15 Nov 2010
By Michael Lewis

Telstra T-Touch Tab Review


I have just spent the past few nights playing with the new T-Touch Tab™ – Telstra’s $299 Pre-Paid mobile tablet– and would like to share my thoughts with you.

Having used several mobile tablets in recent months, I was interested to use the T-Touch Tab™. Why? I’ve been a fan of mobile tablets for some time. And the T-Touch Tab™ combines the exciting Android™ platform with touch screen technology and the speed of Telstra’s Next G™ network at an affordable price.

This, by the way, is not marketing spin. It is reality – my reality – as a consumer who would go out and spend $299 on a device such as this. The T-Touch Tab™ has really brought mobile tablets into the mass market.

Screen Layout

Turn on the T-Touch Tab™ and you get to the home screen – consisting of a clock, 6 icons (Contacts, Messaging, Tribe®, Android Market™, Email and BigPond® Home), a news section, and Google search bar. These icons and groups are movable – so you can tailor the screen to fit your own style and preference.

At the base of the screen are 6 tabs: Home, Web, Entertainment, Communications and Favourites. The final icon (four small squares) takes you to the full list of applications.

Moving between screens is easy – just swipe your finger across the screen and you get to a second screen within each tab to store additional icons/shortcuts.

Read any good books lately?
Telstra T-Touch Tab Media Centre

As a born again advocate for e-books as a convenience (you still can’t beat paper!), I just had to download an e-book reader and give it a go. The free app I chose (for no other reason that it was near the top of the list of apps) from Android Market™ was one called txtr. Downloading the app from Android Market™ (you need a Gmail account to get started) was as simple as tapping the icon, answering yes to the acknowledgement that the device would be downloading data, then waiting for the flashing icon message (top right of screen) telling me download successful. The reader comes with two free books and access to their bookstore.

With txtr you can read the e-book in either landscape or portrait mode. Turn pages by touching the screen – right edge to go forward, left edge to go backwards.

How does it compare with other e-readers I have used? The application is user friendly and works. There are many other readers to chose from, but for an overall e-book experience, I was quite happy with it.

Tell me where to go
Telstra T-Touch Tab Maps

Navigator is another application I was keen to try on the T-Touch Tab™. The 7” screen in landscape mode definitely made for a great portable GPS device. Powered by Garmin, Whereis Navigator is available on most Telstra smartphones. I was able to view my current location, select an address and the T-Touch Tab™ did the rest…and got me there as well.

Why do they call it “social” media if you become unsociable when engaged in it in company?

A future age-old question in the making and probably a topic for another post. The T-Touch Tab™ is being touted as the ideal social media device. It comes with Tribe® – a social media launch pad that allows you to get in touch with your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace friends, from one place. I updated my status on Facebook and browsed some of my friends’ pages. Having a camera is a great advantage. You can click and post – as long as you have added a microSD memory card to your T-Touch Tab™. You just need to have recharged $20 within the last 30 days to access Tribe in Australia for free. I can definitely see how the social media side of the T-Touch Tab™ will be a hit. It meets my major criteria: Ease of use, fast, and a big screen.

I’m game if you are
Telstra T-Touch Tab Games

The T-Touch Tab™ comes with a good selection of games to keep you occupied. Some are complete and others are samples or teasers that allow you to try before you buy. The sound and graphics are up to scratch with other gaming devices I have played, and again the big screen gives you a much better experience.

TV to go

BigPond TV and Mobile FOXTEL from Telstra both were given a workout – and passed with flying colours. Just remember there may be content or subscription charges associated with some of the services.  The kick stand on the T-Touch Tab allows you to watch your programme handsfree. As with a lot of the applications on the T-Touch Tab, you can use either your finger or the supplied stylus to navigate through the programmes.

Hold the phone

Something that might get overlooked with the building excitement around this product is that the T-Touch Tab is also a phone. The speaker phone function is great for conference calls or handsfree talking, and the sound quality through a Bluetooth headset is crystal clear.

But wait…there’s more
Telstra T-Touch Tab Web

There are many more features packed into the T-Touch Tab™, and I look forward to exploring them. As Android™ grows in popularity, so will the applications available to download. With over 100,000 on the market today, there is surely something out there to satisfy your needs.

As the festive season approaches, I am sure the T-Touch Tab™ will be one of the items that makes the wish-list.

