10 Jul 2012
By Leigh Price

HOW TO: stop unwelcome and nuisance phone calls


Nuisance and prank calls can be a serious annoyance if they continue over a long period. We know that these calls can sometimes be quite distressing, so we’ve set up a dedicated Unwelcome Calls team to help you stop the calls in these situations.

Hang up calls

These are calls where you hear the caller put the receiver down, followed by the busy tone, as soon as you answer the call.

Silence, hoax, obscene or abusive calls

These are calls where the caller holds the line open with silence or speaks in an abusive or obscene manner and does not hang up.

To clear the line on your fixed phone service, replace the receiver and do not pick it up for 5 minutes. This will enable you to call out.

Malicious or life threatening calls

Of course, if you’ve received a malicious call threatening your life, you should immediately contact the police by calling 000.

In other situations, our specialist Unwelcome Calls team can help with a number of situations. Find out more detailed information here.

They’re trained to help with everything from basic advice and practical steps on how to stop calls, to liaising with the police to trace calls when necessary. You can request a callback from our Unwelcome Calls team by completing our online form, or by calling 13 2200 and saying “unwelcome calls”.

If you’re receiving unwanted telemarketing calls, you might also be interested in joining the Do Not Call Register. This is a service run by the Government and will add your mobile or home phone number to a blacklist, meaning that you won’t receive unsolicited marketing calls. It only takes a few minutes to join the Do Not Call Register online.


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  1. Isabel says:

    Another one getting the calls ‘authorised by Telstra’ who already know my name. Yes I can hang up. But why do these people already know my details, Telstra? It is not enough to tell us to report the calls. We’ve done that. But they’re getting our details from somewhere.

    What I find interesting is that Telstra is absolutely silent on this point. If you (Telstra) are NOT providing details and allowing these people to phone your customers, then come out and deny it explicitly. Silence in this instance seems to be an implicit admission and it’s unacceptable.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Isabel,

      The people responsible for these scams obtain their information from a variety of sources. At the top end, scammers work with sophisticated cyber criminal gangs who ‘trade’ this information for a price. At the other end of the scale, they trawl through online phone directories and record details. Scammers have also been known to cold call customers, call them by the wrong name and then ask the customer to repeat the correct information – it can be that simple. Under no circumstances does Telstra unlawfully disclose our customers’ personal information to third parties -- our customers’ privacy is something we take very seriously and we have a range of security measures in place to protect the privacy of our customer’s information.


      • Bob says:

        “Under no circumstances does Telstra unlawfully disclose our customers’ personal information to third parties “. The optimal word here is “unlawfully”. That is your caveat, your get ‘get out of jail free’ card. Everything else you state is white noise. That is the ONLY relevant word used in this sentence, that incidentally you use over and over again.

        Most of your customers would have no idea what their ‘legal’ rights are concerning telecommunications and you being the corporation you are will never tell them what your legal obligations are, and more importantly what they are not (outside of your fine-print). You can and probably do sell their information. You have probably told them so in some fine-print jargonese, but don’t feel ‘morally obligated’ to tell them outright as it is NOT law that you have to do so in plain English, in layman’s terms.

        Customers are suspiciously surmising that there must be a ‘leak’ at telstras end and you with your clever play of words have circumvented telling them what they ACTUALLY want to know, which incidentally is very clear. Are you selling their information? How about a succinct and honest, non-semantic answer to that question. Go on, put it in words that you can’t weasel out of in court.

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi Bob, We don’t sell the personal information of our customers to advertisers or marketing companies. If you want to find out more, our Privacy Statement clearly outlines how we collect, hold, use and disclose the personal information of our customers. Thanks, Jamie.

    • Bron says:

      My actual name is not in the directory. All the scam calls I ever receive are mention my former name. Telstra has nothing to do with releasing private detail. Its gleaned from public records.

  2. Chickie says:

    I have been following this for ages and there doesn’t appear to be a single piece of ‘actual’ help that these so-called Telstra representatives/techs have been able to offer. It’s basically a shrug and put in the too-hard basket. Meanwhile, I have had to fork out an extra $6 per month on my landline for caller ID just so I can avoid picking up yet another scamming mongrel call centre of some sort! When I have been silly enough to pick it up, they hang up most of the time. This is many times per day and it is driving me insane!! My mobile also gets it’s share of this crap but putting them on the reject list seems to keep that within bearable limits. If I didn’t need a landline for cheaper internet (NOT thru telstra), I’d toss it… Come on Telstra, listen to your customers…!!!! We are fed up!! DO something constructive and effectual about this problem!

