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11 Apr 2014

John Chambers...

  • Director
  • • Wireline Broadband/Bundles/Devices
  • John came to Telstra for a short stay but 13 wonderful years later finds himself responsible for a great team leading Telstra’s Broadband/Bundles/Devices portfolio, which includes ADSL and cable broadband, bundles and our range of home gateways and T-Hubs.

    John’s team of dedicated product managers are wireline experts and love to help solve our customers problems at CrowdSupport. Passionate about innovating to delight our customers, we won’t be satisfied until we have truly changed the way talk people about Telstra.

    John holds a Bachelor of Economics and has held roles in customer service, sales, marketing, strategy, operations and product management. He enjoys an occasional run and a surf, and relaxing with his wife Liz and three kids at their home in Port Macquarie, NSW.

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The future of fitness tech is wearable

11 Apr 2014

Author: John Chambers. We asked around 1,200 Aussies about how they use their smartphones to support their health and the results were surprising. Over a quarter of us use our smartphone as a pocket PT helping track fitness goals, improve their health and lose weight.

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Posted in Technology

Duplicate internet sessions

19 Sep 2013

Author: John Chambers. This week we launched an initiative that will overcome duplicate internet sessions, something that has resulted in a frustrating experience for a small number of BigPond customers.

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ADSL Traffic Management Trial

09 Sep 2013

Author: John Chambers. As part of our ongoing work to test customer experience and preferences, this week we are calling a small number of Victorian Bigpond customers to invite them to participate in a Traffic Management Trial.

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