Remember, if you are going to spend $299 on a decent GPS system, or an e-book/ e-reader or even a dedicated portable gaming device, why not take a closer look at the T-Touch Tab™?  It can do all of these things plus a lot more. You (like me) might be pleasantly surprised.

For full technical specs on the Telstra T-Touch Tab™, please visit the Telstra website.

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  1. Karl says:

    Hi people

    I just bought the T-Touch Tab , was working find until I access whereis on the T-Touch Tab, it went into a reboot loop, I removed the battery fromt the tab and now its stuck on the default screen, ( Blue Telstra Next G Network )

    I’ve tried safe mode

    but NO go, any other idea’s ?

    • Doug says:

      Hey Karl,
      I didn’t see any answers to your problem posted, but I may be able to help.
      You will need a Micro SD Card, and adapter for same, and a PC that will read this SD card.
      Go to, then products. You will see the T-Touch link. Go to downloads and downloads the Android 2.1 software. You will have a zip file called Open the zip file and extract the folder within which is dload. copy theis folder onto the SD Card as is. Place the Micro SD card into the sd slot on the TTT, Plug in the charger, and turn it on.
      If this is going to work in your situation, then you should see a progress bar. If so do not unplug the charger! Let it run its course until you see ‘OK’. NOT FINISHED YET.
      At this point, remove the battery, and unplug the charger. now replace the battery, and plug in the charger. Turn on once again and let it do the same thing upto the ‘OK’ point.
      Now unplug, and remove the battery. REMOVE THE SD CARD. No plug in and replace the battery, and turn on. If this has worked the TTT should boot up normally! Hope it helps.

    • Karl says:

      Thanks Doug

      I’ve learnt alot over the past few weeks, once you get your head around the unit, it become’s quiet a nice unit to use..

      Samba net working with wireless and hacking for root access is good too, able to create a ton of cool images using software from the Market.

      Over all I like, Also charges people, if your having trouble getting them we can help, visit us at KnightLine dot com dot au and use the contact form.

      cheers Karl

  2. Darryn says:

    My sister in law recently purchased the t-touch on prepaid, after about 2 weeks the charger has stopped responding unless you physically hold it. So she asked me if there was any where she could get a new charger as i am an employee of the company, i said i would attempt to find out (this was harder than i thought). Figuring she could get a new one from a Tshop would of been the ideal answer, we stock them im sure of it, well at least i assumed we did. She went into Forest Hill Tshop only to be told they don’t stock them, and had no idea who to call to even ask. With blank looks on their faces they couldnt even apologise nor advise of the manufacturer she could contact to obtain a new charger. This makes out to being a very poor customer experience, she now has a $200 paper weight till a charger can be found, (shes not holding her breath).

    I find this outcome absolutely appauling no product support, no additional accessories available for purchase, and they didnt even offer her a warranty replacement. Then again if they knew bugger all about the product would explain why they couldnt provide the best solution for her needs.

    I’m employed by Telstra myself and was even unable to find anything in relation to purchasing a charger to cure her problem. If this is the case with my own family, then i’d hate to think what it is like for our customer network for this product.

    • Simone says:

      These tablets are actually hauwei (not sure if I spelt that right) so jump on ebay and you’ll find chargers for the hauwei tabs on there. Hope that helps

    • Gazzago says:

      these tabs are actually huawei ideos s7 if you search this on the net you will find accessories also it is worth knowing that they will update to android 2.2 very easily.

    • aj says:

      hey i had the same problem i bought the older one about 2 yrs ago and the charger broke and no one stocks them i have just come off ebay i just bought a pack which includes 2 batteries and a wall charger all up cost me 31 bucks. i typed in telstra touch tab charger and i scrolled down and they have chargers batteries and packs which i just got.

      it took me over a year to get onto it as of 20 min ago they had 10 available and current delivery is may 21 to june 1.

      if u have not dealt with it already id log on and check it out it sounds like u need it more than we thinks lol.

