26 Oct 2010
By Irene Evgeniadis

Come on girls, go for IT


I guess you could say I started my career in IT out of curiosity. I had always wanted to be a criminologist, and after completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in legal studies followed by some post graduate studies in criminology, I thought I was all set. But it was the early 90’s and there weren’t many jobs out there in this specialised field. Well none actually.

But what I noticed in the careers section of the papers (no such thing as in those days) were heaps of IT jobs – so many and in such a variety of industries. What was this thing called IT, it certainly sounded a bit geeky?

I wanted to know more (and needed a job) so I completed a post graduate diploma in Information Technology and haven’t looked back. What really surprises me is the lack of women in the industry – why?

The Victorian Government 2009 ICT Skills Snapshot contains some interesting statistics; in particular “Females continue to be under-represented in the information & communications technology (ICT) sector, accounting for just 19 per cent of the ICT workforce in Victoria. In comparison, females account for around 45 per cent of the total Victorian workforce.”

So girls, are you like me and thought that it would be geeky, nerdy, boring even?

This is far from the truth, as I have discovered. To help dispel this myth Telstra is sponsoring the third Go Girl, Go For IT event for secondary school girls on 27 & 28 October 2010.  Organised by the Vic ICT for Women it’s held at Deakin University, Burwood, Melbourne.

The event is about connecting secondary school girls with female role models who work in a variety of industries, from banking, multimedia, medicine and even fashion. It’s all about attracting diverse and talented people into IT – something that Telstra strongly supports. The girls get the opportunity to attend a series of short presentations from a variety of speakers and explore the tradeshow style careers exhibition. Telstra’s stand is always extremely popular and provides the girls an opportunity to check out some of our new products and talk to Telstra IT staff about the interesting work they do.

I’d love your thoughts about Go Girl –what did you think of the event? Will it help encourage girls to consider a career in IT?


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  1. megan says:

    i thought it was amazing and good to learn from for the future. :)

  2. Ellen says:

    Today has been AWESOME !!!!! It’s really good to see women working in IT and to see all the differenty IT courses up for offer !!!

  3. Today has been a great day my students have started thinking about a career in IT which previously wasn’t happpening.

  4. kelly says:

    very good and informative.

  5. today was very interesting and it was very interesting hearing from all of the different speakers of their point of view and what IT means to them it was really worth it .. i hope to have a career in it in the future… GO GIRLS!!!

  6. Babithirab says:

    its very fantastic. i enjoyed it.

  7. sneha says:

    sarah and fiona are the best

  8. stavroula says:

    the go for it conference has been really informative. i learnt about the different approaches women have taken to get into the industry and what their roles are….today has been very inspriring with great speakers. it has given me a clearer idea about information technology….

  9. madeleine says:

    the day was really good, lots of good infomation, thank you

  10. Annie says:

    Awesome stall want a new phone

  11. Chloe says:

    This day has been great I’m having lots of fun, the speeches have been inspiring especially learning about all the places you can travel to just for buisness (: i can’t wait to come back next year

  12. tempanyhibbert says:

    i enjoyed the day very well the speakers did a good job and i enjoyed the quiz we had to do

  13. Angeline says:

    This go go girl for i.t is amzing, it really encourges us too get into it

  14. morgsta says:

    awsome times moshing it !! great day, thanks for the freebys yueehehhd

  15. daeun says:

    everthing is sooooo interesting here!!!

  16. casey says:

    telstra rocks
    i like your hat

  17. louisianna says:

    i love facebook it is awesome facebook, teaches you to communicate with others :)

  18. ruby says:

    i have learnt how to use technology things, and i thank the people who have helped us with making these things wortk otherwise we wouldnt be able to use them. thankyou :)

  19. BT says:


  20. The Platypus says:

    Just don’t try to get a job at TELSTRA. -- They will probably make you redundant in favour of the cheap labour provided by overseas students who are seeking residency in Australia.

  21. The Platypus says:

    Just don’t try to get a job at TELSTRA. -- They will probably make you redundant in favour of the cheap labour provided by overseas students who are seeking residency in Australia..

    • Old Hand says:

      Telstra also still has the cultural attitude that girls don’t know anything technical. So you won’t get the technical jobs and no one will hear you when you explain something technical. And there is no equal pay for the same (or even significantly more) skills, experience and qualifications.

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