01 Dec 2010
By Andy Giles-Knopp

Extra mobile data allowances for Telstra Business customers


Telstra Business Mobile Cap customers will enjoy up to an additional 1.5GB of included data as part of our latest changes to provide Small and Medium business customers with not only the best mobile network, but even greater value.

While our customers already enjoy Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile broadband network, covering more than 99 per cent of the population as a result of the Next G™ network, we continue to review our plans to ensure that Telstra Business not only responds to the competitive mobile environment, but leads.

As part of our ongoing review of our mobile plans, existing and new customers on our $49, $79, $99 and $159 Business Mobile Cap plans will get more included data allowance.

The new data allowances will automatically be applied to existing customer services appearing on their first bill after 30 November 2010, and all new services or recontracts post 30 November will immediately receive the new included data allowances as below.

  • $49 Business Mobile Cap 1GB (an 800 MB increase)
  • $79 Business Mobile Cap 2GB (a 1.5GB increase)
  • $99 Business Mobile Cap 2GB (a 1.5GB increase)
  • $159 Business Mobile Cap 3GB (a 1.5GB increase)

This follows a range of changes to our mobile plans, including a new $129 Business Mobile Cap plan, which includes unlimited voice, SMS, MMS, MessageBank retrieval, call diversion to any landline or Mobile Plus 3GB of data which was launched last month.

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  1. James says:

    I just came from Optus recently and one of the things I appreciated was the increased data for the phones in my business. The optus network where I live (outside capital city) is just terrible and I wasn’t sure how much better the Telstra one would be, but it is like night and day. Just an amazing difference. After such a long time giving poor customer service, I am glad to see that things appear to be turning around at Telstra. With added value like this data, and your revamped cap plans, I have been telling everyone I know how happy I am I made the switch! :)



  2. Rick says:

    good to see, the offers are certainly getting much better

  3. Gaz says:

    How about Mobile PLUS plans?

  4. Tomas Nemecek says:

    Great to see … Other thing what you should consider is include international calls and messages in your CAP plans!!!!!! As I do about 60% of my calls and messages overseas it was the main reason why I switch from Vodafone to Optus … I would of switch to Telstra but that INT messages and calles are not included in CAP plans 79 and 99 I had to choose Optus … if I chose Telstra it would add pretty big amount to my monthly bill!! :( Hope you will consider in future plan adjustments so I could switch to Telstra after my contract expire … Cheers

  5. Steve says:

    I signed to a $49 Telstra iphone 4 cap on Nov 23 2010 and was getting 200mb +500mb data on the plan. Will I be automatically upgraded to the 1gb of data on my existing plan without charge? Be good to get clarification as I rang the Telstra business centre and they couldn’t confirm.

  6. Ryan says:

    you will be pleased to know your data allowance on Plus plans will automatically increase as of December 7. You will be notified shortly

  7. Turlough says:

    I am keen to know the increase in network equipment required to deliver this service and what the carbon intensity (tCO2/$M revenue will be for this offer.

  8. Rod Bruem says:

    Gaz and Paul -- we are looking at more value for Mobile PLUS plans too, stayed tuned for an announcement very soon.

  9. Paul Higgins says:

    Telstra, you’re doing the right thing. Soon people will begin to realise that there’s little point in staying with a second rate network when all they can do is compete on price, not service.

    One thing though. As mentioned above something needs to be done about the cost of sending texts to international destinations. 50 cents / message is absurdly expensive. And surely a rout considering both Optus and Vodafone include overseas SMSs in some of their caps. I can understand why you wouldn’t include international calling under a cap. But texts? Even if you could buy them at a discount in a bolt-on type pack at say 5c/text that would at least be something. I know it’s one of the reasons some businesses are reluctant to switch to Telstra.

  10. Jeremy says:

    I can’t work out why now that my new billing period has started on 17 December, my usage meter using the Bigpond website says I only have 205MB. I get the same answer sending “use” SMS to 176. Telstra small business help desk say ignor it. Go figure?

  11. Jeremy says:

    Mobile Data Usage meter now correctly records 1.05GB included data.

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