  3. sasha says:

    not happy with mine charge dosnt last long at all,charging conection wont charge it unless i wrapp the whole coil round the whole phone,dosnt conect to my computer iv tryed to conect to 2x lap tops and a desk no go sd card in dosnt work i just gave up on it sux for me i dont have a recept honstly my as well buy a i phone 1 heard nothing bad about them

    • Sonny says:

      I have just gotten off the phone to telstra and thought I’d post in here and then I seen your message @Sasha in regards to the charger. My one did exactly the same just stopped charging when it was being directly plugged in and had to wrap it around the tablet before it completely stuffed out. Partner ended up throwing it away after he tried to fix it and we thought we’d just go out and buy another one, what a mission!!.

      We went to Telstra store, Good guys (where we purchased it from), WOW (They said the product had been discontinued), Fonezone, Harvey Norman, Allphones, Dicksmiths, BigW and target and no one had them (most said the tablets weren’t on their systems), Oh and of course nothing on telstras website.

      After sitting on the phone for 30mins I was then told I should receive a callback within 24hrs. We have the receipt but at the moment we are trying to track a charger down so we can take it back (had problems with it from day one!) but guess we’ll have to take it back no matter what and see what happens.

      So ‘Grr’ at the moment about no one having a charger!

    • Karl says:

      Sonny, scroll up to the top post.

      We can get the chargers, we also sell the TTT and other products from Telstra


  4. Amanda says:

    Can you sync your telstra t touch tab to your computer? I want to get all my photos an music onto my tablet.

  5. tony edwards says:

    i am having great trouble, transfering, me apps, data, etc to the SD card, TTT is giving me popups that sim card memory is low , delete apps to make space, or you have to delet apps now, memory is very low and make device un stable, have SD card installed, when go to settings and press SD card and Tablet storage, the stats are as follows, interanal space, 175MB….Available space, 38.37MB / SD card Total space , 3.68GB…Available space 3.67GB.
    could you blease advise how to transfer, data to SD card please, have down loaded apps, that wont load, and allways get a notice that connection has suddnely stopped working, whan try to download apps, is this because lack of memory, and the app can not complet download? hope you can help.
    Tony Edwards

    • Simone says:

      Hey tony, unfortunately you can’t transfer apps to the sd card untiltelstrs give us the upgrade, which I’d say is never going to happen if it hadn’t already

  6. Karl says:


    I use a samba app to share or transfer files to SD card, you will also need root access app too, then put in the IP address in your browser samba gives you to transfer files over..

    hope that helps


  7. Marizela says:

    Can anybody tell me where can i download free games to the telstra tab? I purchased it today for my 8year old i’m trying to find and download some games before i give it to him :( please anyone???

  8. Gazzago says:

    if you update to 2.2 android it has save to sd function and supports adobe flash.

  9. Uttam says:

    Too many pattern attempts. To unlock , sign in with your google account.
    Can anyone help me to unlock my Telstra T Touch Tab ? I hope for your help.

  10. Tracey says:

    OK having read all your comments:
    a) if you love i anything phone, pad whatever, it seems (generally speaking) you bag anything else.

    b) I very much doubt that TTT has every been marketed as a Ipad direct alternative, but more a lower end option for those who can’t afford a high end item

    c) “would you give it to your mother”…YES my darling son did, it is great does all I need it to do and I can see the screen without my glasses.

    d) YES, I would love an upgrade to 2.2 as I would like to be able to use flash as a few things I have that I would like access on TTT require flash.

    That said, I have really enjoyed my experience with TTTT. My Ipad is a great option, but really not “handbagable” where as TTTT and other 7″ tabs are, PLUS you CAN use the TTT to make calls MOST other (or perhaps ALL I am no techy) cannot. A great option if it is handy and your phone isn’t or the battery has gone flat

    OH and I am getting almost a day out of the battery and have had no issue getting it to charge to 100% over a few hours (and definitely if plugged in while I sleep)

    My two bits worth and my humble opinion

    BTW where di those of you who have picked up a car charger get the charger -- or can I use a usb car charger I already own and if so what should I look for in the Voltage etc specs written on the charger



    • Gazzago says:

      Too true Tracey i love my android tablet even more now i upgraded to 2.2 which was very easy and now i have flash and can save apps to my sd card and the tttt slips into the back pocket of my jeans.

