27 May 2010
By Brian Harcourt

Better Broadband for Business – 10 MPS on TBB Ethernet


Telstra has launched a major upgrade of its networks allowing us to offer nationally a new improved business broadband service called ‘ TBB Ethernet’, replacing our current ‘Business DSL’ service.

The new service will help drive innovation in Australia’s small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) bringing increased reliability and a boost in upload and download speeds, up to 10 megabits per second (subject to service qualification).

TBB Ethernet is important for our customers as many currently use Business DSL and the maximum speed they can get is 4 megabits per second or less, depending on their distance from the Telstra exchange.

As demand for bandwidth constantly increases, some are starting to find Business DSL is not really meeting their day-to-day needs. To deal with this problem up until now, businesses have had to look at getting a more expensive fibre connection to their premises – which for small and medium-size businesses is too expensive.

While faster speeds always grab headlines, there’s much more to TBB Ethernet in terms of how it will help businesses to cut costs and become more productive.

TBB Ethernet makes it possible to support quality IP telephony and applications like video-conferencing, offering big savings in telephone call costs and the travel budget.

Unlike consumer ADSL, which offers faster download speeds and slower upload speeds, TBB Ethernet is ‘symmetric’, offering the same speeds in both directions. This helps reduce waiting times for businesses that are often uploading big documents.

Many of Australia’s SMEs are geographically dispersed, with branches in different regions and states. TBB Ethernet means they can reliably run IT applications from a head office, rather than have to deploy equipment and send an IT person out to branch offices. It also means the whole business can have a proper daily computer back-up service off the premises and use the one version of software applications, which streamlines administration.

At Telstra Business we’re looking at what we can do deliver better value to encourage more of Australia’s small and medium businesses to take a technological leap forward and become truly ‘digital businesses’, using products like TBB Ethernet to become more efficient.

On the value front, we’ve released great new mobile and broadband plans over the past month that are already proving popular with customers.

On the technology front, this week we’ve welcomed Cisco more as a partner in the Telstra Business System program.

Cisco is one of the world’s leading and most innovative suppliers of business communications technology and its products are used widely by our enterprise customers. We expect they’ll be equally popular with small and medium businesses – the ‘backbone’ of Australia’s economy.

We welcome your suggestions and we’ll have more exciting announcements in coming months.


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  1. That’s a real nice comment Brendon, but forgive me for being a lot sceptic by this time. I will believe it when i see it and my god unless i do, maybe we will leave Telstra for good, yes i know you will charge us megally, but, hell whats new, it may actually bring us about even as i feel in need of a phsyc at the end of it,
    You have a good day now, as your people say.

    • geoff p says:

      i think you need a spell check before you worry about a psych. good constructive criticism there i’m sure that’s the purpose of these articles

    • David Hall says:

      Dear all -- including me, a contributor to this blog.

      What a woeful creature Telstra is!
      It’s so easy to get lost in your wonderful website…desperately trying to find something relevant to the current problem -- to no avail.
      All the impressive announcements…. all the let-downs and disappointments!
      Like all you fellow bloggers, I have yet to get anything like a response from Telstra on anything!
      Things were going along steadily a few days ago and I really contemplated cancelling my other ISP dialup service.
      Unfortunately that was tempting providence because I had great need to resort to it again within 24 hours.
      Can I say loud and clear to Telstra, if I had any other choice I would go to it immediately.
      Your service is so exceptionally poor, and your publicity machine with all it’s trumpet blowing and gloss is a national disgrace. A huge proportion of your customers are not ‘capital city’. They range from outer suburbs to the outback and they are not getting the service they need and deserve.
      Some sort of response to the problems experienced by the participants to this blog would seem appropriate.
      However, I’d be amazed if even the most scathing comments were to invoke a response.
      As with beating ones’ head against a brick wall -- it’s nice when one stops doing it, so it is with your long suffering customers. Many like me who are looking for the opportune moment to bid you goodbye.

      • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

        Hi David, I’ve sent you a personal email. Let me know your details and how I might help. Brendan.

  2. Greg McCurdy says:

    Generally a public blog is created by a Company wishing to seek feedback from their clients, good or bad.
    I’ve been a genuine contributor and viewer of this blog for almost two months, and despite raising my concerns twice, I am still waiting for a call back from Telstra.
    The feeling I get from reading customer’s comments is they are just plain worn out by the monster that is Telstra. I truly thought that Telstra would have created a separate “Intensive Care Unit” to target client’s concerns in this blog, however the fact that customers have had to log their concerns more than once is disappointing.
    It may be better for all of us to simply stop using this blog. The only sound Mr Thodey will hear then is the sound of his old customers calling other carriers.

