03 Sep 2010
By Billy Byrne

Telstra’s Android devices


Working at Telstra has always presented me with new and interesting challenges. This was especially the case when earlier this year I was asked to lead a new mobile development team specializing in applications for Telstra’s Android devices. I’ve been fascinated by the smart phone industry for some time now and have watched in awe as Google’s Android mobile platform has rapidly captured a sizeable share of the smart/super phone market

Telstra has some awesome Android handsets on the market including the HTC Desire and the HTC Wildfire so it was an exciting challenge for me to be involved in developing apps for this platform. Our first project was the Official Telstra NRL App that was released a few weeks ago. This is a video on demand application that delivers up-to-date NRL action direct to your handset such as NRL News, Match Highlights, Features, Reviews and more. It also includes a search feature that allows you to search through the entire season’s videos by team, category and round. All of this content is unmetered so no data charges apply. You can get this app by going to the BigPond App Store from your Telstra Android handset

Telstra’s Android devices- NRL AppWe used a pure Agile development methodology to deliver this application. Agile is a streamlined methodology that removes the unnecessary overhead found in traditional Waterfall project management. It is very well suited to mobile development as the projects are generally quite small and require little formal documentation or project management.

The Android scene has a great buzz about it worldwide although Australia has still some catching up to do. Watch this space closely as you should see Telstra doing lots of exciting things with Android in the near future.

I’d love to hear some customer feedback on this. For example, what type of apps would you like to see on your Telstra Android handset?


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  1. Nick says:

    Given that Telstra have not been able to offer an upgrade would this nullify voiding the warrenty when flashing?
    In my eyes at least they have not completely honoured the contract I enetered into when purchasing the phone.

    • cade says:

      True nick..I had the same problem with my desire with telstra . Chatted to a friend who deals with the ombudsmen frequently , he said technically yes , you could get out of the contract if it does not work as advertised..the desire had bluetooth & email issues prior to Froyo . But who wants to , or has time ? I ended up rooting & run the deisre on gingerbread now..with no sign of telstra ( apart from their network ) . It is obvious , they have got this golden egg that is Android dropped at their feet , and the person/team in charge does not realise that the updates are as important to making these phones work as the hardware . They are too busy making sure I have a foxtel & bigpond games app…wohooo , party time .

  2. Marvy says:

    Another week waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S 2.2 update

    Tried ringing telstra yet again, again they do the transfer round and round, again no one at telstra has any idea…
    They transfer you to samsung who cheerfully say they are finished with it and have sent it to telstra and that they cant get a response from telstra as to what the delay is, the samsung rep again says he will forward yet another email to them….
    If any telstra people are still looking at this, please any sort of reply would be nice !!
    very close to giving up and trying to do the Darky rom thing…..

  3. James says:

    Everyone: Give up and install Darky’s Rom. It’s not the easiest process in the world but there are some good guides out there. Stop waiting for Telstra to get its act together.

    Given that this is the kind of service that Telstra provides, I hope none of you bought your phones from Telstra. I bought mine from a 3rd party retailer for over $100 less than Telstra wanted to charge me to buy it outright.

  4. kiwited says:


    I did the Darky Rom thing this morning. Phone is on way to Telstra, will not find and telstra connection. Have waited months patiently. Phone is good, telstra have custonimed android and turned it into rubbish.

  5. Nick says:

    Darky is the way forward -- at first followed the instructions and didn;t work, got stuck on the splash screen. Used 3br to get into the options, formated all partitions, system, data, boot and internal sd card. Reflashed and haven’t looked back. Think it beats anything telstra will do, and there are also copies of the orginal telstra rom if i ever need to send it in and want to keep my warrenty will just format and flash them back. Go Darky :-)

  6. Steve says:

    having a SGS on OPTUS running FROYO, my daughter took up a TELSTRA offer for the same phone only to find that it remains on 2.1. surprised I approached telstra, first by email then in person. Both categorically stated that 2.2 had been out for months and all my daughter had to do was log on the KIES and update. I explained that KIES continues to state she has the latest firmware and both consultants insisted this was a SAMSUNG problem and nothing to do with TELSTRA. So much for ‘technical support’ and professional consultants. If TELSTRA hopes to compete in this sector inthe future it needs to lift its act -- as it currently stands -- if it was a horse, I’d be getting my gun ready.

