01 Dec 2010
By Ashley Jenkins

Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Games Hub


Hi Guys I’m Jinx and I work for Xbox Australia and in my role I’m lucky enough that I’ve been able to fully explore the Games Hub on Windows Phone 7. One of my earliest impressions was being impressed by the range of games available for all of the different gamer tastes, from the hardcore to people who want to be entertained with easy games and immersive experiences.

Xbox live on Windows Phone 7I’ve been asked by a lot of people about the integration between mobile and Xbox. Mobile gamers have the choice between playing solo, or using the free Xbox LIVE service to play against friends no matter where they are. That’s because the Games Hub is an on-the-go games arcade at your fingertips, with access to personalised avatars and gamer profiles so players can track scores and achievements.

In case you need a tip on where to start, here are a few of my favourites and some others that I’ve found on Marketplace that I thought I’d share:

  • Sims 3 – This is a mobile version of the well-known life simulation game from EA in which you control the life of a “Sim” and help them to meet their daily needs. Sims 3 has also just released on Xbox 360. I’ve got this one and I’m hooked!
  • UNO – One of the bestselling, top played games on Xbox LIVE Arcade and a classic card game.
  • Earthworm Jim – This is a HD remake of the classic Earthworm Jim game and an all-time favourite of mine. It’s true to the original game, so it is great for fans of Earthworm Jim and his crazy adventures.
  • Flight Control – this is an incredibly popular game, with good reason. You get to determine the flight path for planes to guide them to landing. It’s a well-known huge seller and this is the first time it’s appearing on the Xbox LIVE platform AFAIK.
  • The Harvest – A science fiction, 3D game with touch screen play that is set on future Earth, some years after a destructive alien invasion. The graphics are very cool.
  • Bejewelled – A very popular puzzle game where you can show off your prowess by earning special Xbox Live achievements and climb to the top of the Xbox LIVE leader boards

There are a tonne more that I’m yet to try out, but if you’re looking for fun and games, Check out the Xbox LIVE blog to get the inside view from gamers inside Xbox.

Check out what some of our social reviewers have to say about Gaming and Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7:

What games do you recommend?


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  1. Steve Wright says:

    Jinxy, no love for Flowerz? It’s the best game of the lot so far, for me — and best yet, it’s free on the Marketplace. :)

    Otherwise, stellar as always.

  2. Ryan Fernance says:

    Like I said on Twitter when I was gaming on the iPhone or my DS or other handhelds I’m enjoying it but when it’s on the WP7 and I can add to my Gamerscore I’m more compelled to play. I was plesently surprised by NFS Undercover which is good fun compared to the subpar console version.

  3. Jodie Miners says:

    As someone who has never touched a “computer game” before (well maybe Solitaire and Tetris), or had anything to do with XBox at all, I can say that it was indeed very easy to set up my XBox live account and make my Avatar look cool, right from the phone. I will post some more about my experiences with actually playing some of the games on over the coming days.

  4. Girlclumsy says:

    I downloaded Flight Control. So far I’ve managed to successfully land ONE plane before another two crash together.

    Need more time to practice, methinks… ;)

  5. themolk says:

    Can’t comment. Too busy playing Max & the Magic Marker. And Harvest. And Star Wars: Battle For Hoth. And Uno. AAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!! GAMES!


  6. Damien Kelly says:

    loving the games so far, big fan of ones that you can enter and leave at will. Flowerz, de Blob, Max and the Magic Marker have been highlights. Wish there was some more intergration with x-box live such as the ability to purchase games for the 360 or buy points. The xbox live tool should be part of the package and not a seperate downloadable item.

  7. Jess Nichols says:

    I’m really enjoying Uno, Guitar Hero and Flight Control from the Xbox Live stuff -- I didn’t actually think there would be that many good apps (in my opinion the whole Windows Marketplace reminds me more of Ovi Store compared to the iTunes store) but there is defs a higher quality level of apps available through marketplace.

    I actually wrote a blog about my experience with some of the games apps here:

  8. artywah says:

    Gameplay is good on the HTC 7 Mozart however gaming obviously chews through your battery.

    The big advantage of playig on the Windows Phone 7 platform is Xbox Live integration which I assume would make it a platform of choice for gamers who already have an Xbox.

    On the downside, games seem very expensive compared to the Apple app store as @chanc mentioned in his post and not all games appear to be available for purchase in Australia even though you can download trial versions.

    • Tina (Telstra Employee) says:

      The prices seems to be in par with many titles of the console game store, as in Sony’s PSN or Xbox Live or even Steam ones. Possibly the cost of development is greater and the competition.

      Still in the early stage but for it to really be something special, it will need to find a way to justify why I would pay more than the rates I get off the iPod Touch. I already carry 3 gaming devices with me, the iPod Touch, PSP and DS.
      Possibly even finally a support for indie Xbox Live games? (wishful thinking). Giving me the ability to play my already purchased Castle Crashers or Shadow Complex on the 360 to WP7 and it will definitely win me over! (this is something I hope is planned in the future, will definitely give it an edge over iPod/iPhone).

      Achievements is nice but really, in the end of the day, I want a decent game library over achievements.

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