02 Jul 2010
By David Thodey

Calls to Telstra customer service and complaints lines now free


In another new customer service initiative, Telstra will make nearly 50 million service and support calls free of charge for Telstra customers.

Last month I posted a blog about new customer service initiatives including weekend tech service appointments. That blog generated many comments, complaints and feedback and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to write to me.

Today, I’m announcing another new initiative to improve the value we provide to customers and to help make it easier to connect with Telstra to resolve a customer service issue or complaint.

Millions of calls are made each year to our most frequently rung customer service numbers and, as of yesterday, calls to those numbers from Telstra services will be free of charge.

So, calls from a Telstra home phone or Telstra mobile, in Australia, to our general enquiry numbers for consumers and small businesses will be free as well as calls to our fault numbers, the BigPond helpdesk and our general service number for pre-paid mobile. Calls to activate and recharge pre-paid accounts can already be made without cost to customers.

132 200 Telstra residential general enquiries
125 111 Telstra residential mobile enquiries
132 203 Telstra residential faults
137 663 BigPond enquiries
133 933 BigPond Tech Support
125 8880 Prepaid enquiries
125 8888 Prepaid recharges
125 8887 Prepaid activations
132 000 Telstra Business enquiries
132 999 Telstra Business faults

Before we decided to launch this initiative, we researched a number of potential customer service improvements. This initiative came out as the most important when we asked people to tell us what they thought. I’m glad to make it a reality today but I’m also interested in your thoughts. We are very serious about wanting to hear from you.  Really listening and acting upon customers’ feedback is a key part of the change we want our customers to experience.

More than two hundred people provided feedback to my blog last month announcing new customer service initiatives. The feedback offered us some encouragement but also gave us clear indications on what we must continue to improve upon. You told me that we can still do better and I agree.

Your views on our services, including our prices and products, have been passed onto the appropriate members of our teams.

Please keep posting your views, ideas and suggestions to me here on Telstra Exchange.



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  1. Cathy Walsh says:

    I have called Telstra twice to let them know that my Wifi is not working. I received a phone call today from Mary who is in the Phillipines and she has advised me that the problem is not my modem its with the underground cables and that they will send a technician out when they are in the area to fix and repair the cables by the 7th of May. Now that is over 2 weeks which is unacceptable I need my WIFI to be fixed today as I need it for my work commitments so does that mean I get a refund for my 2 weeks without my WIFI what a joke Telstra I have been with your company for so many years I think its time to move to Optus. Can you please look into this for me and
    hopefully this can be sorted before the 7th of May.

    • Hi Cathy, The best place to check is with the Live Chat team, who will be able to look into it for you.

      • Diana says:

        Cathy Walshes problem with the lines
        Cathy sorry to tell you but unless you go through the TIO then you may have a problem claiming compensation for loss of business.
        Also being through the sam prob Telstra lines are Telstra lines they belong to telstra so changing telcos wont help till the actual line is fixed and due to NBN comming they wont rush to fix the prob it took us 6 months now waiting for compensation and waiting another 6 months they will drag it on till you go away.

      • Grahame says:


        Live Chat or this Site will not help.

        They just do not know how to do the job.

        The best option is go straight to your local FEDERAL MEMBER AND PUT IN A ministerial complaint.


        It still works today.

        The issue is the management of faults by the 5th WORLD SERVICE CENTRE of Telstra.

        The CEO of Telstra has to take the blame fully for not looking after the issue’s.

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi Grahame — if you have an issue, please give us a call and we’ll look into it ASAP. Thanks, Jamie.

      • Grahame says:


        You may not like the tone of my messages but I have to state the true facts.
        Support has gone backwards.
        I would cry at the figures if this was just over 11 years ago and I had to show the figures in my job then of Business Analysis for Telstra Service ( CAN ).
        How much has it gone downhill.

        Well yesterday I had a problem with my router and with very little information given with it about how to reset it fully I had to call support. After 30 minutes I got a call back and to my surprise he assisted me in getting it back working in ten minutes. This time I did not finish up with a router that I had to replace. The support person was Employee First Name]Mark.
        What I mention is the way the overseas call centres talk and refuse to hand the call to an Australian based person.

        The quality of the call to them is also very poor.
        : Very HARD to understand.
        : Are the calls sent by internet to the call centres.
        : They have no analysis skills.
        : They just follow it appears a flow chart.
        : It waste a lot of time.

        It is not only myself but many people I talk to. They all have the same old story.
        Just look at the comments in this BLOG.

        The story about this BLOG not being any good was due to a problem I had with PIT LID’s damage which no one wanted to fix. It was a call to the local member that got it fixed.
        I know the CAN network will be taken over by the NBN when it comes some day. But the present network operation is not working.
        Infrastructure has just been let go.
        In the local area we had a network World Number 1 standard. Now we have 4th world support.

        Telephone service was treated as a SERVICE which meant you did all you could do to have services restored.
        Now it appears that has gone out the window.
        You just have to take the next available appointment which can be weeks out.

        I know my line was not out fully. What ever happen to the SERVICE QUALITY STANDARD that a line out of order had to be fixed by close of next Business day.
        Mobiles are not a replacement for landline phones. Many areas mobiles will fail.