  7. Matt says:

    Any reason I cannot get Flex t9 for my htc wildfire. When I go to purchase it I get “This item is not available on your carrier”. Nuance are a reputable organisation and the reviews are good.

  8. Marvy says:

    Still Waiting for Galaxy S 2.2 come on telstra what is going on ???
    why do samsung keep telling me they are done with it and everyone else on every other carrier has it except us poor sods who brought a telstra phone !!

  9. Marvy says:

    Well its now March and still no 2.2 for Galaxy S, Totally let down by telstras woeful service !
    Can not believe not one telstra rep has the ability or interest to get on here and let Telstra Samsung Galaxy S owners know what the hell is going on.
    I have tried ringing telstra a number of times only to get transfered to about every dept they can think of where no one seems to have any idea at all, they then transfer you to samsung who again say they are done with it, samsung have sent it to telstra for release/final testing but every time they try to get an answer as to the cause of the hold up they get no reply, the samsung rep then tells you he will send another email on your behalf inquiring as to the delay…..
    One thing for sure with service like this I wont be rushing to sign up for anything else from telstra…
    seems we have no other choice now but to install Darkys rom…

  10. kiwited says:

    I have installed Darky’s Rom, it cannot find Next G! Are there any special settings?

    When I dial a number and press ‘dial’ the response is Data Netowrk not available

  11. Mick says:

    Telstra What a joke they are.
    I was informed at the time of purchace that my Samsung Galaxy will come shipping with Android 2.2 installed.
    I am serioiusly thinking of taking it back and switching to Optus.
    Its no wonder Telstra is losing market share. After the NBN is completed Telstra will no longer be relevant.
    Telstra has only itself to blame, treat your customers like crap and we all move on to greener pastures.

  12. android1 says:

    Flashed Darny today, suddenly the Telstra supplied phone seems to work properly. The guyin the telstra sotre (CBD Perth) had assured me in Oct 2010 that all I had to do was download the update and it would be fine. Well after 4 months I couldnt wait anymore. Samsung should sort this as they are the losers. I could have got an Iphone or kept my Blackberry !

  13. gb007bond says:

    Hi Billy,

    I’m still having issues recieving mms from a iPhone4 to my HTC Desire unless they put something in the subject header I cannot recieve them is their a fix for this.


  14. gb007bond says:

    BTW below is the setting in place for APN.

    Telstra – MMS

    * Name: Telstra MMS
    * APN: Telstra.mms
    * Proxy:
    * Port:
    * Username:
    * Password:
    * Server:
    * MMSC:
    * MMS Proxy:
    * MMS Port: 80
    * MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
    * MCC: 505
    * MNC: 01
    * Authentication Type: CHAP
    * APN Type: mms

    • lil_lantern says:

      I have a Samsung Galaxy S on Telstra and it doesn’t have the MMS Protocol field when I’m setting up a new APN in order to send/receive MMS. Is this why I can’t send/receive?
      I’ve tried everything and still nothing is working. Do I have to reboot the phone? Do I have to connect to the internet? MMS was working fine for the first week and then it suddenly stopped for no reason, and I’m sick of it!

  15. Daniel Debreceny says:

    Any official Telstra Froyo firmware updates for Samsung Galaxy S yet?

    Google released froyo -> May 2010 …
    It’s now 10months later, and Telstra haven’t released an official version for Galaxy S …

    Telstra -> Please hold ….

