16 Nov 2010
By Rebekah O'Flaherty

12 GB 365 day expiry Pre-Paid Micro-SIM for iPad® offer


Designed to slot into your life somewhere between your PDA/iPhone and laptop, the iPad is a tech-lovers delight, letting you browse the web, read and send email, enjoy and share photos, listen to music, read ebooks and much more.

To help our customers get more out of their iPad, we’re introducing a new, long-life pre-paid recharge option…

For $150 recharge you can enjoy 12GB of data to use in Australia with a massive 365 day expiry period.
Apple iPad
This is a great option for both occasional and heavy users, with the flexibility of large inclusions and less restriction on expiry.

Couple this with the speed and reliability of Telstra’s Next G™ network – the largest and fastest national mobile broadband network in Australia – and you’ve got an attractive solution for customers at home and on the move.

Will an iPad top your wish list this Christmas?


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  1. ron says:

    Why can’t I have this for my T-Touch Tab as well? I can only get 10GB with the included sim. Seems a bit silly to offer a better deal to people who buy a device from someone else??

    • Arthur says:

      It’s because the T Touch tab plans comes with $20 credit for talk and text! That’s something the iPad can’t do, unless it’s VOIP.

    • Craig says:

      Well go figure! Telstra in their wisdom have now put up the price of this plan to $180 and you get nothing extra for the extra $. In a move that makes no sense at all…Telstra have decided to charge the highest data rate ($1.46 per mb) to those customers making the longest commitment to the network and paying 12 months in advance. Ridiculous! No warning or decent plausible excuse… Just put the price up. Nothing between the 30 day plans and the 365 day plans either. To add further insult to this, the absurd email sent to customers to advise of this price res, said “you’ll still receive the same great value and 12gb on this plan”. Obviously Telstra need to work on their maths. How is charging $30 a year extra, for no extra data or customer benefit the “same great value” as before. $150 for 12gb of data is expensive, $180 for 12gb is outrageous! Normally the more a customer uses, the longer a customer commits to be with a company, they get some sort of discount. However Telstra in their wisdom are now charging their “high end” (their words not mine) prepaid customers the highest data rate of all their prepaid plans. Utter nonsense!

  2. rocco says:

    Can this offer be used with a standard sim on a T-Touch Tab ??

    • Arthur says:

      I don’t think so, because iPad plans are strictly data only, while the T Touch tab plans have included data + credit for calls/texts.

    • Rick says:

      I think the wireless internet offer of 10GB 365 days and $20 phone calls for $150 is suitable for the T-Touch, good offer now they allow phone calls on the broadband product

  3. Gerry says:

    What happens to the credit I currently have if I recharge on this plan? Does it roll over?

    • Arthur says:

      As per usual it rolls over but the new rate will be applied. So instead of 1c, it’s now 1.22c/MB if you go on the new 365 day expiry plan.

  4. Jay says:

    Looks like my christmas order will be for an Ipad rather than the T touch…. SILLY MOVE

  5. Samir says:

    This is great, as I know a lot of friends and family make the most of the WiFi aspect of the iPad, so it’s helpful to have a flexible option which is very cost efficient. Not sure if i’ll get one for Christmas, but I definitely think it will be handy to give to my mum+dad before they head off for overseas so they can keep in touch!

    • Greg says:

      Be careful cause you can’t use this plan overseas!
      “For $150 recharge you can enjoy 12GB of data to use IN AUSTRALIA with a massive 365 day expiry period.”

  6. Darren says:

    This is good value. I only planned to recharge when I went away (2 or 3 times a year) and use wi-fi the rest of the time but @ $150 for 12 months I will just to this a week before I go away again!

  7. Bucks says:

    keep in mind although overseas roaming would most likely NOT be included in the above offer.

  8. Tony says:

    If you made this same deal available with the Mobile WiFi device I would prefer it. Then I can share it with a WiFi only iPad, Ipod and when nesasary my iPhone not to mention any one of my my laptops.

  9. jeremy says:

    You also get voice/SMS with the normal prepaid 365 day SIM rate. Your first $20 of voice/SMS does not use the main credit, after that voice/sms “competes” with data. A much better option for the t-touch -- it can make calls and do SMS.