        The problem in fact was a Telstra supplied FOXTEL box which gave an earth on the not used now telephone line. I proved that myself, not Telstra. PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!

        The problems are not all Telstra but the government too by introduction of WHOLESALE Operation ( NBN ) to the communication area. It was done by one’s who had no idea what they were doing and who did not know the structure of Australia in respect to population areas and climate.

        Competition in the services off the NBN is going to be an issue in technical areas.

        But I had a look today at the NBN rollout and I do not think I have to worry as it will be many years before I will see it, if ever because of the present all underground CAN distribution that was done and the distance from the exchange.

    • Tracey says:

      Hi Cathy….we just had the same thing 14 days for the tech to come out…..just to tell us our 10 yr modem worked but the cable connecting it (grey) was twisted and was stopping the internet……If it was a fault with the modem we were not eligible for a new one…..Telstra does not look after existing customers any more…..everything you have to pay for! Good luck!

      • Grahame says:

        Pair twisted. Comment from a tech!!!

        That so called tech is no tech. He could be just a garden hole digger. He has no idea at all about cables. All cables are twisted along the cable run to eliminate induction issues. ( crosstalk etc ) It is very basic learning and that one has no idea at all what they are doing. in fact they are very dangerous. Like Boo and Co( Sub-contractors of Telstra ) who came to do a leadin. It almost had fatal results due to their actions. I could not say what I would like to.

  2. Kevin Miller says:

    Don’t expect too much response to your complaint to Telstra, they are not interested in customer service, they now only have “Jamie”putting you off telling you to fill out this or that form, they did have a few others a while back.also don’t think that going to Optus will make any difference as the cable is still Telstra’s responsibility, and they want you to go there then they do not have to answer to your complaints about their non service! They still get payed from Optus

  3. Shabana says:

    on the 17/4/14 at 9am a Tech. guy installed a new modem and also registered it and advised internet will be up after an hour until today nothing has been done, have been calling the activations team from the 17/04/14 and now its 23/4/14 still nothing has been done. Been on hold with the so called Telstra complaints and activation team for more than 1 hour, keep being put on hold nothing is getting done. Want to speak with some one in Australia but was advised if speaking with the Australia team or overseas(phillipines) you will get the same result. NOTHING!!!! I will be going to another supplier. Incompetent… is what I think, Telstra has name and that’s all no service no customer relation, they cant even speak good English.

  4. Shabana says:

    on the 17/4/14 at 9am a Tech. guy installed a new modem and also registered it and advised internet will be up after an hour until today nothing has been done, have been calling the activations team from the 17/04/14 and now its 23/4/14 still nothing has been done. Been on hold with the so called Telstra complaints and activation team for more than 1 hour, keep being put on hold nothing is getting done. I will be going to another supplier. Incompetent… is what I think, Telstra has name and that’s all no service no customer relation, they cant even speak good English.

  5. jones says:

    all Bob Hawke’s doing.

  6. Peter Sabolewsky says:

    In November, I bought a laptop and rang Bigpond to get help setting up my bigpond email account. The person (from the Philippines) told that Outlook Express has lots of troubles with Windows * and recommended Incredimail. Guess what? Incredimail wont open as it says invalid password or user id. I rang Bigpond yesterday, April 23 and got a recording saying that in light of heavy call traffic, someone would call me back. I got called back 4 times by a computer which then dropped out due to technical difficulties., I rang Bigpond again, got a real person, but not much better than the computer. He said that after all he had tried,he would escalate my problem and someone would call me back in an hour. It is now 27 hours and I am still waiting Telstra. Due you really think this is appropriate service? What a f**king joke. Browsing othe ISP providers

  7. Liam Mania says:

    I keep getting texts saying I have an “Order” from telstra and it will be “added to my next bill” and to call these numbers but I haven’t ordered anything and no one on any of these damn numbers can help me, I think I’m being screwed around by your staff AGAIN.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Liam, If you have not made this order, then it is possible it is either a mistake or a scam. Please call through to 13 22 00 to confirm and always use this number in future. Thanks, Jamie.

  8. Hannes Keyser says:

    Dear Telstra. 1 hour and 3 minutes phone call to 132203 to report a technical fault to my tbox. I had to enter my Telephone number TWICE, say my telephone number SIX times to all 6 people I talked to, spell my name and address SIX times(I.e. Had to spell “milsons” in Mary, indigo, Lima……) asked to be put through to a supervisor THREE TIMES: first time I was recycled back to the front of the line, second time it was said that they can’t and third time I supposedly talked to a supervisor (who was none the wiser and tried to tell me he doesn’t think there is something wrong with my tbox). I endured through it cause there actually is something wrong with the tbox and a satchel will be sent out for me to return it. You need to ask yourself if this simple task was worth Telstra paying 6 of your overseas call centre staff members collectively more than 1 hour to resolve vs. how long an Australian call centre operator would have taken to resolve it…..

