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01 Apr 2014

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  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Telstra
  • BA
  • David Thodey became Telstra's Chief Executive Officer on 19 May 2009, announcing a strategy of market differentiation and a renewed focus on customer service and satisfaction.

    Before joining Telstra, David was Chief Executive Officer of IBM Australia/New Zealand and previously held several senior executive positions in marketing and sales with IBM across the Asia Pacific.

    David was born in Perth and is currently the Chairman of Basketball Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and English from Victoria University in New Zealand. David attended the Kellogg Post-Graduate School General Management Program at Northwestern University in Chicago.

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Size means nothing in building an innovation nation

01 Apr 2014

Author: David Thodey. Countries like Australia need more people choosing an entrepreneurial path, an education sector focused on developing the skills that drive an innovation economy and more companies and investors prepared to back early stage start ups.

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Building mobile networks: how Australia is a global success story

28 Feb 2014

Author: David Thodey. Many countries are now looking at how to replicate the success of the Australian mobiles sector with its rapid growth, sustained high levels of investment and strong uptake in new technologies.

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Disability Action Plan – creating a brilliant connected future for everyone

03 Dec 2013

Author: David Thodey. The possibilities of connectivity – using smart networks, smart devices, social media and personalised apps – are endless for governments, businesses and communities, as well as individuals. That’s why we’ve implemented five Disability Action Plans (DAP) since 1996.

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