    PS, I work for Telstra

  10. Peter says:

    Good move. We don’t give back our unused petrol at the end of each month. This makes data on the move a realistic proposition, and means I won’t have to borrow other people’s PCs to access email whenever I’m away from home.

  11. Troy (Telstra Employee) says:

    This will come in very handy. Saves me having to pay out $20 each month.

    Thats a great saving.

    Thankyou Telstra. Finally we have some winning prices.

  12. Samir says:

    Thanks for the heads up everyone, but it’s fine, as I meant they can use WiFi when in hotels and keep in touch, and then come back and not worry about their credit having expired or needing to recharge and so on.

  13. Leanne says:

    Optus has a recharge of $80 for 9gb that will last for 6 mths.

  14. missij says:

    would be great if I could just get this on my existing prepaid ipad contract ie my contract and rates stay the same, just change the conditions to allow me to choose how I pay ie monthly or yearly !!!! why do we have to get new plan, new rates?
    Telstra, please just make it simple rather than over-complicate things.

    And one thing that is not clear -- if data rates become more competitive (eg future competition / other market place offers) will this pack’s value or cost be changed or do we have to suffer poor value for 12 months?

    Many other people on this forum have highlighted this lack of amending contracts to ensure all customers are getting the latest and best deal on their contract, eg HTC Desire discussion. Would be nice if 1) contracts were automatically adjusted in line with changing offers as other providers can do 2) people can call and get the latest offer easier than what occurs now.

    • Sue says:

      Yes I agree. Already have a recharge sim and just want the option to change that to the yearly plan. Love my iPad though. Don’t know how I lived without it! Sue

  15. davdude says:

    Can we get this on a standard sim to run in a Laptop?

  16. Scott Sheedy says:

    Why can’t we get something like this to add an Annual Data allowance to our WP7 device….ie use your phone with your normal phone plan -- with an annual data allowance???

    This would be awesomeness! Any1 from T let me know why not? Thanks…

  17. Michael says:

    This is a welcome offer and the best on the market right now. Well done Telstra :-)

  18. Greg Priestley says:

    Sorry Telstra, you’re too late. I was waiting and waiting for this sort of plan for months, and in the end went with Virgin which is on the Optus network. So I’m with them through October 2011, or until my data allowance runs out. Then I might consider switching back. But the one thing I’ve noticed is that Optus’ country coverage is much better than it used to be, and I’m getting coverage now in places that used to be Telstra only.

    • Pooley says:

      this typical of Telstra. Don’t offer anything until another provider offers a good deal. I was also dudded with my mobile plan. Signed up on a similar plan that was offered by Optus and two weeks later Optus doubles the offer. I am now stuck with a net download of a monstrous 10Mb of something like that. I turned it off anyway. Now I see the basic is now up to 1Gb but most likely not for us already on a plan. After all who wants to keep existing customers ? Not telstra.
      I worked for telstra for 40 years, I know their tricks fairly well.
      Their net products are the same, 2gig for a reasonable price but the next plan is 50gig. Stupid but wait, there’s more Optus has just started a similar plan with 7gig that would suite me. Telstra will follow suit. The biggest problem with Telstra plans is the lock-in for 24 months. (read we have you now and things cannot improve). I must admit they are just now starting to wake up and try and get customers back.

  19. Vuka Masi says:

    I bought $150 pre-paid voucher for my ipad in April 2012 (currently networking with Tesltra).

    My understandings on the above voucher is that its suppose to expire 12 months later (April 2013).

    This balance only lasted 2-3 months and all of sudden I have $0 balance, telling me that I need to recharge???

    I do not download any movies or music, but I am a heavy internet user. Is this the reason why my ipad credit ran out fast???

    • Hi Vuka, Best get someone to look at the usage logs. If you we’re doing as you say it should last a lot longer than a few months. The best way to contact Telstra for a service/product query like yours is to click to our 24/7 Facebook page on the top right hand side of our blog where you’ll be directly linked to one of our online customer support consultants. You can also get support via Twitter @telstra. These are the most efficient ways to get someone to look into your account.

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