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28 Jun 2011

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  • Video Producer
  • Internal Communications
  • Video Producer – Telstra

    When at Telstra Sam plays the role of video content producer for internal communications and helps create a lot of the content on the corporate Youtube channel.

    He spends a lot of his time running around shooting various exciting projects around Telstra like product launches and the CEO blog.

    The rest of his time he spends researching (i.e watching) Youtube and experimenting with the cool interactive features that Youtube keeps bringing out.

    Originally a media communications graduate from UNSW Sam has spent almost all of his working life working as a video production specialist.

    Sam has hopes of continuing his filmmaking when this whole online video thing dies down.

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How to get interactive

28 Jun 2011

Author: Sam Andruszkiewicz.
As a video producer I’ve been working in professional High Definition (HD) video formats for years. When consumer video made the move to HD it really catapulted the viewer experience into a dimension of quality previously only enjoyed by film makers.

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Dear Exchange: I think my flatmate is a phonefaker

22 Feb 2011

Author: Sam Andruszkiewicz. So I found myself in a very awkward position on my couch the other day (and I don’t mean some insane Yoga move). My flatmate and friend of over 15 years checked in on 4Square at a local cafe but I knew he wasn’t actually there he was right next to me on the couch while I savaged my online enemies playing Call of Duty.

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Mobile film-makers go Tropfest crazy

17 Feb 2011

Author: Sam Andruszkiewicz. Now in its second year, Telstra Mobile Masterpieces requires filmmakers to shoot their Tropfest short-film entry entirely on a mobile phone.

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