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Small Cell with a big reward

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Australia is a unique place, with our wide brown land not only a country, but an entire continent as well. And in a country that size, Telstra’s commitment to providing mobile services to regional Australia is not as simple as it sounds.

We believe that high speed mobile broadband services should not just be for people in the big cities and towns, but recognise there are some very real operational and financial reasons why it’s not possible to provide mobile coverage in some regional and remote locations.

This is when a little bit of innovation and “outside the box” thinking comes in handy. Using Small Cell technology, we will bring high speed 4G mobile broadband services to more people in regional and remote areas across Australia.


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The A-Z’s of NBN: why choose Telstra on the NBN


Telstra has been in local communities connecting people to the NBN for more than two years now.

We’ve found that wherever we go, our customers have a lot of questions about how the NBN works.

From choosing the right plan to making the most of your service, we field tonnes of great NBN questions every day.

That’s why we’ve launched a series of short, easily digestible NBN ‘Pocket Guide’ videos that explain the key elements of setting up your services on the NBN.

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Winning the war against paper, one business app at a time


Ok, let’s be honest. Who still relies on paper forms? How many of us have years’ worth of filing taking up our precious office real estate?

If you feel as though the battle against paper is never-ending, you may take some comfort to learn you’re not alone.

Recent Telstra research shows us that 75 per cent of our small businesses are still incredibly reliant on traditional paper-based tools, spending an estimated $608 million a year on paper – think of how you could invest that extra money back into your business!

While the humble pen and paper have served us well over many years, these days they usually represent lost productivity and ‘double ups’, as whatever is written has to be keyed into a computer later. Paper forms and documents are also easily misplaced or damaged, and we could all do without the extra admin trying to replace them…


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Sizing up the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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They applaud the battery life, the speed is noticeably faster, the new sizes are a winner but most of all they love the camera. A few weeks on from launch, how does the iPhone 6 stack up with four very different reviewers?


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Lifehack: create a QR code for your home Wi-Fi network


You’re a tech-savvy individual with a sweet home set up. Your TV talks to your computer and your phone controls it all. There’s only one problem: no one understands what’s going on when they come to visit.

And one day you’re going to want to switch off and take a holiday and someone will have to come to water the plants and feed Snuffles. And when that day comes, they’re not going to have a good time!

There a simple solution that can help people connect when they visit, which is half the battle. How? Set-up a QR code to automatically connect them to your Wi-Fi connection.


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