  3. David Hall says:

    Wonderful news!
    However, having just moved from Bigpond to Telstra Business Broadband, I’m sceptical! I still only have speeds marginally better than dial-up!
    I’m not even really a country consumer -- midway between Brisbane and Sydney and within spitting distance of the Pacific Highway. I’m 4+ Kms from the exchange and my landline apparently travels 50km on a round-the -country loop to get to me. I haven’t been able to do anything useful on the net for the last five days. My ‘new’, ‘higher’ download limit is useless because I can’t get enough speed to even approach it!
    I know this is a useless protest as on previous occasions, all my requests for help and service have fallen on deaf ears.
    The only time Telstra moves is after the last resort -- to the telecoms ombudsman…..and even then reluctantly!
    So this wonderful new service is still pie in the sky for me.

  4. David Hall says:

    PS I’m not going to pay my current bill, and am moving my business ASAP to another carrier.

  5. Pam Burgess says:

    On the 28th August I posted that I had a problem with my online account where I was not able to see all of my mobile phones. Part of this has been corrected so that now I can see the current bill for all 24 phones but I can only access the unbilled calls for the original 12. This seems ridiculous as I have a paper bill at home that reflects the current bill. It is the unbilled that requires my constant attention to make sure that the correct usage is happening for each cap.
    I have rung 132000 on several occasions unsuccessfully for this and also to change some passwords. I was told that I should visit a Telstra store where they will be able to help me. I have visited two Telstra stores and been advised in both that they do not have any access and I must ring the 132000 number. I love puzzles but I do like them to have a defined end. This has taken hours of my time and I am no closer to a resolution for either the passwords or the online account problem.
    I’d like to emphasize that the people in the Telstra stores were very friendly and pleasant but absolutely useless. In one store there was a Telstra representative doing a survey on customer service, to whom I told my plight. He wrote it all down and I waited with anticipation for a response. Nothing….
    Brendan, do you have any suggestions about what I should do next??

    • Brendan O'Keefe [TEX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hi Pam. I apologise for all the problems you have encountered so far. I’ve asked for a response on why you can’t access all the information you need to online and fo someone to call you.

  6. Edmund Balnaves says:

    Try to ring Telstra about this product -- I did. It took 5 calls & 4 days before I found a sales area aware of this product

    The pricing, unfortunately, is massively greater than competitive products in the market for business broadband ethernet.

    I do use Telstra Business ADSL services (and another provider) and was looking for a migration path, but it may not be with Telstra if this reflects their awareness of the product and its competitive market placement.

  7. Joel says:

    I tried to call telstra from the number listed on the telstra website for Ethernet and got sent to the business adsl number who then put me through to the provisioning people for ethernet would couldn’t tell me anything and were annoyed I had been connected to them, they sent an email so someone from ethernet sales could call me back, after a week I tried again, same story, went to adsl business who told me I had called the wrong number then they put me through incorrectly to the provisioning people who were again annoyed about the misplaced call and sent an email to ethernet sales.

    I’m sitting here waiting to move forward not knowing if we should just go with adsl on a 24 month contract or wait for someone from the ethernet sales to eventually call us.

    We are in a regional area but 30m! from the local exchange which has optical fibre and adsl 2, can I get ethernet or am I just wasting my time waiting for a call from sales that may never come? I need to be able to transmit over 3000gb a data a month at upload speeds of at least 2mbits, but the faster the better. I would like to do this for a sensible price that is competitive with the data center we currently use in the USA.

  8. Marcus says:

    Whilst the TBB Internet sounds promising it is still too expensive for many small businesses. Ourselves like many other business require higher upload speeds than currently offered by Telstra’s ADSL service. Many other providers can provide ADSL 2+ with annex M giving users up to 2.5Mbps upload at similar prices to Telstra’s business ADSL plans.
    Telstra’s reluctance to offer this standard technology appears to based on protecting their higher cost business services. The one flaw in this approach is that rather than paying for these high cost plans users such as ourselves will just go else where!

  9. Henry says:

    are you serious? I call many time to Telstra but no one know about this product.

  10. Joel says:

    I’ve still had no response from telstra regarding this product, I guess I can assume at this stage after waiting 3 months that nobody is going to call us.

    We went ahead with an unlimited adsl plan from telstra instead which doenst really meet our needs.

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