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Top must-have apps for your Android Wear device


Welcome to our Wearable Wednesdays series, a weekly look at the world of wearables.

You’ve done the research; you’ve read the blogs. You know all about the different type of wearables and how to pick the right one for you. You’ve spent hours weighing up whether to go functional or fashionable.

And you’ve done it, you’ve finally done it; you’ve bought yourself a wearable!

You take it home, gingerly open the box and pull out your new toy. It vibrates against your wrist as it connects to your phone.

It’s amazing. It’s beautiful.

…Now what?


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Sophisticated algorithms make drones and cars smarter than ever at CES2015


Jason Cartwright is the editor of techAU and travelled to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. This is what really caught his eye at CES2015.

Traditionally drones make for great entertainment and more recently the emergence of creative video uses has been the main selling points. Drones have also got a pretty bad wrap in the media, with the focus on the safety and privacy risks, rather than the potential benefits.

At CES drones were a key theme of the show and perhaps the natural evolution of drones is to start to deliver the potential benefits that stand drones in a distant category from remote controlled flying toys.

There were easily a dozen companies that had drones at the show including Hexo+ and AirDog that auto-follow users. These are pre-programmable so you can make sure that your weekend extreme sport is captured like a Hollywood film.

The most impressive demonstration by far was during Intel’s press conference. Combining new mobile processors and complex software algorithms (known as RealSense), drones can now avoid objects (and people) in the world they’re flying through.


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An in-depth look at the Jabra Sport Pulse


Welcome to our Wearable Wednesdays series, a weekly look at the world of wearables.

As someone who runs a bit, I don’t think it’s unusual to admit that I sometimes hear a little voice in my ear suggesting I take a shortcut; to not push quite as hard. Occasionally it even tells me to turn the alarm off, pull the doona back up and leave the whole run for another day!

With the Jabra Pulse however, I now have a voice in my ear that is 100 per cent on my side.


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How to stop all your devices ringing on iOS8

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OK, I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of an Apple nut.

I first converted to the Mac platform years ago when Guy Sebastian still had his afro and DVDs were just beginning to take over shelf space at Blockbusters. Firing up my MacBook for the first time, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked on it – even my boring monthly budget spreadsheet (which I still struggle to follow each month).

Fast forward over a decade and my house is full of Apple products. iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones; I’m honestly an Apple TV away from looking like a chunky Samoan version of Tim Cook.

After upgrading all my mobile devices to iOS8 last year, I had the funniest experience when I started to receive phone calls.

Everything rang.


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New year, new you: Dani Stevens tips to stay on track while on break

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Fitness Food Motivator and guest blogger Dani Stevens shares her top tips to keep on track this summer.

January: it’s the time for resolutions, recovery and restarts. For many of us, it’s time to focus on fitness and health following on from the silly season, and increasingly people are turning to technology to help.

So how do you keep focused on your health and fitness goals while on holiday?

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