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hello Hannes, I’m really sorry to hear about your experience on the phones. Is there anything I can do to help from my end? In future, you can always chat to us using Live Chat, which will allow you to keep the window open in another window. Thanks, Jamie.

    • Mrs. G Bennett says:

      In the last few days we have received two calls from overseas call centres saying they are calling on behalf of Telstra to inform us our computer system needs cleaning. They speak very bad english and are hard to understand. They ask us to turn on our computer, which my husband refuses to do as we were scamed last year by the same sounding so called people who said they were part of Microsoft and took over our computer to apparently clean it. We reported this incident to the federal police. Now it looks like the same thing is happening under the Telstra name.

      • Robert Sanders says:

        mrs bennett, see my post in this thread about these scammers pretending they work for telstra at north sydney, they are ringing you via computer from down town Moombai, they use aussie names like adam smith and john carter, i have posted the phone number on my thread that they rang from, the fraud squad couldn’t help me…maybe…just maybe, telstra can prosecute them eh ?


    Telstra sold me the entertainer pinnacle bundle for $160.00 which includes the cost of Telstra Voice Freedom (my original landline). However every month Telstra charges me an extra $89.90 for my Landline. And I have to ring India to get the bill fixed over the phone. They aren’t capable of sending the corrected bill but but assure me it will be fixed. 6 months on they’re still making the same mistake. I will ring the complaints line at 9am. It will be interesting to see if they have anyone attending to the complaints line. Do not publish my email address or send me any junk mail.

  10. Dejan says:

    stop outsourcing to india they are useless, trying to set up my landline and no help 45 min on the line, totally useless.

  11. Margaret Barker says:

    paid my my out standing account around 9am this morning but still got an sms this afternoon telling me my phone would be disconnected within an half hour. Why is this I made arrangements earlier this week and I adhered to it. What Gives?

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Margaret, It’s possible that the the back-end system didn’t update in time to stop the SMS, which means it’s just an automated action. However, please check with our Live Chat team just to be sure :)

  12. Maryanne says:

    I have just finished contacting Live Chat. Only waited 5 minutes and had two problems sorted in a very short time, plus some unexpected help. When they suggest Live Chat try it. Hoping you get a positive experience.

  13. Trish says:

    Telstra can only provide me with wirless as adsl not available to me but the new estate across the road CAN have adsl…when I asked why, i am told sorry we dont have a port available for you but i have lived here for over 8 years so why does a new resident take priority over me? To add insult to injury i was told i could upgrade from my terrible 7GB for $59.95 (yes that is not a typo) to a measly 15B for the ridiculous price of $110 per month but adsl get 200GB for less than $80 per month oh and i also have to commit to another 12mth contract..what a joke ….needless to say i have now moved on to TIO with my complaint

  14. Debg Heathfield says:

    I have had nothing but problems with my Samsung Galaxy S4 . Purchased on the 21/9/13. It won’t stay running it keeps switching off and then turning on off, on off,just showing Samsung on the screen then getting very hot . The problem is still happening after repairs on the 15/3/2014 and today after a long discussion on the phone with Telstra who said she could not help me as I don’t have the right IMEI # which belongs to someone elses phone! (after not getting anywhere on Sunday in the Cairns Central Store as it kept coming up as fault and was to be contact on Monday at 9am , but nothing) I am now told I have a REFURBISHED phone. PLEASE !! I am not paying a monthly plan for someone’s elses crap.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Deb, that sounds like a frustrating situation! I can escalate the issue for you, but will need an account number to do that. Are you please able to email me your comment above, along with an account or phone number? Thanks so much, Jamie.

  15. marina says:

    Contacting Telstra unwelcome calls department is a shocker. I have twice tried to contact them with both times nearly waiting on hold for an hour and half till I give up and hang up. Ridiculous you guys should be ashamed you could at least come on every now and then to tell us how long it will be before you answer the call, but na you have stupid music going I have better things to do with my life then sit for hours on hold.

  16. Dorothy says:

    An hour ago i called Telstra now I am sitting here totally bored awaiting a phone call from Telstra. I should have stayed on hold! I have applied for ADSL because my wireless that I have put up with for last 5 years is getting worse and worse. Constantly dropping out and strange usage. It appears they are now claiming I can’t get ADSL as we are too far from exchange but I have remembered we had Adsl about 6 years ago and I don’t remember the house moving! It has been 1/2 an hour and I have better things to do not waiting for phone calls from Telstra iinet is looking good!

  17. Dorothy says:

    Hi Jaime,
    I finally gave up waiting and recalled. That was a mistake had to go through the same procedure all over again. Finally Bundles dept say I can’t have ADSL as the line quality is not good enough (I would have thought that was Telstra’s problem not mine) even though my neighbour has ADSL and is very happy with it. I have had ongoing issues with my Wifi USB as the Telstra boffins tell me I live exactly equidistant from two towers (what are the chances?) and as the signals are weak it continually switches from tower to tower causing constant drop out and ridiculous usage as it is constantly reloading. All I want is reasonable internet at home at a reasonable price I don’t see how Telstra claims 98% coverage of Australia when they can’t even get it to a house 50k from the CBD.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hello again Dorothy, That’s no good at all! Are you please able to email me a contact number and I’ll follow-up for you on Monday? I hope you have a good weekend. Thanks, Jamie.

