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17 Nov 2011

Marque Owen...

  • Executive Producer Innovation and Creativity
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Marque has been devoted to the media and communications industry for over 20 years.

    He joined Telstra in 2006 and now reports to Mark Collis, producing special projects that will lead to positive social media engagement. He has previously managed such exciting projects as the BigPond News Ticker, the BigPond Adelaide Film Festival sponsorship and, with Lorraine Bitmirza, was a lead in the initial development of the UI for the T-Box, leading to his appointment as Program Manager, IPTV.

    However, his highest achievement was managing the sponsorship of the first mother/daughter team to scale Mount Everest. This took Marque three quarters of the way up the tallest mountain in the world, where he lived and worked for three months on less than 50% normal oxygen saturation, sending daily video, audio and photographs back to a BigPond website.

    Previously, Marque was a lawyer at Minter Ellison in Sydney, and worked in various capacities on several media projects including feature films and prime time television programs. In 2003 Marque was appointed CEO at the Aurora Channel and led the creation and launch of Australia's first national community television station.

    Marque holds a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Laws and post graduate diplomas in Advertising, Film and Television.

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Career high

17 Nov 2011

Author: Marque Owen.
Before joining Telstra, I’d made tv commercials for companies like Coca Cola, worked with major Hollywood stars like Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Jodie Foster and James Coburn, I’d been the CEO of a national television channel, directed an internationally released feature film and even practiced as a lawyer. But perhaps the highest point (literally) of my career was when Telstra sent me to Mount Everest for three months!

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Nature and the city

25 May 2011

Author: Marque Owen.
Every day, on phones around the world people play 200 million minutes of Angry Birds. 200 million minutes a day! That’s over 1.2 billion hours every year on a game about exploding birdies and greedy piggies.

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Posted in Technology

Know what I Meme?

11 May 2011

Author: Marque Owen.
I was talking to a colleague of mine about the latest YouTube sensation, Rebecca Black, and her song ‘Friday’. It turned out that he had never seen many of the videos that have passed into modern lore, and in fact into modern parlance.

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