12 May 2010
By Potta Findikidis

Save on Telstra Pre-Paid… spend on YOU!


From designer discounts to vintage finds, there’s nothing better than discovering a good deal and saving a few extra dollars. And, I’ve got some news that might put a little smile on your dial.

Last week I told you about a couple of updates to our 1c Text+ offer and that it now includes BONUS texts to most Australia numbers – regardless of network – when you recharge $30 or more.

We were pretty excited about this offer, and this week we’ve got even more good news for our loyal Telstra Pre-Paid customers.

From tomorrow, we’re offering new Pre-Paid Browse Plus Packs, providing our customers greater value for money through an increased data allowance.New pre-paid offers from Telstra

Telstra Pre-Paid Browse Plus Packs are the best way to use the mobile internet on your mobile, providing you with a fixed amount of data to use in Australia. Plus by paying up-front, Pre-Paid customers don’t have to worry about getting any nasty bill surprises at the end of the month. Checkout the latest You Tube video, update Facebook and tweet the day away, all from the convenience of your mobile!

We know our Pre-Paid customers enjoy browsing the mobile internet as much as their Post-Paid cousins, so it makes sense for everyone to get a good deal.

Here are a few examples of what’s changed:

  • The $5 Pre-Paid Browse Plus Pack now has 20MB of data – four times the previous amount.
  • The 750MB Browse Plus Pack is now $39 a month – a saving of $20 a month.
  • $49 a month now gets you 2GB of data (compared to the previous offering where Pre-Paid customers paid $59 a month for only 750MB of data).

Check out the new Pre-Paid Browse Plus Pack prices below:

Browse Plus Packs
(AUD $)

New Data Usage Allowance
(with 30 days to use)













Once you have used the included data in your Browse Plus Pack, we will send you an SMS to let you know, so you can purchase a new pack or use the Pay As You Go rate of $2 per MB.

But that’s not all the good news…

Purchase and activate a Telstra Pre-Paid $2 Starter Kit before 31 August 2010 and then, for the next 6 months, each time you recharge $30 or more you will get 1,000 bonus texts to most Australian numbers (your Next GTM SIM Card is included). This is great value and we expect avid texters across the country to make the most of this offer.

1000 bonus TXT from Telstra

And for all the 1c text fans out there, the news just gets better…

Until 31 August 2010, in addition to the new BONUS texts offer we announced last week, when you recharge $30 or more, you’ll now also get double the included data. For example, previously you would get 20MB of data for a $40 recharge and now this will double to 40MB of data for use in Australia for 30 days.

If you are looking to take advantage of our new offers or just want to know more about them, drop me a line in the comments section below or check out the links below.

If you are looking to take advantage of our new offers or just want to know more about them, drop me a line in the comments section below or check out the links below.

Go here for details about the new Pre-Paid Browsing Packs, such as their prices, included allowances and associated conditions

Visit here for more on our Telstra Pre-Paid $2 Starter Kit offer or 1c Text+ offer.


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  1. Nick Brennan says:

    Hi there,

    Will the “1000 bonus texts” for recharges of $30 or more also be given to “loyal Telstra Pre-Paid customers” or just to new activations?

    Also, when will the data pack prices go live? The website still shows the old packs/prices.

    Many thanks.

  2. Yes! New browse packs for prepaid!
    Thanks for listening now I can get 2GB for $49 instead of $59 for the 750MB!
    This is perfect as I always seem to be using tethering from my iPhone to my laptop especially when there isn’t any WiFi available.

    Thanks Telstra for sharing the love back to your prepaid customers!

  3. Arthur Lim says:

    when will these plans be available? i can’t seem to access/purchase them.

  4. Hey Arthur I did some digging and surposedly they are coming into affect tomorrow (Thursday 13th May)

  5. Potta Findikidis says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback so far everyone.

    The new Pre-Paid Browse Plus Packs pricing will be available from tomorrow and our website will be updated accordingly.

    Nick, firstly we thank you for your loyalty. The $2 Starter Kit with the 1000 bonus text offer is only available to new customers. However we have our Talk & Text+ or 1c Text+ Offers that provide existing customers bonus SMS.
    For example, with Talk & Text+ you get 400 Free Text to most numbers on any network when you recharge $40. On the 1c Text+ offer, you get 1c text between Telstra mobiles and 400 Bonus text to most numbers on any network when you recharge $40.

    If you click on the link at the bottom of my blog it will take you to our website with the details of the offers.
    Let me know if you need any more help with these.


  6. Tai says:

    Hi Arthur: the article says that it’s available from tomorrow (Thursday).

  7. Brad says:

    Glad my iPad prepaid rates are cheaper -- wonder what the difference is.

  8. Nick [Telstra Employee] says:

    While the pre-paid browsing packs fall within expectations, the new iPad data packs are out of line with recently introduced post-paid mobile browsing packs. One would think being post-paid, a “more loyal” purchase, would afford them even better value than prepaid pricing on the iPad.

    Why does the iPad, running on the same network and technology, get significantly better value for money?

