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Holiday hotspots: our mobile network has your summer covered


It is around this time of year where the focus shifts from work and school to summer holidays somewhere along the vast Australian coast line. And if network traffic is anything to go by, people are packing their smartphones and tablets along with their beach towels.

Looking back on network traffic trends from previous years, we can see that almost 95 per cent of Australia’s popular holiday destinations* are located on the coast, with place like Lorne in Victoria, Robe in South Australia, Bateman’s Bay in NSW, Surfers Paradise in Queensland and Dunsborough in Western Australia experiencing a dramatic increase in network traffic last year.


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12 days before Christmas, 12 days of awesome gifts

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In our house at the moment it’s all about Santa. How will Santa visit us? What time will he arrive? How will Santa know what I would like for Christmas?

These questions wouldn’t be a surprise when you know that I have a very excited four year old in the house. This is probably the first year where my son has really understood Christmas – and that he will be receiving a number of gifts from Santa… if he’s a good boy.

As Christmas is the time for giving, at Telstra we also wanted to give something back to you – our customers and our community. That’s why I’m so pleased to announce Telstra’s 12 Days of Christmas.


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Give the gift of wearables this Christmas


Traditionally, when you think of ‘wearable gifts’ for Christmas, jewellery springs to mind.

But there’s a new kind of gift you can give which fits on your wrist or in your ears that will make an excellent present this holiday season.

We have three feature packed wearables in our stores that will not only change the way you think about wearing technology but might also encourage you to take a closer look at your health habits. Check out my video below.

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Roam with peace of mind these holidays


I can’t believe 2014 is almost over and the Christmas holiday period is upon us. Where did the year go?

I love getting away over the Christmas break. Sometimes, as a treat, my family and I head overseas.

I know many of you will be heading off overseas this time of year – especially to destinations by the beach like Indonesia and Thailand where you can really switch off.

Even while I’m unwinding overseas I like to use my mobile – usually to a pull up live maps so I don’t get lost, get recommendations on where to eat and keep in touch with friends and family back at home (and maybe brag a little bit about the great time I am having).

However, we know the cost and complexity of roaming pricing can really hold people back from getting the most out of a smartphone when travelling.

So, just ahead of the Christmas holiday period we’re introducing International Roaming Travel Passes that take the guess work out of using a Telstra mobile overseas.

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Elizabeth Broderick on men’s violence against women


I was delighted to provide the following statement at the launch of Telstra’s ‘Safe Connections Program’, a fruitful partnership between Telstra and WESNET.

In my view, men’s violence against women is Australia’s most significant gender equality issue. It is both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality. Yet both the violence, and the women who experience it, are often invisible. This is particularly the case for women who experience domestic and family violence.

Men’s violence against women is not a private or family matter. It is a national emergency. Violence against women is occurring on epidemic proportions.


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