      • Dorothy says:

        What email address do I use, I don’t really want to post my contact details here?

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi Dorothy, Apologies, my email was in the other update. It is Thanks, Jamie.

      • Dorothy says:

        If you email me I will reply with details thanks for your help.

      • Dorothy says:

        Hi Jaime, Just to update you on what is happening. I sent Telstra an email through the complaints process (as that is the only way I have found to contact Telstra by email which I prefer because then you have written record of discussion) I expressed my frustration and difficulties etc. in response i received an email back “Thank you for your email. I understand that you would like to enquire about your BigPond service. I apologise for any inconveniences that you may have experienced regarding this matter.

        Our Activations team handles your concern and they can be contacted at 13POND (137663) and say Internet. They are open 24 hours a day to help you with your enquiry.
        Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information or assistance.

        If you have any other queries you can get support online 24x7 with our Help and Support service.

        Best Regards,

        Jouhann (D642089)
        The Telstra Team
        That is where I spent most of Friday getting passed from pillar to post to no avail and not receiving call backs!! I have no gripes with individual employees they have all tried to help and be polite, I feel sorry for them. (I wouldn’t want to work for Telstra for any salary)the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. There really needs to be a process where one person takes on the challenge and supports the customer through from start to finish.Connection with my 4g Telstra USB has been getting progressively worse it dropped out 12 times just checking my emails and sending this, and I am not exaggerating I actually counted. Compounded by the fact that despite saying it is compatible for some reason the USB requires a password on my macbook every time it connects. (I won’t go into the hours I spent talking to Telstra, Apple and Netgear trying to get that sorted out to no avail) All I want is a reliable internet service that works at a reasonable price from my home, in this day and age it doesn’t seem a lot to ask.

  18. marina says:

    Hi im absolutely annoyed with these telemarking calls I had to change my number because of this made it private and still getting these overseas calls. I have registered with the don’t not call list or whatever its called made my new number private and guess what still receive them whats the bloody point in making your number private and have to pay for it and still get these annoying calls. Rang Telstra about it and still nothing done about it.

    I’m starting to think well I might as well just disconnect and use just the mobile

    • Sue says:

      I got Caller ID on my phone and best thing I ever did -- you can see who is calling and the nuisance phonecalls stop when you don’t answer. I’ve even set my phone to special ringtones for family and friends so I can hear from anywhere in the house who is calling. Now I hear the phone ring and chuckle then let it go to answer machine when there isn’t a special ring tone. Telemarketers get really annoyed when they can’t reach you and apparently no-one can stop the charity phone calls which can be a lot more pushy than the normal telemarketers. They are excluded from the Do Not Call register. It also stopped the annoying monthly telstra “how is your service going” phonecall which they assured me they couldn’t stop -- they do when you never answer.

  19. Dorothy says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I just want to let you know my problems have finally been resolved. Not perfect as ADSL still doesn’t
    seem possible here but I have got a wireless modem that seems to be giving me a fairly stable 3g connection. Keeping fingers and everything else crossed. Thank you for your support and assistance.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      I’m really happy to hear that Dorothy! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you :)

  20. Janine says:

    Just moved from Optus to Telstra to get a better internet service as Optus kept dropping out 3/4 times a day.
    Today I was suppose to have been transferred over between 5 & 7 for the home phone, still waiting…..after reading everyone’s comments should have stayed with Optus.

  21. Jeremy says:

    I have been an employee of a Telstra corporate customer for 6 months. As an employee I am entitled to have my phone paid my employer under their corporate plan. I have been an Optus customer and have remained an Optus customer for the entire 6 months of my employment, at my own expense ($100 a month), just in order to avoid having to deal with Telstra. I have worked with Telstra before and am all too familiar with the terrible service and sheer incompetence..

    in any case, I have had some leave this week and decided it would be an okay time to try to bring my service across. And the nightmare begins! 7.5 hours later and my service has not been ported. I cannot get anywhere with customer service. Wait times > 60miins. I call 125 111 and get routed through to residential fixed line faults, who advise me to dial 125 111. And I am back in the queue; listening to obnoxious hold music. I havent even made a call on your network and I’m already regretting signing over!

    Waiting now 1hr 20mins.. cant wait to get through and be told to ‘wait 24 hours’ and offered no resolution again -- that will make the wait all worth it.

    Absolute joke of a company really -- with all the competitive advantages you have, the product you provide is an absolute disgrace. Why not use some of that buyback money, create a few more offshore jobs and then maybe answer faults inquiries within the hour?

    Big mistake moving from Optus. 14 years and never had a problem

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      I’m really sorry to hear about your terrible experience. I can personally say that as a Telstra employee, I’ve never had any issues like this. I would love to assist you in getting your service fixed, but I will need an account or phone number to do that. Are you please able to respond with those details. I won’t publish them, but I will pass them onto a team internally who will assist.

      I hope we can turn around your negative experience!