  3. Sue says:

    They are also driving me crazy with as a many as 20 calls in a single day. As per advice from Telstra I have put my number on the no call register but so far this has not helped. I have tried various option, don’t answer, (today this has resulted in a call every 10 minutes) hang up, try to find out what they want from me but usually once you engage in conversation they then hang up.

    I just wish I could find out which company they represent so I could give them a call or maybe 100 to block their incoming lines! They are currently advising of 50.00 reduction on all future Telstra bills, I had asked for confirmation in writing (I know this is not true) hoping this would stop them but no luck, what can we do or what can someone do to help us to stop these calls.

    Interestingly a couple of people I have spoken to are planning on cancelling their fixed line telephones, perhaps this is the bigger plan, so we all move from fixed lines to mobiles and we are forced to accept timed calls at the end of the day, rather than our current standard charge for local calls.

  4. Maggie says:

    The ‘do not call’ register does NOT work. I registered years ago and we get calls every single day from private numbers (so we can’t block them) and they are always Indian telemarketers and when I say we are not interested they just say ‘i will call back’. I have had COUNTLESS arguments with them and I’m so so annoyed that they still call. every single day. Please Telstra, HELP!

    • Peter Williamson says:

      Telstra never helps. It is not interested at all.

    • arthur brogard says:

      We leave our land line on the answering machine and never pick up unless we hear someone we want to talk to leaving a message.
      That has cooled down the cold callers enormously. We get very few now. And those few, of course, don’t leave messages, they just down the phone.

    • Jeff says:

      You can buy online an AT&T answering machine or similar brand from the USA that detects private and number unknown calls, answers the call for you, gives a recorded speil that calls from private numbers cannot be accepted and then hangs up on them. Phone systems vary around the world but equipment used in the USA is compatible with the Australian system excepting for any power adaptors that need to be 220v not 110v. They are eay to buy seperately to power an answering machine ect.

  5. Denis says:

    When you shut the caller up they don’t like it…I ask who gave you my number…I am told I am paying Telstra for the line through my provider…I said ok talk to my provider then.

    Then I put the phone down …1 hour later the phone calls start and as soon as you answer they hang up

    Telstra needs to stop this now

  6. Lesley says:

    I get the same “telstra” calls. Started earlier this year, my mother was ill, all through those months when I had so much to deal with they kept calling, she died in April and they are still calling. Today I told the caller he was an idiot and he said he will keep calling me again and again. It sounded threatening so I leave the phone off the hook for hours at a time just so I don’t have to hear the phone ring.

  7. Terri says:

    Yes We too are having serious problems. The Do Not Call Register does not work and we have also been on this for years and update this regularly. My mum who is in a residential facility also had problems and we had to do something about this for her as she didn’t know what was going on. We have had our phone blocked from receiving overseas calls, however LAST night the caller ID showed “overseas” yet again and the caller wanted to discuss my computer -- I hung up -- total scam. We are perplexed as to why this has happened and suspect Telstra is behind these calls. We are now investigating having our landline cancelled. Telstra are supposed to look after it’s paying clients and at this point in time they are not! We feel that Telstra have some other commitment to another source and is being paid for allowing these callers to annoy us. Having outsourced your services overseas Telstra, how can you be so sure that our phone numbers and details are kept confidential? We feel that you can’t! Do something now about these scamming phone calls. we don’t want them and when our phone line is supposed to be blocked from receiving overseas calls and we are receiving them again -- this tells me that YOU Telstra have let us down.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Terrri,

      Under no circumstances does Telstra unlawfully disclose our customers’ personal information to third parties — our customers’ privacy is something we take very seriously and we have a range of security measures in place to protect the privacy of our customer’s information.

      Please get in contact with our Unwelcome calls team, who will be able to advise what the best course of action is. Call 13 2200 and say “unwelcome calls.”

      You may also like to read through our blog on how to protect your personal information, and report any misuse of service through the following form.

      Thanks, Jamie.

