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How does art make you feel?

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As a newcomer to the GLAM sector (that is the galleries, libraries, archives and museums of the world) 12 months ago, I’ve been wondering what others like me are thinking about the art they encounter. I do think art makes a difference in the world we live in, but what difference is that and what are others like me thinking and feeling about what they see?

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Telstra assistance package for customers affected by the Adelaide Hills bushfires


Update: 4/1/14

Telstra today announced an assistance package for its residential and small business customers in the Adelaide Hills who have lost services as a result of the current bushfires impacting towns in the Adelaide Hills.

Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager for South Australia South, Mark Bolton, said there has been damage to some Telstra infrastructure due to bushfires. Repairs will be made once field teams gain safe access to sites.

“While our exchanges and mobile sites did not receive direct bushfire damage, we still need to assess our underground cables which can be subject to damage due to intense heat. This being the case, we believe the majority of our services are still operational. Telstra will continue to monitor the impact,” said Mr Bolton.


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Staying safe, stay connected


In October last year the Blue Mountains experienced bushfires which burnt with such ferocity and speed that over 200 homes in the Winmalee and Yellow Rock areas were lost within a 48 hour period.

I experienced the devastation of these fires first hand, both as a Winmalee resident and in my capacity as the Telstra Area General Manager for the Blue Mountains. Through the courage of my neighbours and tireless efforts of the rural fire service, my home was lucky to escape any damage. Many of my friends and Telstra colleagues were not as fortunate – losing homes and possessions to the fires.

Through the devastation, I felt enormously proud to work for Telstra and to be in a position where I could support my local community by engaging with Telstra’s people and resources.


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Making the connection


Since 1872, when the 3,200 kilometer overland telegraph was laid between Darwin and Port Augusta, Telstra has had a real and on-the-ground intersection with Indigenous people and communities.

For more than a century we’ve worked to connect rural and regional Australia and as technology as evolved, we’ve come to understand the importance of promoting Indigenous digital excellence, and the challenges involved.


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Elizabeth Broderick on men’s violence against women


I was delighted to provide the following statement at the launch of Telstra’s ‘Safe Connections Program’, a fruitful partnership between Telstra and WESNET.

In my view, men’s violence against women is Australia’s most significant gender equality issue. It is both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality. Yet both the violence, and the women who experience it, are often invisible. This is particularly the case for women who experience domestic and family violence.

Men’s violence against women is not a private or family matter. It is a national emergency. Violence against women is occurring on epidemic proportions.

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