  22. Jeremy says:

    My update after two hours waiting on hold for faults:

    - tech support advise order is still provisioning. I respond that porting have already advised me its complete. Tech support wont hear this and put me in the queue to porting.

    - speak with porting. they advise the order is in provisioning. I push them as I know order has been completed. They check “another tool” -- oh, yes, on this tool it says completed. I’ll need to…… transfer you back to tech support!! You’ve just gotta laugh really.

    - tech support: got me to reset the phone, take sim out and put it back in. Genius. I havent thought to do that in the >2hrs I’ve been on hold. Phone still not working. Please call back if still not on in 24hrs.


    I am kicking myself for trusting Telstra!

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Jeremy, I’ve responded to your other comment, but I really wanted to make sure you saw my reply. I would really love to escalate this for you and get it fixed as soon as possible, but to do that I will need a phone or account number. Please respond with those details and I will get someone to call you back. Thanks, Jamie.

  23. Rado says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    a while back, I had also purchased new(as per new customer) cable modem Internet. But it wasn’t new customer taking on board as I was initially told in T shop <- while they were caching the bird, me, I HAD TO wait 6 weeks to see it running. I never found out what were their, frankly, sounding FRIENDLY excuses but the whole experience was killing me absolutely. Later on admin of this blog removed my posts, even though they were completely polite, the only thing about the posts was, they did spoke the truth. Wondering if this note will be made public.

  24. monika janda says:

    can roxy an australian from the connections team get in touch with me urgently, the technician promised for 8.30 has not arrived. ref 99878371

    • monika janda says:

      I have been on the phone for 3 hours now, and have not achieved anything, I have asked for callback from the people telstra staff i spoke to yesterday and today to no avail, it is incredible

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Monika, I’ve passed your details onto Roxy, but for any urgent requests please give us a call on 13 22 00. Thanks, Jamie.

      • Mick says:


        Perhaps if Roxy had done her job properly, and the tech had done their job, Monika wouldn’t be in such a state. However, all you can offer if that she makes another useless phone call, to another useless operator. Your response doesn’t surprise me.

        Monika, I wish you well.

  25. monika janda says:

    roxy’s staff id is d719061

  26. monika janda says:

    can roxy pls call me urgently, her staff id is d719061

  27. Brian Brennan says:

    I have just found out that Telstra help calls are free. This is wonderful. I was planning on moving to the NBN and thus cancelling my Telstra mobile broadband wireless 4G system. My concern in keeping the wireless was in loosing the home land line phone. The concern was the long calls on the mobile to Telstra technical services to rectify or fix technical problems from time to time with email and bigpond security and thus the long calls costs to me. This is now not an issue. I will not go to the NBN, I will now stay with Telstra 4G wireless and accept mobile only home phone, relaxed and happy. Thanks for this initiative Telstra Brian

    • Grahame says:


      Not as reliable as stated.

      Power blackouts and you will loose service.

      This is not only your home but power in the street to NBN HUB’s etc.

      With NBN being built by ones with no understanding of communications issues. Power failure is an issue.
      A mobile will not always work.

      I am just waiting for the screams when they find the very expensive NBN is a FAILURE because of BASIC DESIGN FEATURES it has.
      How will it take FULL 4K 3D Video movie downloads. The new online games coming. The new trends in computer operation using the cloud.

      Brian I just hope someone wakes up and fix it so we all true Australians can be given a SECURE Network for us to use.

  28. Carol says:

    I rang Telstra support re technical issue with voice mail. Turned out it was not the Telstra handset at fault but an issue with our service provider. I just want to comment on my experience of consumer support and communications. To say the least my female support from Telstra was to say the least rude cutting me off as I was trying to explain the issue & the tone of her voice obviously of extreme irritation & impatience. I rang optus as it seemed an issue wih service provider who could not have been more courteous (male) . Even rang our home line to check it out. We identified the problem. Turns out it was my diverted mobile (with Dodo). Rang Dodo -- (female) courteous/helpful-problem solved.
    Telstra could learn a lot as far as customer service from these two providers.

    • Grahame says:

      Telstra Service is VERY POOR to Residential customers.

      I have STATIC IP address on my ADSL line. It worked but it appears on one occasion a Telstra customer service operator changed settings. When I rang and asked I was given the big ring around. Finally I got told that it was not a service provided to residential customers. I was told that to get support I would have to pay for it. This is after I have been paying for it each month.

      The overseas call centres just do as they like.

      The CEO of Telstra must take action.

      I have a problem with my home line. (* suspect battery or earth fault ) . A well known hum by any one dealing with telephone lines when these conditions exist. But I going to check it out before I contact them. I just have to, on the slightest off chance eliminate all possibilities of it being from an internal phone or connection gone faulty. I will be ready for their replies. I suspect they will not understand!

      It will be a CLASSIC.

  29. Saylesh says:

    I called Telstra on 8th and was on hold for 32 minutes and then someone cut me off, I called again and was on hold for 52 minutes before I decided to hang up, I have recorded this on my sons mobile. its regarding my home line and internet, its not working and I cant get through to anyone . called 132200. Telstra has the worst customer service ever.

