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Telstra’s new tablet range, just in time for Christmas


The holiday season is almost upon us and that means it’s time for gift shopping. But when it comes to buying a present I often find myself walking around aimlessly from store to store thinking I never know what to get her or he’s so hard to buy for.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, I have a gift idea that just might delight some of your hardest to shop for…


A tablet is the perfect gift because it puts all the things a person may be interested in and passionate about at their fingertips like movies, books, games, shopping, cooking – the list goes on. It’s just about picking the right tablet for the right person.

So to help guide your gift giving this holiday season, here’s a look at six new tablets set to join our range just in time for Christmas.


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Revolutions start with a ripple


It’s been one year since I was a finalist at the National Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and I’m so excited for the next group of amazing business women to attend the event, which I must say was one of the most incredible nights of my life.

The Telstra Business Women’s Awards turned 20 this year, and in the lead up to the national finals in Melbourne next Wednesday, the 2014 finalists were surveyed to find out their views on what it means to be a business woman in Australia today.

The survey shows that there are two key issues facing women in business: firstly, it is getting more women into senior leadership roles; and secondly, the issue of pay equity.

A staggering 39 per cent of leading business women surveyed believed they have encountered a pay gap compared with a male doing the same job.


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Switching on our first Wi-Fi hotspots


We are switching on the first 150 Wi-Fi hotspots in our national Wi-Fi network today.

Across the country, Australians will be able to trial free Wi-Fi at some of Australia’s busiest and most iconic locations including Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, Hyde Park in Sydney and King George Square in Brisbane as well as in many regional towns and cities across Australia

More than 100 towns and cities will benefit from the roll out of the hotspots before Christmas.

The launch of the first Wi-Fi hotspots is an exciting milestone in achieving our ambition of providing Australians with one of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks.


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How to add a link as a button on your iPhone home screen in iOS 7 and 8

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Last weekend I hosted a dinner party that resulted in a busy week of planning and cooking in preparation. In the week leading up to it, I spent some dedicated hours searching online for the perfect flow of dishes. I Googled some of my favourite chefs – Jamie, Bill and Maggie – which returned a bunch of results for some home-style cooking goodness. Now, how to organise my links?

A colleague at work suggested saving these links to my iPhone home screen for quick access – and this knowledge opened up a whole new world! So far I have built four screens of new link buttons with direct access to some of my favourite resources including recipes, new restaurants, travel spots, reference points and a bunch of ‘wish list’ shortcuts – e.g. a new pair of shoes.

If you’ve ever wanted to save a link from Safari to your iPhone home screen, have I got news for you, Apple users! Follow these steps to create direct links to your favourite online pages.


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Lifehack: create a QR code for your home Wi-Fi network


You’re a tech-savvy individual with a sweet home set up. Your TV talks to your computer and your phone controls it all. There’s only one problem: no one understands what’s going on when they come to visit.

And one day you’re going to want to switch off and take a holiday and someone will have to come to water the plants and feed Snuffles. And when that day comes, they’re not going to have a good time!

There a simple solution that can help people connect when they visit, which is half the battle. How? Set-up a QR code to automatically connect them to your Wi-Fi connection.


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