      • Terri says:

        Thanks for the reply Jamie. I still feel that having outsourced Telstra services to overseas has created a big monster. The scam calls seriously increased over the years after this occurred. I have been a Telstra customer ever since it was called Telecom. Anyway I have yet again contacted the Unwelcome Calls Team and now have to start doing something else on my phone line. I am reluctant to say here as I am sure the scammers read all your emails on your site. I had requested a private number in previous times and was told I had to pay a certain amount per month for the service. I declined as I feel the problem is Telstra’s fault and why should we pay extra for a service to protect our privacy.It is upsetting to not have full phone service anymore (blocked incoming overseas calls) and hence our freedom of communication, and it is upsetting that to get more privacy on our landline Telstra asks us to pay more money for it. We need the landline for our elderly parents to contact us (too expensive for them to call mobiles) and for specialists etc. What is Telstra going to do for us -- we can only do so much with the advice we have just received and apparently that is the last resort. Do we have to lose the landline in the end??

  8. Terri says:

    Just to update everyone on how we are going with the unwelcome calls since contacting The team on the 10th Sept AGAIN and now have been asked to do the thing that is the last resort. WELL guess what!! All these calls have stopped mysteriously. And we haven’t had to do a thing with what we were asked to do. HHmmmmm suspicious. We are convinced it is Telstra setting up these unwelcome calls or that there is a ” leak.” So this comment is to update you all from my previous post of the 11th Sept, whereby “Jamie” (editor) has been very quiet. Thanks Bob from 17th Sept post -- We agree with you too.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Terri, I’m glad to hear that the unwanted calls have stopped, though I can assure you that we don’t sell or leak the personal information of our customers to advertisers or marketing companies.

      • Terri says:

        So you are glad. Well we don’t have a full phone service for the landline anymore. What about that? We aren’t happy about not having a full phone service and still paying the same amount. We suspect strongly that Telstra are behind all of this. Can’t trust having services outsourced overseas!

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Sorry if I’ve offended you Terri, that was not my intention! Let me know if there is anything you need me to follow up on my end, and I’ll do my best to assist. Thanks, Jamie.

  9. meh says:

    Looking deeply into the situation, this is EXACTLY what you need to do.

    First off register with do not call (1300 792 958)
    Second, call Unwelcome Calls
    Telstra: (1800 805 996)
    Optus: (133 937)
    Telecommunications Ombudsman (1800 062 058)

    The fist thing they will ask you to do is to block international calls (useless) Here is why, the scammers while making international phone calls aren’t stupid enough to pay for international phone call tariffs

    They use VOIP (voice over ip) basically, they call over the internet to a server in Australia. Then they connect to the telecommunications network using that server and only pay for a local call.

    To Telstra this will appear as a valid local call “and we have no more information because this is not a Telstra customer”

    Which at that point they will try their best to fob you off.

    Tell them that this is a scam call, that you are being harased and that it is a relentless cycle. That no, you dont want this phone number blocked for your account, you want it blocked Australia wide. If they refuse take it to the telecommunications ombudsman. Telstra will be fined heavily for every single day they don’t comply.

    Telstra will then activate a calling trace on your phone number. For 30 days its free. Whenever you recive one of these scam calls (eg hi we are from Microsoft and we have detected a problem with your computer, or Hi we are from the government and want to give a tax discount because of your solar panels ect.)

    Press the green button on your phone after 30 seconds hang up, or if call waiting is not an option don’t hang up and call from your mobile. This will activate a more accurate call trace.

    Mark down the exact time of the call. they will then track it back and block it for the entire country (eventually)

    If they say they cant jump up and down and raise an official complaint with the telecommunications ombudsman, and contact your local member of parliament.

    At the end of the day what we want exactly is for them to trace the call, block the call, and stop the problem. Or even better, rout the call to a special server, which atomically answers then hangs up on the scamers. So it hits them where it really hurts, their $ paying for thousands of calls a minute, yet none are getting though.

    If Telstra tries to charge you for a caller id, or to have the trace active after 30 days refuse to pay for it, and take the fight to the ombudsman. You are taking time out of your day to report scammers, and clean up after the scammers because they are to tight to provide adequate security and infrastructure to solve the problem nation wide. While you are willing to help, you are not willing to add insult to injury and pay for it.

    To solve previous questions:
    Be wary of offers on the internet, and more importantly put the minimal information possible into websites, According to OWASP 87% of websites are vulnerable to attack.

    What basically happens, is a website is compromised, by various means, SQL injeciton for example gives them full access to their entire database of customers. Thier billing address, their phone numbers, their email addresses, their shipping address, not to mention their credit card number and so on.

    Unfortunatley securiy in this day and age is in favor of the attacker and hacking tools are everywhere, whats scary is that 10yr olds are running around with this stuff, let alone sophisticated criminal organisations.