  30. Karen Northcote says:

    Oh Telstra, you never cease to amaze me with your lack of concern and incompetence. Whilst dealing with the faults dept. recently about another matter I wanted to lodge another issue. The issue was that the cable stretching from our perimeter fence into our property was so low that it was practically connecting with our heads when driving through that area of the property in the tractor. To me this was a hazard and needed to be addressed before an incident occurred. This cable had previously been lodged under flood debris and had to released by Telstra technicians. The person I spoke to refused to lodge my concern. I asked him directly if he was refusing to lodge my concern and he said that he was. I was not impressed. A few days later when the technician came out to address the other issue I asked him what could be done. I was informed that as the cable had to stretch over a large area and was heavy it really should have been pulled back in place by machinery, that 1 person pulling the cable could not stretch it tightly enough. He said that another pole would probably need to be put in to raise the cable to where it should be and that we would need to foot the bill for that. He also advised that if the cable did break (presumably either on the tractor or after it had decapitated either my husband or son) they would just come out and repair it, how reassuring!!!!! If it needed to be pulled tight by machinery to do the job properly, why wasn’t this done in the first place. I do not see why I should have to foot the bill for Telstra’s incompetence and laziness because they didn’t want to do the job properly in the first place. They have really shown no concern for the safety of my family once again. i can honestly say from personal experience that this is something that Telstra is exceptional at.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Karen, I’m really sorry to hear that! You can actually report damages to us through our website, so you don’t need to do it through a consultant. :) I hope this helps! Thanks, Jamie.

    • Mick says:

      Karen, keep all your documents, and record all your phone calls to Telstra. Should the worst happen, the coroner will need them to hold the incompetents to account.

      • Adam Baxter says:

        Hey Jamie, she has already given YOU the details, how about some customer service and YOU report it?

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi Adam, Unfortunately without the specific location of the equipment, I wouldn’t be able to forward it. Of course, I can escalate it if required. Thanks, Jamie.

  31. Grahame says:

    What about BUNDEENA NSW customers who are OFF the air for months due to a under water cable issue. Telstra management called the shots and set up the present setup. You need to HANG your head in SHAME. From the Top to the bottom.

    I know the previous government wanted NBN to take over the network but what we have is a network that is starting to look like a BOMB has gone through it.

    Who is to answer to true Australians,

    LABOR Party for the useless NBN setup.
    LIBERAL Party for not fixing the GIANT Mess.
    Telstra for not maintaining the network,
    NBN in being VERY SLOW in doing the rollout.
    Optus and other carriers wanting more for little outlay.

    The governments for splitting up Telstra for BIG BUSINESS.

    It is a very expensive issue.
    Will it work. NO!

    It should of been done different from the start.

  32. Grahame says:

    I saw a major issue yesterday afternoon. ( Major manhole damage in Sutherland Shopping centre NSW right outside the front door to the Post Office. Support beams appear bent ) Lets see how long it takes Telstra to get it FIXED. There is a barricade around it with danger tape. Observed 11th Dec 2014 at 4:30pm

    • Jay (Telstra) says:

      Thanks for letting us know about that one Graham, you can report the fault online here

      • Adam Baxter says:

        Hey Jay, he reported it to you why can’t YOU report it, why does he have to? Have some responsibility for goodness sake.

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi Adam — I’ve passed this onto the team. Thanks, Jamie.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Grahame, Thanks so much for letting us know. We’ve guarded the site to make safe and are planning to complete work either just prior to the New Year or early thereafter. Thanks, Jamie.

    • Grahame says:

      18th Dec 5pm. Situation the same. Well the tape is worn more!

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi Grahame, I received an email this morning confirming that this has now been fixed. Thanks and Merry Christmas! Jamie.

  33. Adam Baxter says:

    Telstra charges me to call them using an Optus phone…on hold over 25 minutes before I hung up. Home phone down for over 24 hours. Luckily was able to report using online but guess what the promised email confirmation never came so back to the phone and told wait over 25 minutes. In 24 hours you can’t find more staff to answer the unprecedented number of calls ? Finally decided I really don’t need home phone anymore with this service. If only I could let them know……

    • Adam Baxter says:

      The farce continues. Phone is back on but when I try to cancel call divert the phone tells me I don’t have the service…and this fancy thing of being able to call back the person I finally got hold of at midnight on Saturday sends automated reply that may get back to me in 24 hours. And what is this extreme weather that means there is at least 20 minute wait time? There isn’t one. Instead of talking about service here is an idea… Give service.

      • Adam Baxter says:

        ….and this is pretty useless too. Notice nobody has bothered to respond.

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi Adam, Can you please email me your account number? Then I can escalate the issue from my end. Thanks, Jamie.

  34. Peter Crowe says:

    In November I purchased a Netgear Air Card it is now faulty.
    I returned it to the Chatswood Store only to be told there is no replacement stock and there is nothing they can do. I asked if they could bring one in from another store. I was told they cannot contact another store that has one as they do not answer their phones. I was again told there is nothing we can do. That’s how Telstra works. I am left $99 out of pocket with a faulty device. Have a Happy Xmas dont buy Telstra junk.

