02 Aug 2010
By Rebekah O'Flaherty

iPhone 4 – returning to Telstra stores from Wednesday


Hi everyone,

Well it’s official – iPhone 4 is Telstra’s fastest selling iPhone yet.

We’re attributing this to a phenomenal product, some very appealing data plans and the strength of Telstra’s Next G network.

The downside to this unprecedented demand is that iPhone 4 has sold out at Telstra stores across Australia.

However, we will be replenishing stock as quickly as possible and expect new stock to start arriving in Telstra stores from Wednesday.

iPhone 4 availability and stockIn the meantime, we’re taking down details in-store and online and we will update you when your preferred iPhone 4 model arrives. Priority will be given to customers who have already visited us in store or registered their interest online.

Thanks for your patience while we work with Apple to bring new stock to our stores across Australia.


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  1. AMK says:

    Interesting how there are still no stocks months after launch, though I understand that is not the carriers fault. Still, the stores I have rung or gone into in person have given up on creating waiting lists because “it is too difficult to manage”. Doesn’t sound like a very professional response to me. I find it difficult to reason how creating and maintaining a waiting list can be that hard especially for a communications company.

  2. Tim Bowman says:

    It has been a month now since I moved to Telstra, hoping to get an iphone. I had just returned from overseas and my old handset with my old provider is at worse for wear. Hoping to sign up and get an iPhone I was told it was going to be a week’s wait (from the day I joined telstra)

    alas that was not the case. Which is quite annoying seeing as the staff member told me that if I came into the T-store on the certain day in the morning there would be a delivery, going into the store, I got the most confused dumbfolded look ever when I arrived that day. They took my number and told me they would message me when the handset where in.

    Now not to get out into a massive rant, I find out today, that a family friend has gone into a t-store, and complained to an extent and walked out with two iPhone 4s. Care to explain? when I have been told on several occasions that the stock that telstra receives are minimal, quoting “8 iPhone’s a week”

    The house-hold I am currently residing has had alot of issues with our telstra bigpond account over the years, being over-charged, not being connected to the right plans. I have been using one of my faulty handsets now for a month and find it ridiculous that the possibility is there that I have to buy a new handset even before I get the iPhone, just so I can make phone calls!!!

  3. Campbell Watts says:

    Well, it’s been over 8 weeks now waiting for an iPhone 4. Today I visited the T-Store where my name is on a wait list, only to be told the list has been cancelled and there was no intention of calling the wait-listed people of this fact. I’m going overseas in 3 weeks and was hoping to have a new smart phone to assist with my travels. If I had known earlier, I would have discussed alternative handsets with Telstra. But, after this complete lack of communication and respect for me as an existing customer, I’m changing to another carrier.

    What a complete balls up and a PR nightmare for Telstra.

    I would recommend everyone else that’s been messed about as I have to follow suit and give Telstra the boot.

  4. John Jackson says:

    My wait is over.See my comment on 25th Sept.On 1st Oct got a the call our iphones had arrived,went to the store and at least 4 other people picking up iphones.5 weeks wait in the end it was worth it.The fun has begun.Thanks Telstra.

  5. Paul Russo says:

    Unfortunately i work away so i have no choice to be with telstra:(

  6. Matt Goldring says:

    I have been waiting and waiting for an iphone 4… I want to renew my contract with and iphone contract but cant do it online and they just send me away in stores. I have left my name and number at countless telstra shops since about a month before the came out, now they wont even take my name. I havent heard from telstra once, i left my details online months ago surely they could keep me updated via email. I have been with telstra for 7yrs and i dont know why i stay with them. I have had so many problems like been charged $700 for and account that was supposed to be closed. I moved house and they could not supply broadband at the new address. So they switched me over to wireless which was double the price half the speed and half the download limit. Then continued to charge me for the broadband and phone line that didnt exist. This is only the tip of the iceberg with telstra/bigpond…. They run a monoploly and provide a terrible service. I understand the problem with iphone stocks and its out of telstras hands. Then i hear about new customers recieving iphones when ive been a customer for so many years. What, you dont rate loyalty telstra?… Can someone from telstra please contact me reguarding an i phone 4 please… I dont have time to walk into another telstra shop and be turned away because im an exsisting customer…

  7. Nathan says:

    I’m still waiting for a call about one for me…and it’s nearly December. -sigh-

    • Rick says:

      so much stock has come and gone since this topic started, being pro-active is the way to go, I picked up two handsets within a week of release, I recently needed a 3GS and could have bought the iPhone4 many times over while hunting down the 3GS I wanted

      Suggest not waiting for a call and do some calling yourself instead, they are out there

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