    In short, your identity has already being stolen, countless times and its for sale, for about 20c an id. The simple fact is the hackers have so much information that they cant use it all, and the fact that your identity hasn’t been stolen yet is not a matter of security but luck.

    This information gets sold, to spam bots for your email, to send malicious payloads if you click on them, to use for ban fraud, to almost anything and everything they can use your name and id for. To be blunt it is a concern, but for the most part you are insured and protected by law. For the banks a loss of 1$ every $1000 is the simple cost of doing business.

    Keep your computer clean. Dont install bundled software, always click though an install carefully, never install plugins or toolbars. Ads that say “you have won a prize: fill out your info” ARE ALLWAYS a scam. Run an anti virus, and be careful on what you click on.

    • Terri says:

      Meh. Yep done all that. Still be charged for full landline service for half a functioning phone service. Next step Ombudsman!

      • meh says:

        What really needs to be done, is for the government to stop treating this like a law enforcement issue, which they wont win, and treat it more like a attack on the country. Everyone in Australia has received at least 10 of these calls each and the only true way to get rid of them is to hit them where it truly hurts. Their money, their computers, their laptops, their voip phones and server and start implementing cyber warfare.

        If we all work together and insist on that, things might start happening….

  10. rhonda beech says:

    I have the same problem with Telstra marketing calls.
    I have spoken to the ombudsmen just now
    he said ring the do not call register and tell them it is not working
    and ring Telstra and ask to be taken off any marketing lists they may have
    I have had 3 calls today.

  11. rhonda says:

    I am also receiving 3 calls or more from Telstra Communications. I have tried just hanging up, I have tried pretending I am THE DO NOT CALL REGISTER and this call is being traced and illegal.

    I have phoned the ombudsman’s office just now. 1800 062 058 -- they know my name and my husbands name ?!
    they said check that you are on the do not call register. I did that. but they said it is SPAM and not to bother with it.
    all very well to say that
    They said to RING Telstra. and be taken off any marketing lists they have. I have emailed as getting the phone number and getting through is impossible.

    I also phoned my provider Optus as I just had 3 calls in the last hour. they said this is not a nuisance call !!!!???
    and they cannot trace it. as it is not threating ?

    I have taken my name out of the white pages. as suggested by Optus.

  12. rhonda says:

    the do not call register office phone number is 1300 792 958
    if enough of us ring they may do something

  13. luke says:

    If you have ever completed an online survey, entered a competition or anything along those lines your details are sold to marketing companies. If anyone calls you request their name and telstra employee number (will begin with a C or a D)

    my personal suggestion would be to request a new landline number from telstra as your details are clearly on the open market.

    taking your details out of white pages (going silent) will also not really help, your already out there and on the auto dial lists.

    Also requestinga call trace isn’t the all powerful solution that the above are saying. There is many reasons why particularly when the companies come through VOIP. they just get another company to take them on and get assigned a new number.

    Luke -- d728507

  14. luke says:

    They know your name because when you fill out a survey what do they ask? Name, address, phone number. Same with any websites you sign up for… With the recent major security flaws in https:// almost everyones details are now public.

  15. mike bullen says:

    I am on the NBN and continuously receive annoying sales calls from India .I am on the do not call register and it is useless. I would expect that with today’s technology it would be possible to provide a simple solution for customers . These calls are extremely time wasting. I believe if it was possible for individuals to bill Telstra for the stolen time a fix would immediately be found .Please Telstra ,get serious about a fix .

  16. Robin says:

    Recently as a business provider we have come across two cases where the foreign call centres of telstra employees have passed on information to scammers. In both cases the client was expecting a call back from telstra to resolve a internet connection issue, but while waiting for a telstra call back a scammer called shortly afterwards with the “your computer has errors” scam, claiming to be a telstra employee. One client had her laptop encrypted with the bit locker program and the other realized in time and pulled the ethernet cable and hung up. My question is how closely do you scrutinize your foreign call centre employees ??? More importantly is the cheaper call centre option compromising our security, as it is most certainly damaging telstra’s reputation, that is what is left of it !!!

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Robin, We take the privacy of our customers very seriously here, and I can confirm that under no circumstances do we unlawfully disclose our customers’ personal information to third parties.

  17. Judith McCaarthy says:

    I have been receiving cold calls from Telecom Industry (?), I tell them I do not wish them to call me and hang up. Since the last one, my landline is continually called by 03622256631, when answered a series of noises, fax like, are heard. Am wondering if these are connected to the cold calls and how do I stop them?