  35. Desiree Segal says:

    Now been waiting over a week for landline not working. Was told fault in street but to date no repair done. Am 74 and require a home line. Cant get thru on phone or computer? Shocking service?

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Desiree, I’ve just replied to your email in my inbox. I would like to get this fixed ASAP — are you please able to let me know an account number so I can follow up? Thanks, Jamie.

    • Travis says:

      uncle Thodey is probably having a party at being able to fleece the Australian tax payer to buy Telstra’s 5 mins to midnight copper network for $11billion.


      He deserves a bonus.

      Just have to sack the remaining Australian based non upper management employees first.

      who the hell voted the retard liberals in anyway?

      • Grahame says:


        It is the MOB that gave us the NBN blueprint.

        The network that will FAIL.

        The governments from both sides who do not understand how unique Australia is to elsewhere in the WORLD.
        That is where the population is, distance and climate.

        The lot that got rid of middle management and replaced them with managers who just DELEGATE.
        The managers do not know if work is done right or not.

        Managers who just contract out work.
        Contracted work you are NOT in control of it.

        Standards FAIL and rework increase.

        The standard of the CAN network is very POOR.

  36. john says:

    My home phone has been out since early Saturday morning, several attempts to call Telstra on 132203, first time I stayed on hold for 40 mins then gave up, tried again later, on hold for over an hour then gave up. Now Monday morning, still no phone.
    I am now livid with anger with this company that treats it’s customers with such contempt.
    Why is there no one available to answer the phone..??? you are supposed to be a COMMUNICATIONS company yet no one is allowed to communicate with you.
    I am now looking for a new service provider who can provide actual customer service.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi John, I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been having such ongoing issues. I would like to help and escalate your complaint. Can you please email me with the above comment, along with a phone or account number? Thanks, Jamie.

  37. Tracy Webber says:

    Have been lied to and stuffed around for 2 months trying to have phone and internet connected, never received an offer for alternative or interim service, have no phone and live in a high risk area…
    Complaints department lied to me and told me every time I called that some one would call me back.. regarding installing line. (joke!)
    I have spent hours on the phone trying to get this resolved and now a month later even though I have a conversation transcript I’m being told that they are changing the terms of my contract and not covering the total connection. Very disappointed in Service Quality and response from Telstra.

    • Grahame says:

      Go to your local federal member and demand action before Christmas.
      This NEVER happened with the OLD Telstra.

      I had a safety issue with a pit LID. It was only action by the local member that got action done. This site, Telstra call centre and radio did NOTHING.

      Australians need much better service.

  38. Grahame says:

    I checked two days later and it is fixed. Surprise.

  39. Grahame says:

    I just knew it could not last. Today I followed up. Issues with static IP
    Result my computer line OOO and major issues with my home network.
    Why do you have such poor staff. Wasted over. Four hours of my time. Telstra service is very poor.
    Waiting for MYer today to attack issues further.

  40. Grahame says:

    Why do you have staff who make such a mess of things they touch. I now have strong idea of what was done, it is going to give me a lot of work due to it.

  41. Grahame says:

    service at Telstra use to be the best in the World.Now it would be worse than the worse. You must be held responsible for this fiasco. Ring up about a problem with the internet line and all they do is put it out of action for at leastt 10 days.
    The call centres do not know what they are doing. This is war on Telstra to change.
    Agriend has their phone off the air. Issues with call centre one hour on the line.

  42. Grahame says:

    Telstra Service Level is the worst in the World.

    These overseas call centres on weekends MUST STOP.

    I am today waiting for my SCAM call ( Telstra ) tech saying he needs to fix the line. He is based ( four floors above a tennis court ) in a High School in North Sydney.

    Australians just spending hours on the phone to these extremely HARD to understand consultants is a major issue.
    Talking to others who are sick at the problems they have getting their lines fixed.
    I had an enquiry about static IP and the result Router out of operation. Support staff which it appears have no understanding of what they were doing.
    They came up that a battery fault was the cause. I told them that it worked before. They demanded that their level 2 stated that it was faulty and needed a tech visit on the 7th Jan 2015. I stated that this was not acceptable.
    I had to in the end tell them that was rubbish, having been involved with CAN faults testing for nearly 39 years and in charge of higher level faults during this time.
    The time wasted was over 2 hours. Asked for Australian and they stated no one available.
    Result Saturday a USELESS ROUTER and very late night.

    Sunday obtained a new Router installed and finally it came up and worked. I had changes to be done to get all wife’s working OK. Another VERY LATE NIGHT.

    note: At one stage on Saturday I was connected to premium support and advised that the router I had, did have issues with STATIC IP. New Router worked better. I had to bring getting the new router ahead of time.

    Overseas may be seen as a cost saver but you have a large number of very frustrated customers out there.

    David CEO of Telstra you need to answer to Australians the very poor service you are giving to them.

    By fact I knew there was a CAN problem on the line but for these reasons I did not report it. I almost 99.9per cent sure it is a CAN problem.

    The earth hum in the background.
    The sound of ring in the background ( induction )

    I wanted to be 100per cent sure before calling

    Reason: The level of knowledge of some of the staff you have working on faults is very poor. Comments I have been told are absolute classic’s by friends.