    • Dan says:

      I just called Telstra and the rep I spoke to was in Australia and had a Galaxy S so he could relate to my frustration about the firmware. His words were that Samsung is just releasing a new phone, that I assume is to replace the Galaxy S, and that it’s ‘not looking good’ as far as getting any firmware updates from Telstra. He said to look into ‘rooting’ the phone to update the firmware… When I have time i’ll be chatting to the onbudsman and reading the contract fine print to see what it says regarding Telstra’s obligation to provide updates…

  16. Mick says:

    Thats interesting,
    I did the run around again myself, Telstra doesn’t have a clue whats going on. I finally spoke to someone at Samsung who appeared to know what was going on. Telstra most definitely has the code… His answer as to whats going on was that Teltra was testing it to make sure the upgrade was to be the least troublesome for the majority of its customers (to me thats a pile of BS from telsta, all other carriers seemed to have implemented the upgrade without any fanfare) and it should be released back to Samsung in around 3 weeks so us gullible fools who purchaced our samsung galaxy s from Telstra can upgrade though Kies…

  17. Marvy says:

    And so it drags on still -- 2.2 for Telstra Galaxy S

    Had it out with samsung ended up with a supervisor who again states the fairly resonable argument that samsung has released it to all carriers months ago and the problem lies with telstra, hard to argue when all other carriers have released the update.

    Lodged a complaint with telstra about this (everyone should do this) they rang me back yesterday and the guy said after much asking the best he can find out for me is that telstra are still working on technical difficulties and yes it will be released but no idea when..

    Maybe telstra could ask Optus (released in november) or any other carrier if they could spare a couple of people to help out as it must be bleeding obvious that no one at telstra has a clue how to make it work..

    How can Telstra sell a product as new thats out of date ?

  18. gb007bond says:


    Hi Billy,

    I’m still having issues recieving mms from a iPhone4 to my HTC Desire unless they put something in the subject header I cannot recieve them is their a fix for this.

    BTW below is the setting in place for APN.

    Telstra – MMS

    * Name: Telstra MMS
    * APN: Telstra.mms
    * Proxy:
    * Port:
    * Username:
    * Password:
    * Server:
    * MMSC:
    * MMS Proxy:
    * MMS Port: 80
    * MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
    * MCC: 505
    * MNC: 01
    * Authentication Type: CHAP
    * APN Type: mms


  19. Dan says:

    Guys forget Telstra and the frustration- go with Darky’s Rom it’s brilliant- faster, defaults to your google calendar, apps run better just to mention a few things i like. I have the latest version 9.3 which is like Froyo 2.2 but with some features of 2.3 Gingerbread- without all the Telstra bloatware. The process was very easy and went without a hitch. (I was a bit anxious about changing the ROM but I happened to ask my brother about doing it and he had used the same ROM only a week before without incident) Here’s a link- -- read everything thoroughly- note that the newer 9.3 version of the ROM is a separate download about halfway down the page. The Whirlpool forums are great for information as well- i checked here first that Darkys ROM worked ok on the i9000T (Testra) version of the phone. I have had no issues with phone/data/sms at all. TIP- Don’t update the firmware in Samsumg Kies after installing the Darky ROM.

  20. Rambutan says:

    Yesterday I received an emmail from Samsung saying:”Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer Care. The Android 2.2 (Froyo) update is available for all networks except Telstra. Samsung are still waiting for Telstra to release the update so
    it can be tested and made available to be downloaded through Samsung Kies.

    If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact
    Samsung Customer Care on 1300 362 603.

    So I have just come off the phone to Telstra and they say the firmware is with Samsung for testing. WHen I asked about the timeline the answer was: “there is no timeline”

    Well I never ever thought I would be saying this but perhaps it is time to switch to Optus or whatever.