  18. Dee says:

    I have been receiving calls every day sometimes up to 4 calls per day, for almost 6 months from these numbers 0011285203346 and 02885203346 ( same number ). I have just had 2 in the past 90mins. The caller claims to be from Charity Survey. They also give you a web address, that must make it legit!!! Hanging up doesn’t deter them. Apparently the Do Not Call register doesn’t apply they are a charity afterall!!!!! What can be done to further deter or better still STOP these callers.

  19. DEE says:

    SO…Just had another call from 0011285203346, that makes it 3 in less than 3 hours. An individual can’t harass you like this so why is a supposed charity (as they claim). What can be done? Answers please.

  20. John Wilson says:

    Why am I continually getting harassing phone calls from Telstra about non-payment of a mobile phone account? I do not have an account with Telstra!!! Never have had!!! I have had so many calls I am becoming a person I do not like when in the phone. I am angry, and have threatened legal action if they do not stop. What else can I do???

  21. Carm says:

    We have been getting repeated calls from persons saying they are from Solar Power or Solar Panels. They keep on ringing in spite of telling them we are not interested.
    Also had several calls with no one on the other end talking.
    Today we had a call from (was told) Tracy from Telstra from Technical Department, 03 90055805, located at South Yarra, Melbourne. She even gave me her (?) Job ID DE5250.
    She wanted me to open the computer because Telstra have found out viruses on my computer.
    I found Telstra and they confirmed that this is a scam. Checked the Internet and found several others had similar calls. Strange how I could not find anything on Telstra website relating to such a scam !?
    I am on the Do Not Call Register but still keep getting unwanted calls, and they seem to be on the increase !
    Can Telstra tell people like us what they can do for us in such cases ?
    Thank you for the attention

  22. Lizzie says:

    My annoying ones on my landline come from 0435 722 614. Funny how the smart phone can block a number so my phone won’t ring but you can’t do it on a landline???

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Lizzie, You can activate Smart Controls from your MyAccount, which will let you block certain or unknown numbers. I hope this helps! Thanks, Jamie.

  23. Cindy Easterbrook says:

    We CONSTANTLY (5-6 times a day) get calls from what is clearly an Indian call center asking if someone has been in an accident. Every time I tell them no, they hang up and call again an hour later.

    • Terri says:

      Seeing as you are getting so many calls in a row -Contact Unwelcome Calls with Telstra and they will ask to arrange tracing. They will let you know how it will work and how they can get the scammers. Seems strange that this hasn’t been mentioned before, but this is what we were instructed to do and amazingly the scammers stopped calling!!! It was like they knew we had been set up for tracing calls with Telstra!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Carm says:

        Hi Terri,
        Some years back Telstra told us that they will be tracing our calls -- do not remember what was the reason for our request then.
        When we wanted to know what they found out, we were told they did not do any tracing !?

  24. Mark Rae says:

    After a period of inactivity I was getting 4 to 5 calls per day from India (you can tell by the delay after you answer) and I may have inadvertently found a way to temporarily beat them. First call I said “I’m eating dinner and it’s not convenient” and hung up. 30 seconds later the same guy rings back and I said “what’s the point of ringing an English speaking country if you can’t understand English” and I hung up again. Another 30 seconds and he rings me back and says “I’m a very rude man”. My nasty and angry reply stunned him. I said as aggressively and loudly as possible (and it’s probably illegal so go ahead and charge me Telstra) was “and you are an effing ****”. This time HE hung up and for 3 weeks now -- no more calls from anyone in India. I’m thinking they have their own register of people NOT to call.

  25. Terri says:

    To Carm, Yeah you are probably right that Telstra don’t do tracing. But what I am thinking is that it is Telstra that is behind the unwanted calls simply because they all stopped so suddenly!! The team probably just wanted us to think they were able to do something to protect our privacy and contract with Telstra as a customer.
    I am surprised that the Government isn’t actively doing something more about this problem with the telecommunications in this country.

  26. rhonda says:

    well it is funny they have stopped calling and harassing me after calling Telstra -- the last call made me think it was Telstra before I was sure I was dealing with scam artists. ( I had phoned optus my provider and donot call register and the telecom Ombudsman who said they would help if Optus did not do anything about it ).

    but after I complained to Telstra. they calls stopped.

  27. Briony says:

    I wish they would stop calling our number…I have tried everything and called Telstra that many times complaining and still nothing. The only solution we have found is to turn the ringer off our phone and now they leave random messages on out answering machine.