    I’m paying $39 for 1GB on my iPhone, whereas iPad users will get the same data for half the price… From the same service provider.

  9. anthony Wall says:

    My daughter has a complain about this new feature , I have seen this browse plug feature mentioned several times so I advised my daughter to give it a try.
    Yeasterday she brought a 60 dollar recharge for he using for the month. she then sent a sms to request the browse plus package. soon after she oppened here browser and went to Facebook, the page opened but she was unable to go any further. she checked her account and found a zero balance. when she called telstra she was told that there is nothing they can do because she had used her credit up. even though the records shows that she requested the package before she started suffing the web. the operator was unable to provide her and cauce of action. beacuse of this she dad to buy more credit to last he for the rest of the month.
    she has mentioned to me that this is unacceptable to her and she is reconcidering changing back to optus.
    now this upsets me because I was the one that sujested to her to change to telstra and use the highly advanced network, but when this happens she can’t take advantage of this network please get back to me as soon as posible. and advise me what actions can be taken to keep this customer (my daughter) and retain our credability

  10. Diro says:

    I just recharged a new 2$ simcard with 30 dollars credit and can’t find anything about the 1000 free texts in any of my balances.

    Does this show up anywhere or is it automatic in the background?

    • YVONNE says:

      I have just recharged my sons pre paid mobile for a second time with $30 recharge but am unable to see the 1000 free txt that we got last time, when will these come onto his account as this is why i switch to telstra in the first place was suppose to have better deals

  11. Aaron says:

    Well, im swtiching to telstra Prepaid (sick of 3)

    this seems like a great offer, as i dont wan’t to purchase a $30 starter pack, and then $40 credit.

    Where can i get the $2 SIM’S i was advised that telstra don’t do these in store anymore.

  12. Jason says:

    I just recently purchased a new Tesltra pre-paid mobile which came with a Sim card -- I have activated it and went on the new 1c text offer. I just recharged $30 and, as with Diro, Cant find anything in my balance about free texts or download, or the 1000 free texts that was advertised on the box of the phone that i bought…Could someone please tell me what the go is with this?


  13. Bob says:

    I’ve just recharged with $30 for the second time since purchasing my $2 sim and again havent recieved my free texts. The first time this happened i called telstra and had the texts given to me and it was fixed. Is there anyway i can get my free texts again without having to call up and complain?

  14. craig says:

    Anthony I have twice purchased data packs only to not have them applied to my account therefore have been surfing at full data rate.I phone and complained and both times was recredited lost $$ on my account balance and given a replacement data pack.You have to remember these phone jockeys are in the third world and just reading scripts!

  15. Jennifer Cooper says:

    I just received a message on my pre paid mobile. It tells me I have bonus 500 texts. Could you please explain why I am entitled to these. Are they free texts? I recently recharged for $30 so is that why I am being awarded these?
    Just checking as I am not used to freebies.
    Thank you.

    • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I hope they are freebies! I’d recommend you drop a line to our Live Chat team and they’ll be able to let you know where they came from!

  16. Sylvia says:

    I am totally confused by my new prepaid mobile touch phone.
    I prepay in lots of $50, which disappears at an alarming rate.
    When checking my balance on 1258888 I pressed #1 again for more detail on my account, and found that I have a balance of $220 on my plus pack, which will expire on 13th September.
    So -- I would like to know, if anyone out there can tell me, how can I turn off my plus pack, whatever it is, and -- most importantly, because I am an aged pensioner and money does not grow on trees -- how can I have this $220 transferred back onto my prepaid balance?
    I feel that Telstra is stealing my money.
    can someone out there help me?
    Thank you, Sylvia

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Sylvia, The problem of the T-Hub 2 freezing can sometimes be related to applications that you have downloaded, or if you have little memory left on the device, so you may need to do a clean-up! I suggest calling us on 13 2200 to have someone talk you through the process. If you’re still experiencing problems, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do. I hope this helps.

  17. Brian Harper says:

    I am also a pensioner and my mobile is mainly for emergencies. Last week I got onto Telstra about extending my time before the $30 I still had in was stolen by them.
    After several hours and by different means I finally got onto a person (whose first language wasn’t English) and he told me that if I put on a further $30 dollars before the 17th (my due date) I would get a further 3 months making my period up to 9 months. HE LIED. I recharged a further $30 dollars and I am still at 6 months a week later. I am forced into a position where I must make umpteen calls which I don’t need just to stop these crooks from stealing my money!

  18. YVONNE says:

    How long does it take for the 1000 free txt to be activated once you have bought a $30 or more recharge

  19. Brian Harper says:

    None of these comments apply to my letter. I am a pensioner and only need the phone for emergency use. I don’t do texting. If my prepaid money is grabbed I could find myself in an emergency situation and unable to call for help. My best bet, I think, is to write out details of all this so that someone can sue telstra for a few million dollars.
    I can’t understand why anyone would change over to telstra. Sadly I have no option where I live. I am one of many who believe that telstra only keeps going because of government backing.

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