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27 Feb 2014

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  • Mike Wright is Executive Director of Networks in Telstra Operations.

    Mike currently leads the engineering and internal construction capabilities for all of Telstra’s fixed, wireless and media networks.

    He has over 30 years experience in telecommunications commencing his career designing and building telecommunications networks including early work on digital switching, paging, optical fibre and transmission networks. Since then he has made significant contributions to the establishment and evolution of Telstra’s mobile networks through Analogue, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA to the completion of Telstra’s world class, nationwide LTE/HSPA enabled mobile network.

    Mike has been highly engaged in the wireless technology evolution including a series of world leading developments such as 200Km cell range, HSPA evolution, the world’s largest HD Voice footprint and Australia’s first Cat 4 and LTE-A capabilities. He has extensive international experience in developing wireless ecosystems including the establishment and promotion of user/focus groups to grow the 850 MHz HSPA and 1800 MHz LTE ecosystems.

    Mike’s network team is also driving the evolution and development of wireline network capabilities including low cost ADSL expansion techniques, DOCSIS 3 upgrades, 1 Tbps Optical transport trials, world first Application Aware Networking capabilities and evolution to new ASP network architectures.

    Mike is regular presenter and influencer at international forums and has regularly presented and/or judged at Mobile World Congress, Broadband World Forum, 4G World, GSM Latin America and LTE Asia.

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Dealing with emergencies of the future

27 Feb 2014

Author: Mike Wright. The idea of creating a smart city has been something the tech world has been working towards for a while and we have been working with Ericsson to bring parts of this vision to life.

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Mobile evolution on a global scale

25 Feb 2014

Author: Mike Wright. Looking back at the last 12 months, it is clear that is has been a time for rapid establishment of the LTE ecosystem. At Telstra, we have been focused on being at the forefront of this evolution.

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LTE-B stadium trial went off without a hitch

01 Feb 2014

Author: Mike Wright. I am pleased to announce Telstra successfully completed a LTE-Broadcast trial, allowing us to see how LTE-B works in a stadium environment where many different cells interwork to deliver the signal and how it can enhance spectator enjoyment of a live sporting match.

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