02 Jul 2010
By David Thodey

Calls to Telstra customer service and complaints lines now free


In another new customer service initiative, Telstra will make nearly 50 million service and support calls free of charge for Telstra customers.

Last month I posted a blog about new customer service initiatives including weekend tech service appointments. That blog generated many comments, complaints and feedback and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to write to me.

Today, I’m announcing another new initiative to improve the value we provide to customers and to help make it easier to connect with Telstra to resolve a customer service issue or complaint.

Millions of calls are made each year to our most frequently rung customer service numbers and, as of yesterday, calls to those numbers from Telstra services will be free of charge.

So, calls from a Telstra home phone or Telstra mobile, in Australia, to our general enquiry numbers for consumers and small businesses will be free as well as calls to our fault numbers, the BigPond helpdesk and our general service number for pre-paid mobile. Calls to activate and recharge pre-paid accounts can already be made without cost to customers.

132 200 Telstra residential general enquiries
125 111 Telstra residential mobile enquiries
132 203 Telstra residential faults
137 663 BigPond enquiries
133 933 BigPond Tech Support
125 8880 Prepaid enquiries
125 8888 Prepaid recharges
125 8887 Prepaid activations
132 000 Telstra Business enquiries
132 999 Telstra Business faults

Before we decided to launch this initiative, we researched a number of potential customer service improvements. This initiative came out as the most important when we asked people to tell us what they thought. I’m glad to make it a reality today but I’m also interested in your thoughts. We are very serious about wanting to hear from you.  Really listening and acting upon customers’ feedback is a key part of the change we want our customers to experience.

More than two hundred people provided feedback to my blog last month announcing new customer service initiatives. The feedback offered us some encouragement but also gave us clear indications on what we must continue to improve upon. You told me that we can still do better and I agree.

Your views on our services, including our prices and products, have been passed onto the appropriate members of our teams.

Please keep posting your views, ideas and suggestions to me here on Telstra Exchange.



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  1. Cathy Walsh says:

    I have called Telstra twice to let them know that my Wifi is not working. I received a phone call today from Mary who is in the Phillipines and she has advised me that the problem is not my modem its with the underground cables and that they will send a technician out when they are in the area to fix and repair the cables by the 7th of May. Now that is over 2 weeks which is unacceptable I need my WIFI to be fixed today as I need it for my work commitments so does that mean I get a refund for my 2 weeks without my WIFI what a joke Telstra I have been with your company for so many years I think its time to move to Optus. Can you please look into this for me and
    hopefully this can be sorted before the 7th of May.

    • Hi Cathy, The best place to check is with the Live Chat team, who will be able to look into it for you.

    • Tracey says:

      Hi Cathy….we just had the same thing 14 days for the tech to come out…..just to tell us our 10 yr modem worked but the cable connecting it (grey) was twisted and was stopping the internet……If it was a fault with the modem we were not eligible for a new one…..Telstra does not look after existing customers any more…..everything you have to pay for! Good luck!

  2. Kevin Miller says:

    Don’t expect too much response to your complaint to Telstra, they are not interested in customer service, they now only have “Jamie”putting you off telling you to fill out this or that form, they did have a few others a while back.also don’t think that going to Optus will make any difference as the cable is still Telstra’s responsibility, and they want you to go there then they do not have to answer to your complaints about their non service! They still get payed from Optus

  3. Shabana says:

    on the 17/4/14 at 9am a Tech. guy installed a new modem and also registered it and advised internet will be up after an hour until today nothing has been done, have been calling the activations team from the 17/04/14 and now its 23/4/14 still nothing has been done. Been on hold with the so called Telstra complaints and activation team for more than 1 hour, keep being put on hold nothing is getting done. Want to speak with some one in Australia but was advised if speaking with the Australia team or overseas(phillipines) you will get the same result. NOTHING!!!! I will be going to another supplier. Incompetent… is what I think, Telstra has name and that’s all no service no customer relation, they cant even speak good English.

  4. Shabana says:

    on the 17/4/14 at 9am a Tech. guy installed a new modem and also registered it and advised internet will be up after an hour until today nothing has been done, have been calling the activations team from the 17/04/14 and now its 23/4/14 still nothing has been done. Been on hold with the so called Telstra complaints and activation team for more than 1 hour, keep being put on hold nothing is getting done. I will be going to another supplier. Incompetent… is what I think, Telstra has name and that’s all no service no customer relation, they cant even speak good English.

  5. jones says:

    all Bob Hawke’s doing.