    Thank you Telstra

  21. kiwi mongrel says:

    got my sgs off telstra onseller etc
    but knew alll well that most providers would be behind
    from what i gather they havent honoured contract
    therefore have done other means possible
    those scared of trying too not only update but increase the overall speed of device . read xda forums dont be scared
    very hard to brick it :)
    this week i made my own rom with Docs kitchen (have used darkys 9.3) speed kernels ( lost track lol ) oh and modems that have nothing to do with telstra or aussie for that matter but all work on next g 3g h… 850 band !!!!!

  22. Marvy says:

    Well march draws to an end and still no galaxy s update !!
    can not believe this was released soooo long ago for everyone else, Optus had this out in November…

    another release date appears at --

    * Android Froyo 2.2 update for Telstra network phones is currently unavailable. Expected release of Android 2.2 software for Telstra is scheduled for late-March 2011.

    Only a couple of days to go telstra or im back on the phone lodging yet another complaint…

  23. Rick says:

    I have given up on Telstra, moved to Optus and flashed my phone with Darkys ROM. I am happy I finally did it and it works great with no Telstra Bloatware.

  24. Troy says:

    been waiting way too long for 2.2 on galaxy… just done darkys 9.4 and worked a treat, easy too. sorry telstra but this is pathetic. if i had a choice i wouldnt be with you but no one in tasmania really has a choice…

    • Sam says:

      Does installing Darkys 9.4 still allow you to get the free Navigator software that is part of the 2.2 upgrade?

  25. cade says:

    As of today they have an update tab on their OS desire has been running stock rom Gingerbread (ported from the nexus one..damn smooth & quick ) for over a month & Telstra is releasing it in June ! So sad it makes me laugh :)

  26. Sam says:

    I don’t believe. The Telstra 2.2 update has just been released on KIES this afternoon.

  27. Marvy says:

    Well the telstra samsung gods have finally smiled on all us still on 2.1 :)
    The 2.2 update is available through Kies it works !!

    Hooo Bloody Ray :)

  28. James says:

    Wow, 2.2? You guys must feel so priviliged. Darky’s Rom runs 2.2.1, which is 6 months old. Gingerbread (2.3) is available on other Android devices right now, but hey, congratulations for playing catch up 12 months behind, Telstra.

  29. Rambutan says:

    At first I thought that this was an obvious April fools day joke, but it wasn’t and Froyo was indeed available via Kies. So far so good.

    My only problem now is Navigon. As soon as I start it up is says ‘connecting’ and that is where it stays. Any ideas anybody??

    • Rambutan says:

      I am happy now. To get Navigon to work I used the settings->privacy->factory reset option. This fixed the problem and Navigon works just as good as my trusted old TomTom does.

      A word of caution. The reset will wipe almost everything you have on your Galaxy. I used Kies to back up my contacts etc and after the reset used Kies again to restore.

      Then it took some time to reinstall the various applications I had previously downloaded from Market. But is was so worth it.

  30. Mick says:

    Finally I have 2.2 on my Samsung Galaxy.
    Yes a vast improvement.
    All I need now is for someone to tell me of what program I can use to make a backup of my Telsta rom so I can use it if my phone plays up during the warranty period, as I want to blow all of Telstas bloatware away and install Darkys rom.

  31. steve weston says:

    glad you could get it to work, i went through all the downloading and then it said it had failed the upgrade. Arghhhhhhh!!!

  32. Mark says:

    You can use Titanium Backup to do all your backups prior to upgrading or going to Darky Rom. Very handy to use!

    Highly recommend to backup your phone with Samsung Kies and sync your data just incase.

    If you are going to go to Darky Rom I recommend reading everything 3 times before proceeding. Once you commence, follow the instructions to the letter and if you must, tick off each process so you don’t skip a step.

  33. Mick says:

    Thank you for the advice I have backed up my data though Titanium Backup. Now its time to say goodbye to Telstra bloatware.

  34. jeff patterson says:

    i would like to no wen telstra will release 2.2 for t touch tab .i have hound out that telstra have had it already and for quite awhile this will inprove this deive and mite inprove sale to hay (telstra) so please hurry up so pepole like my dont have it turn to the ipad