    • Grahame says:

      You advertise Calls to Telstra Service is Free.

      What about problems with Foxtel from Telstra Service.

      When you ring Telstra they tell you that you have to ring FOXTEL ( NOT a FREE CALL ) . You are charged for it as I have just checked my bill.

      That means all calls for Service for services given by Telstra are NOT Free.

  43. Robert Sanders says:

    On the subject of the scam calls from “North Sydney” i have had many of them dating back at least 7 years, the same guy rang me twice about 2 years apart, he had an indian accent, yet amazingly he said his name was JOHN CARTER, i told him he must be the only indian person on planet earth with that very aussie sounding name. i checked the number the call came from, and it actually is a Sydney number which gets diverted to a call centre in down town Moombai, i rang the fraud squad with the number but they said there’s nothing they can do and to just hang up when the ring ! Well Telstra, here is the number for you, get your people to close these fraudsters down that pretend they are working for your company. The number is (02) 800 666 52, a person with an indian accent in Moombai will answer the phone, theres a strong lead for you

  44. Robert Sanders says:

    oh and i forgot to add, the most recent scam call i got was about a month ago from Moombai, he of course said he was ringing from North Sydney. And his name was (when i asked for it)….drum roll…..ADAM SMITH

  45. Grahame says:

    Well the ADSL problem continued. All I asked was for information on STATIC IP which Telstra is taking money for every month.
    Well that mob overseas wreck my router and I had to buy a new one.
    Then reported a fault on the line to be looked at 7th Jan 2015 indicating that the ADSL failed. Far from the truth.
    Telstra staff turned up and proved that it was ok to the side of the house.

    That it was NOW my problem.

    Well I set to it and proved it was coming from the FOXTEL BOX.
    With almost 39 years in the Technical area of PMG to Telstra I could very easily identify the problem by listening.
    I am glad I was from the old school and knew what to do to prove it which appears to be lacking in support today from the off shore areas of Telstra.

    I found it was coming from the FOXTEL BOX.

    I rang Foxtel and found out that an internet connection could be made and as such the telephone line is not required to be connected. No need to find the reason of the earth on the telephone line connection as it was not required.

    I do not remember having information about this feature.

    It just talked about a telephone connection. It did not even show what to do if you had an ADSL line. Filter required or not!

    My question to Telstra is a normal customer who cannot identify these issues, how much is it going to cost them to get it fixed if they could.

    You talk about Free Calls. Well it is Free Calls to the WORST SERVICE CENTRE in the WORLD ( 4th World standard )

    You do need to wake up.

    I asked for Australian support and got told that all support was from the offshore area. This is no good.

  46. Mark says:

    So sick of these overseas 3rd world call centres that just pass you from one to the other.

    I had some Telstra sales team call me and offer me the following:

    1. free upgrade to ADSL2+.
    2. Improved home phone calls.
    3. Reduced bundling of Foxtel and home phone line.
    4. Call sharing.
    5. Upgrade to 4gB sim on my iPad for only $5.

    Here are the problems:

    1. There is no such thing as ADSL2+ in our area.
    2. Despite the the sales reps saying any different, our Foxtel package was stripped to the minimum losing many channels.

    I have been on the phone many times, used the call me back button in the stupid emails you get, but nobody calls you back. Got to the point that i demanded to go back to my old package and the idiots charged me a $1K break fee and credited me $1K to offset this. How ridiculous.

    Then they put me through to Foxtel to go back to my previous package and Foxtel wont put me back because they don’t offer that package any more and want to charge me another $50 per month. How ridiculous.

    I am a very pissed off customer at the moment, when i called the stupid overseas call centre, they could not even put me through to anyone in Australia.

    What do i do now????

  47. Helen says:

    Hello my name is helen and I am overseas at present and will not return until the end of may 15. I need to recharge my phone so that it does not expire. I have tried a website on your system offering recharge help but it is not allowing me could someone please assist me. There are 2 phones that need recharge.

    regards Helen

  48. B.McGrath says:

    Thank you Telstra. For three days we have been bombarded at all times of the day with pfishing phone calls , supposedly from major banks..telling me to press one…which , of course, I didn’t.Very annoying, especially as we have a silent number!I eventually reported it by phone, to Telstra,spoke to a lovely telephonist in the Philippines..and hey presto! She immediately blocked all calls from overseas..gave me a number to unblock if necessary.Problem solved…I hope!

  49. B.McGrath says:

    Another pat on the back for Telstra..Have had continual static and noise on our house phone for years which they couldn’t seem to fix.Bought new phones..still a problem.Gave up talking to call centres.On advice of a neighbour, we EMAILED Telstra.An immediate response, technician came out…checked the town exchange as well as the little box outside our place, and now we have a lovely clear line.I think Telstra ARE listening to people.

  50. gisela smith says:

    I am very frustrated to find nobody in the Telstra shop to help me to find my puk number and a new pin number to activate my phone again. For no reason it stopped working and I have spent hours to get it to work again. The recorded messages do not help at all. Please help me as soon as possible.

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