18 Nov 2010
By Greg Adcock

Who can I call on? – Telstra Plus Premium Support


Like many of my friends and other bloggers on this site, I am always one of the first people to invest in the latest must-have gadget.

I am sure this comes partially with being blessed with teenagers, however tracking back to where my tech-obsession originated from I think some of the blame should lie with my mother  and that addictive ‘Quadraphonic HiFi system’ she purchased when I myself was an impressionable youngster.  March 1974 is similarly etched in my ‘recall DNA’ – the year the family matriarch (aka Mum) bought our first ‘colour television’ and we marvelled for hours on end at nostalgic gems like Gilligan’s Island and Mayberry RFD.

Alas, for my sins, it appears that my kids have inherited my ‘need it now’ tech trait, with my first born insisting he had to be the first kid in school (or maybe Sydney) to get his hands on an iPod when they touched down in Australia.  It’s strange that with the proliferation of such devices (yes I’m on my second iPhone) this uniqueness now seems ‘so’ five years ago and much to my horror, I fear, if Darwin was correct, children might one day be born with white earplugs embedded in their ears.

Scott Doorey - Telstra Plus TechnicianInterestingly, it seems the Adcock family is not alone when it comes to being a touch tech-obsessed…

Earlier this month Telstra conducted research which revealed that in the past 12 months, more than one-third of Aussies have spent between $1,000 and $3,000 on the latest gadgets for their home, with one in five upping that investment to between $3,000 and $7,000.

However what we also uncovered was that while we have all these new multimedia technologies at our fingertips, only a quarter of us feel like we’ve got to grips with anything other than their more basic features – leaving a wealth of useful and entertaining features undiscovered.

It is experiences like this that drove me, and a few like souls to champion the creation of Telstra Plus which delivers a new over the phone or in person tech support service.

Designed to help you repair, set-up or install a wide range of home technologies, with the Telstra Plus team you don’t need to worry about which cord plugs into what, or how this works with that – we’re here to get it sorted, fast.

From helping upgrade computer software, set-up routers or connect notebooks, PCs and iPads to a home network, we’ve been trialling this service over the past two months and have had a great response from a broad array of our customers.

In particular, the up-front quotes which ensure that you know exactly what the service cost will be before the work commences. Obviously if you need additional hardware or software to address a particular issue, that will be advised prior to supplying and if accepted the charge will be added to the quoted service charge.  Also our there is our commitment that if your problem can’t be fixed and you have taken our advice, you won’t be charged.   These small but important factors have been really well received by our customers to date as it means you don’t need to worry about hourly service charges and nasty bill surprises. And when the work is done, and your problems are solved, the charge will appear on your next bill – it’s that easy.

Another advantage of the service is that as well as normal working hours, you can also request weekend and evening appointments at a precise time that suits you.

Prices for the new service start at $59 and scale according to the level of technical support required and whether the job can be done remotely or requires a home visit. And yes, I do speak from personal experience having called on the Telstra Plus support team to solve a setup problem that, after investing a couple of hours and getting nowhere, I reluctantly (and to the kids’ amusement) accepted was beyond my technical capability. 15 minutes later … problem solved!
Customers can contact Telstra Plus on 1300 087 587 for more information.

Do you enjoy setting up new gadgets yourself or would you prefer if someone could do it all for you?


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  1. david says:

    Unfortunately the experience I have interacting with Telstra managed support systems and call centre operators trying use internal systems, means that I have zero confidence in Telstra to look after my gadgets and computer systems.

  2. Nigel Paterson says:

    Apple’s One-To-One service offers a year’s individual training and assistance in an AppleStore for $129. It’s usually only available when you buy a new computer, but means you can get a lot of help with no extra spending.
    If you take Apple’s extended warranty it comes with phone support for the life of the warranty.
    Compare that to ‘starts at $59.…’

  3. Scott Sheedy says:

    In my experience the internet basically reduced the need for paid premium service support to redundacy -- for those with a rudimentary net skill level (search, forum sign-up, message post). I work on the old “teach a man to fish” adage -- so spending 15m to show someone how to;

    - Search for self-help ebooks/guides
    - Find forum posts, other users with similar issues and suggested solutions.
    - Hitting up Device or Software makers website support
    - etc

    I mean good on Telstra for moving into this space as a trusted business (some small PC help operators may not be so trustworthy) however I would have thought this was for a decreasing/small overall segment of the market.

  4. anonymous says:

    What a shame for Telstra they can’t even deal with their own customers. I had the curse of having to deal with a dropout issue with our modem so I called technical support 7 times over 3 weeks, several of those times I had to sit on hold for so long I gave up and tried calling back. WHen I did get an operator, i’ve been on hold for so long that the dropout was over it was some woman with a minimal understanding of comuters (and english). She told me to turn off my firewall and Antivirus and surf the internet for a day or two and see how it goes. WHat kind of advice is that? Turn off my Firewall and Antivirus? ARE YOU F-ING SERIOUS? If I were a business owner I sure wouldn’t want advice like that. I later called and got told a technitian would call back which never happened twice, and then when I called again, I was told they could not tescalate thhe situation because there were not enough dropouts that day and the tech supporters would reject it. I’ve reset the modem, the connection, the network, all my computer settings. GRRRRRRRR. Still waiting for that tech support call. What sane business owner would PAY for tech support like that?

    • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hello anonymous. If you contact me with your contact number, account #, location, times you’ve been experiencing dropouts and I’ll get someone to call you. Brendan

  5. anonymous says:

    Another hot tip: Why would the people that spend excessive ammounts on gadgets not know how to set them up? And why would they pay Telstra when they can pay the local 10th grader $10 to fix it in half the time? And let’s nopt forget the DETAILED instuctions and tech support forums available online FOR FREE.

  6. Vicky says:

    I am calling today to get help sorting out why I can’t receive and sent messages and it always give me “not delivered”. a guy from Phillipines call centre answered the phone. so I told him about the issues on my mobiles phones. he asked me what sort of mobile phone I have so I said its iPhone 4 . i told him what I have done so far…reboot my mobile phone, go to my settings and change the sms settings ..and I said there is iMessage appears on the right hand side of the box….and he answered me ” yeah yeah i know I have iPhone 4 too…” it seems like he been intimidated or pissed …i want my phone fix so i can send sms not to be answered by this overseas call centre that have no idea and patience to the Telstra customer. Telstra need to look at their Customer Service Assistance overseas. They don’t provide service at all…I am annoyed in their service…

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