    • Gazzago says:

      Oh and Tracey i got a great cover and car charger from my local telstra shop

  11. Tracey says:

    Gazzago can you point me to HOW to upgrade to 2.2
    One that is not for the techno but not for the total novice either.
    I do have SOME skill with computers/phones etc but the couple of sites I have found I think are direct chinese translations LOL

    Will check out Telstra Thursday on my day off


    • Gazzago says:

      Unfortuantly you cant share email on here but if you use google search for huawei ideos s7 2.2 rom it is very easy i used the indonesian rom it supports the dual camera and instructions were available and you loose all the telstra junk let me know how you go

    • Cathy says:

      I followed Gazzago’s instructions and I now also have a working T-Touch with 2.2 installed. Easy to do and as far as I can tell everything is working fine. I lost a little bit if information but my fault I should have backed everything up better. I used mybackup to back up all my apps and that worked a treat.

    • Gazzago says:

      Good work Tracey with 2.2 you can save apps to sdcard and don’t forget to download Flash 10.3 from the market so you can view flash content

    • Cathy says:

      lol Gazzago, that was me not Tracey who updated :-) Tracey you should go for it too.
      I do have just one thing that’s not working thought and that is the myprepaid link. Does anyone know how I can find out what my usage and balance is? I’ve checked out the bigpond website and I can still recharge without a problem but I’d like to know how much my balance is before I think about recharging!

  12. Amie says:

    is telstra going to release an upgrade for their TTT from android 2.1 to android 2.2
    we’ve been trying to use skype but didnt seem to work
    whats the use of having dual cam for video calling if you cant use it in the apps


    • Gazzago says:

      Hi Annie even with 2.2. Skype does NOT support video calls try Tango but I think you need 2.2 available for download easy to install google search ideos s7 rom the indonisian one work well for me all functions cameras gps sim everything I hope this helps

    • Amie says:

      hi gazzago,
      can fring work with video calling in version 2.2? pls email me the steps on how to update tab to 2.2 via that indonesian site. cant seem to know how to start once im in the website. should i just download the link or turn off phone or stuff like that. would appreaciate help since cathy was able to upgrade hers ttt to 2.2, i could probably do the same.. ;)

  13. Gazzago says:

    Creat a short cut to my balance from the telstra my account page

  14. Gazzago says:

    Hi Annie, on your tablet google search this exact phrase “huawei ideos s7 offical firmware” .in the top response there is a list of links the top one is the one we want . Click on the link brings up a forum page scroll down a little and see the is a link for australian telstra rom as well as Norwegian and Indonesian. Now it’s time to choose australian telstra rom will leave telstra apps and upgrade to 2.2. Indonesian rom will remove those telstra apps like foxtel and whitepages and upgrade to 2.2. The Norwegian rom is like the Indonesian but unlocks the tab for any carrier having said this telstra has the best speed and coverage in my opinion and I would install the Indonesian rom after unlocking with Norwegian rom.

    • Gazzago says:

      Inside the zipped file is full instructions but basically unzip and name folder update put it on your sd card turn off tablet turn on again should come up with a green progress bar leave till it says ok then turn tablet off again and back on to allow process a second time after this is complete turn off tablet remove sdcard turn on tablet and there you go 2.2 I would suggest you download from the market ,flash

    • Callie says:

      I tried all this and it says ” Cannot download. The content is not supported on this tablet. “

  15. sasha says:

    hey that’s if your can even connect to a computer mine doesn’t got my tab for my bday end of April only put up with using it for 3 weeks never would connect to internet sum prezzie i got whole thing useless i honestly would not wast money on them spend an extra $100-$200 go get Ipad,Iphone then u know you will have good warranty and brand u trust

    • Cathy says:

      Isn’t it interesting how when you can’t work out how to use something you immediately blame that something and say it’s useless. Try setting it up correctly before assuming it’s a waste of money. For me it was the best money I ever spent and it has better capabilities than an i-anything. Of course if you’d rather spend the extra money than put a little effort into learning how something works then I guess an i-anything is for you.
      Seems to me thought there are an awful lot of poeple who love their TTT and have no trouble getting it to work the way they want and if they have a problem they seek advise rather than berate the product.

    • Vic says:

      Sasha, We have had no problems with it. You bring your argument undone when you say you won’t have any worries with anything “i”. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact the warranty on the Telstra tab is 24 months, try getting that on a iPad. Cathy is right, if everyone else can get their tablet to work and you can’t, I’m guessing it’s not a problem with the hardware.