  6. Peter Sabolewsky says:

    In November, I bought a laptop and rang Bigpond to get help setting up my bigpond email account. The person (from the Philippines) told that Outlook Express has lots of troubles with Windows * and recommended Incredimail. Guess what? Incredimail wont open as it says invalid password or user id. I rang Bigpond yesterday, April 23 and got a recording saying that in light of heavy call traffic, someone would call me back. I got called back 4 times by a computer which then dropped out due to technical difficulties., I rang Bigpond again, got a real person, but not much better than the computer. He said that after all he had tried,he would escalate my problem and someone would call me back in an hour. It is now 27 hours and I am still waiting Telstra. Due you really think this is appropriate service? What a f**king joke. Browsing othe ISP providers

  7. Liam Mania says:

    I keep getting texts saying I have an “Order” from telstra and it will be “added to my next bill” and to call these numbers but I haven’t ordered anything and no one on any of these damn numbers can help me, I think I’m being screwed around by your staff AGAIN.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Liam, If you have not made this order, then it is possible it is either a mistake or a scam. Please call through to 13 22 00 to confirm and always use this number in future. Thanks, Jamie.

  8. Hannes Keyser says:

    Dear Telstra. 1 hour and 3 minutes phone call to 132203 to report a technical fault to my tbox. I had to enter my Telephone number TWICE, say my telephone number SIX times to all 6 people I talked to, spell my name and address SIX times(I.e. Had to spell “milsons” in Mary, indigo, Lima……) asked to be put through to a supervisor THREE TIMES: first time I was recycled back to the front of the line, second time it was said that they can’t and third time I supposedly talked to a supervisor (who was none the wiser and tried to tell me he doesn’t think there is something wrong with my tbox). I endured through it cause there actually is something wrong with the tbox and a satchel will be sent out for me to return it. You need to ask yourself if this simple task was worth Telstra paying 6 of your overseas call centre staff members collectively more than 1 hour to resolve vs. how long an Australian call centre operator would have taken to resolve it…..

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hello Hannes, I’m really sorry to hear about your experience on the phones. Is there anything I can do to help from my end? In future, you can always chat to us using Live Chat, which will allow you to keep the window open in another window. Thanks, Jamie.


    Telstra sold me the entertainer pinnacle bundle for $160.00 which includes the cost of Telstra Voice Freedom (my original landline). However every month Telstra charges me an extra $89.90 for my Landline. And I have to ring India to get the bill fixed over the phone. They aren’t capable of sending the corrected bill but but assure me it will be fixed. 6 months on they’re still making the same mistake. I will ring the complaints line at 9am. It will be interesting to see if they have anyone attending to the complaints line. Do not publish my email address or send me any junk mail.

  10. Dejan says:

    stop outsourcing to india they are useless, trying to set up my landline and no help 45 min on the line, totally useless.

  11. Margaret Barker says:

    paid my my out standing account around 9am this morning but still got an sms this afternoon telling me my phone would be disconnected within an half hour. Why is this I made arrangements earlier this week and I adhered to it. What Gives?

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Margaret, It’s possible that the the back-end system didn’t update in time to stop the SMS, which means it’s just an automated action. However, please check with our Live Chat team just to be sure :)

  12. Maryanne says:

    I have just finished contacting Live Chat. Only waited 5 minutes and had two problems sorted in a very short time, plus some unexpected help. When they suggest Live Chat try it. Hoping you get a positive experience.

  13. Trish says:

    Telstra can only provide me with wirless as adsl not available to me but the new estate across the road CAN have adsl…when I asked why, i am told sorry we dont have a port available for you but i have lived here for over 8 years so why does a new resident take priority over me? To add insult to injury i was told i could upgrade from my terrible 7GB for $59.95 (yes that is not a typo) to a measly 15B for the ridiculous price of $110 per month but adsl get 200GB for less than $80 per month oh and i also have to commit to another 12mth contract..what a joke ….needless to say i have now moved on to TIO with my complaint

  14. Debg Heathfield says:

    I have had nothing but problems with my Samsung Galaxy S4 . Purchased on the 21/9/13. It won’t stay running it keeps switching off and then turning on off, on off,just showing Samsung on the screen then getting very hot . The problem is still happening after repairs on the 15/3/2014 and today after a long discussion on the phone with Telstra who said she could not help me as I don’t have the right IMEI # which belongs to someone elses phone! (after not getting anywhere on Sunday in the Cairns Central Store as it kept coming up as fault and was to be contact on Monday at 9am , but nothing) I am now told I have a REFURBISHED phone. PLEASE !! I am not paying a monthly plan for someone’s elses crap.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Deb, that sounds like a frustrating situation! I can escalate the issue for you, but will need an account number to do that. Are you please able to email me your comment above, along with an account or phone number? Thanks so much, Jamie.

  15. marina says:

    Contacting Telstra unwelcome calls department is a shocker. I have twice tried to contact them with both times nearly waiting on hold for an hour and half till I give up and hang up. Ridiculous you guys should be ashamed you could at least come on every now and then to tell us how long it will be before you answer the call, but na you have stupid music going I have better things to do with my life then sit for hours on hold.

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