TELSTRA EXCHANGE|Telstra social media channels


We believe social media is at its most powerful when it’s used to build communities and empower people to create something we can all be proud of.

Social media means we can connect and share with our customers and stakeholders every day. It puts our staff in closer touch with the communities they serve and our leadership team in closer touch with our staff.

Together, we can use this ability to exchange, share and talk to build a better connected future.

Need help? We’re here 24×7 to help

  • 24×7 Facebook  We provide 24×7 support through Facebook
  • @Telstra Twitter Need support at 3am? Just tweet us!
  • Live chat – Speak to a Telstra Live Chat Consultant about any queries you may have
  • CrowdSupport – Our online support forum lets you post questions – and answers – about Telstra products & services. Telstra service folks are also on hand to help where needed