  16. Tony says:

    This is I good device, but the power mains A/C charger and car charger , only last a week or two, till the male pin becomes lose and falls out, and the battrie life last for 20 min unless gharger is plugged in , and the worst is that it us impossible to get replacement charges for the ttt tab, why does Telstra bring out this product, with out any replacement A/C chargers and no generic charger will fit? Has any one had the same problem and found where to buy them ? Can’t even recharge via USB connection ! Unfortanualy it is a good device, but battrie and A/C chargers let it down in a big way? This is crap Telstra , even your stores don’t have chargers, buy an optus ZTE any thing , the ate more reliable on battrie life, and replacement parts, and save your money, because the TTT tab will give you only grief and trouble.

    • Brett says:

      Telstra Touch Pad uses the same charger as Motorola C115 C139 V170 V171 C139 and its easy to find if you search ebay or the net

  17. Karl says:

    Read my top post, we can get the charges in if you want them.


    • Cathy says:

      Hey Karl

      Don’t suppose you can get the docks for the TTT? It’s the one thing I would really like to get my hands on. I assume the dock for the Huawei S7 would work but can’t find them available anywhere.

    • Karl Knight says:

      To answer that I don’t know, we get all our products from here

      You can ask them, I’ve worked on a few that have come into the store, I upgraded up Tab OS system to the latest OS that was brought out and now my tab won’t start up, I have to send mine back to Sydney for repairs

      Ho ever the new upgrade OS on another customers tab I did on Monday looks good.

      cheers Karl

    • Karl Knight says:

      Sorry about the type O’s, i’s hard to type with a baby in my arms, LOL


  18. sasha says:

    @ cathy well sorry that was my comment i wanted to say about it so others can see what there getting them selfs in2 only fear hu? and yes i do have a prob with it and yes i do know how to set it all up i have had just bout 6 probs with this ttablet as all the people ubove but oh yes there always has to be one where it there one is oh so perfect iv never herd no bad comments about all I phones why should like every 1 that writes on here say anything nice about it hello now that wouldnt be true???????? Its to let people know b4 they buy or wast money 1. dose not charge,oh unless i wrap charger cabble round tab (hence is this coz it not set up????) 2.bat dosnt last 20min once chargded (hence is this coz it not set up????) 3. never been able to conect to the a computer (and yes i set up) card dose not read (oh yes may have been in mem card BUT i wasted money on a new one thinking that (hence is this coz it not set up????) 5 keep it on charge over night if u use it as an alarm coz the bat dosnt hold so u will wake up late:)(hence is this coz it not set up????)

    • Cathy says:

      Sasha, if your TTT is quite new which I understand it is and you have a problem with the charging ever thought about taking it back for an exchange? The warranty would cover a faulty battery or charger or unit but if it’s very new you should be able to get all 3 exchanged.

      From the problems you are describing the only problem you have is the fact it isn’t charging so go get it exchanged.

      The battery should easily last 24 hours if it’s not doing anything. I can get about 2 hours of constant use (GPS or video playback) so your 20 minutes doesn’t make sense either. I do sit mine on charge overnight but that to make sure I have a full charge each day when I need it and the car charger tops it up if I’ve had a day of heavy use. It’s my diary, book, camera, MP3 player, web browser, GPS and children’s entertainment all wrapped up in a bundle small enough to carry around with me and large enough to be useful.

      I’ve had my TTT for 9 months and never had a problem, so how can you say the charges only last 2 weeks? Your chargers only lasted two weeks and if both have died it does point to user error rather than a problem with the product.

      The TTT is a piece of electronics believe it or not all electronics are subject to problems including the precious i-series. My husband had an i-phone through work, had no choice and he hates it. My daughter has an i-pad and loves it but would never leave the house with it in case it gets lost, dropped or stolen. That’s the beauty of the TTT it’s cheap enough you do feel comfortable carrying it around everywhere with you.

  19. Fin says:

    I regret buying one as it sure was a waste of money.
    From the start It kept dropping out and going back to the start menu.
    For a mobile device the battery is not capable of the specs stated.
    It even worked so bad I ended up just using it as a fancy alarm clock,
    but now even that is not possible as it doesnt even power up no more.
    The Telstra tab is total crab.

  20. Yvonne says:

    I was delighted to see your detailed instructions.

