the Classic as my trusted digital connection and before I begin my review I should make my allegiances clear: I am about as pro-Blackberry as it comes.

I’m the kind of person who has worn the same brand of shoes for ten years and has eaten the same lunch every day for the past six months. I’ve also been a fervent Blackberry admirer for over five years. I figure if something works well for me, why stray?

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No partner? No worries! Invisible GF/BF has got you covered


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and for all the single ladies (all the singles ladies) and solo fellas, this can be an annoying time of year.

The advent of social media and smartphones means you’re never too far from  photos of your friends impromptu romantic getaway, engagement announcements and updates about your BFF’s partner surprising them with flowers in the workplace.

But don’t despair if your Tinder swipes have left you feeling underwhelmed, or you simply can’t be bothered trying to explain to people why you’re not dating. There’s an even better option coming soon (hopefully in time for Valentine ’s Day). Enter: Invisible Boyfriend/Invisible Girlfriend.


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Top must-have apps for your Android Wear device


Welcome to our Wearable Wednesdays series, a weekly look at the world of wearables.

You’ve done the research; you’ve read the blogs. You know all about the different type of wearables and how to pick the right one for you. You’ve spent hours weighing up whether to go functional or fashionable.

And you’ve done it, you’ve finally done it; you’ve bought yourself a wearable!

You take it home, gingerly open the box and pull out your new toy. It vibrates against your wrist as it connects to your phone.

It’s amazing. It’s beautiful.

…Now what?


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Solar energy in a bottle


We have been exploring a number of different types of renewable energy generation and storage solutions which we hope will help us to overcome one of the biggest challenges to running a network – power supply.

Without power the network doesn’t operate and, in a country the size of Australia, with all its climatic variability, maintaining a constant and reliable power supply remains a perpetual battle.

About a year ago, we installed a solar fuel cell system to provide back-up power to a small exchange, approximately 90km east of Melbourne. Despite being fairly close to Melbourne, this system is in a fairly isolated locality bordering the Yarra Ranges National Park.


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