    When I tried to download the Australian link, my telstra 7\ tablet said \cannot download; the content is not supported on this tablet.\ When I tried Norway, Sweden and Brazil I got the message \Sorry this page is not available.\ I could not find an Indonesian link.

    I am getting very frustrated! Any further instructions?

  21. Brandon says:

    I updated from 2.1 to 2.2 and now I try and download something it says not enough space I go Into settings>SD card and tablet> and it says 101 megabytes free plaza help also download 2.1 and tried changing it back but it WON’T I really loved my tab but know I start crying Everytime I look at it or think about it and on top of that it was my only b-day present

    • Brett says:

      with android 2.2 you can use app2sd to move and run apps from your sd card, you can pick up a 16gb quite cheap now

  22. Brandon says:

    I can only use it as web browser and network host facebook txt based games so damn please reply if you know how to fix my above problem.

  23. Uttam says:

    I cann’t get access to my touch pad as its say to many time attempts made for login please login with google account. But the thing is i don’t remember the email and password ot my Telstra Touch Pad. SO if anyone can help on this….

  24. amanda says:

    i have just brought a Telstra T Touch Tab and have put it on charge how do i know it is charging and how long does it have to stay on there till fully charged

  25. Sonny says:

    Well thought I’d mention I ended up getting another charger for my tablet, had to get it through telstra as no one had one around, $88, what a joke! lol, the tablet sits in my drawer most of the time now as its buggered and apparently there was nothing wrong with it when the good guys sent it back to telstra, never buying another telstra product like this again!, won a motorola xoom and its ten times better and cost me nothing! :)

  26. Cathy says:

    Well I’m not surprised at yesterdays news that Telstra are discontinuing the T-Touch but I am very disappointed. I purchased mine on day one and it has been with me ever since. The only thing I wish I could have got was a dock for it.

    Telstra really let themselves down over this, their staff had no idea about the T-Touch and after sales support was non-existant. No wonder sales ended up low.

    What about the 1000′s of us who did buy one? -- way to go Telstra how to alienate your loyal customers by leaving us high and dry.

  27. Sonny says:

    When I was searching around for a charger for mine WOW actually told us no they are discontinuing so since then I wasn’t surprised that it has happened!. Never going to spend my money on telstra specific brands, already have the t box part of a deal and its having problems!. My tablet is pretty much getting to be only good enough for the rubbish bin :S

  28. Cathy says:

    Don’t get me wrong -- I love the T-Touch, it’s just what I needed. But Telstra have no idea how to market a product of lok after their customers. They have the lions share of the market so they don’t need to try it seems.

    I really don’t want to go down the i-everything route as I do much prefer the android platform. As Telstra will now be selling the i-pad instead of an android tablet they just lost yet another customer.

  29. Sydney Lawrence says:

    Don’t wish to contradict anyone but I have had my T-Touch from the first week it came out and it is still working perfectly. Use it constantly and can’t find a fault with it. Regarding customer service I do think it is on the improve.

  30. bigyan says:

    I have a problem with Telstra T Touch Tab Model: S7-104 with Android,
    Too many pattern attemps
    To unlock sign in with you google account.

    I forgot my google account so how can i make this tab able to work for me. I need you expertise help. Hope for your help .. Thanks..

  31. angela bryan says:

    hey everyone my sone has locked my telstra smart touch phone with to many pattern attempts please help i cant remember my google account

  32. Callie says:

    When I tried to download the update it says ” Cannot download. The content is not supported on this tablet. “ Please help?

  33. Tommo says:

    hi callie, you will need to get a app called easy tether or pdanet or 1 similar to connect a pc to internet via your tablet with a usb cable or alternatives use a computer..

  34. Simon says:

    Have had enough of telstra junk T Touch tab. Same problem with having to manualy hold the charger in to get it going. $299 down the drain. We all need to learn that telstra simply are not up to standard!!

  35. rabih says:

    i have a problm with my new telstra tab , i forget my pattern password and i dont have any account on google to open it am asking for some one to help me and thank you

    • Hi rabih, Thanks for contacting us via our blog. The best way to contact Telstra for a service/product query is to click onto the ‘Ask the Crowd’ or go to our 24/7 Facebook page on the top right hand side of our blog where you’ll be directly linked to one of our online customer support consultants. This is the most efficient way to get someone totell y ou have to reset your device.

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