  28. Jay says:

    On the day I had my line connected with a new number, I had a call from a sales company who knew my name. No question; Telsrta make this information available to people.

  29. Chickie says:

    Bingo Jay!! Watch Telstra try to wriggle out of that as well. Telstra may not be ‘illegally’ making our information available, but it’s clear that they’ve found a way around that…evidenced by the many frustrated customers who are plagued daily…and nightly! I wonder how many Telstra employees are also plagued with this constant intrusion to their daily lives? I’m sure that would be zero…

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Chickie, I’m really sad to hear that you feel that way, because under no circumstances do we unlawfully disclose our customers’ personal information to third parties. Our customers’ privacy is something we take very seriously and we have a range of security measures in place to protect the privacy of our customer’s information.

      • Chickie says:

        There’s that word again ‘unlawfully’… it’s a blanket reply that really solves nothing. How else do you explain someone who has only just had their new phone connected, brand new…. and already they are being harrassed by these calls…??? How else would they get a brand new number to add to their lists of people to harrass… have they hacked into your database?? Is that how they’re getting the numbers? Surely they aren’t able to get around your security like that? I’m sorry Jamie, but we are reasoning adults here, not children to be fobbed off over and again with NO significant help given. Not one person on here has been helped by the advice meted out here, all that’s happened is the end result remains the same…after some time wasting instruction following. How many calls do YOU get Jamie?

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi Chickie — I personally only have a mobile phone, but occasionally I do get them on that.

        I’ts important to remember that the people responsible for these scams obtain their information from a variety of sources. Scammers have been known to cold call customers, call them by the wrong name and then ask the customer to repeat the correct information – it can be that simple. We don’t provide our customers’ personal information or information about their use of our services to third parties to use for marketing.

        If you’d like more information, check out our Privacy page on

  30. Jan says:

    Read back through the comments Jamie and see your only reply seems to be defensive that Telstra has not provided our numbers to the ‘third’ parties ‘ who make the nuisance calls and drive us insane. NOW, how about some line detective work by TELSTRA to trace the unwanted calls and begin legal action for compensation. We need authoritative help, not just excuses. Does no-one at TELSTRA get these calls?

  31. debbie bradfield says:

    Today I have commenced receiving calls from mobile numbers when I answer there is silence on the other end of the phone and when I have attempted to return the call I receive an automated message the mailbox is full and a message cannot be left. These calls are harassing and leave me concerned. I have googled these numbers and note there are many posts from people experiencing the same calls. I believe Testra should be providing the information relating to these phone numbers to the police for investigation. The mobile numbers are:
    0412 212 867 (1 call)
    0423 051 902 (5 calls)
    0411 700 472 (3 calls)

  32. Terri says:

    To all the Telstra customers out there. I get my Telstra account via email. I have asked Telstra years ago to send it as an individual email and not tied in with previous months bill accounts on the email system as I miss seeing the bill come through in my inbox.
    Anyway they sent last months the incorrect way, and on the weekend I received my current bill via separate email in the inbox as previously requested, with the overdue amount for the previous amount in the current account -- which is fine. I paid the whole lot straight away when I realised what had happened.
    But the weirdest thing here is that this morning I get a “Witheld” phone call from someone supposedly from Telstra asking me to pay for the outstanding amount via credit card OVER THE PHONE. I replied” I am not giving you my credit card number over the phone and you should know that!!!” and “I have already paid the whole amount last night and as you know it will take a couple of days to go through”.
    I am warning people NOT to give your credit card details to someone claiming to be a Telstra representative on the phone. Sure everything added up, but I had no way of proving who she was!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark Rae says:

      I’ve had the same type of call from the Tax Office. I told him “if you are genuine then you’ll know I use an Accountant so phone him”.

  33. Gabrielle says:

    how do you stop harassing or nuisance calls from telstra?

  34. Imogen says:

    I recently had my unlisted home number cancelled (also registered on the do not call register) & get a new, never been used before phone number, unlisted, & pre-registered the new number on the do not call register. Within 60 MINUTES of the new number being activated, I was receiving calls from the same indian call centre that had previouslly been calling me up to 15 times per day. I too now have international calls blocked (got 8 scam calls yesterday) & have resorted to taking the phone off the hook when I am home. So basically I am paying for not using my phone. Did all the same things as everyone else with Telsa nusiance call centre, got the same response from Telstra as everybody else here. My suggestion to Telstra is: create a service for customers to sign up to whereby THE CUSTOMER decides what phone numbers are allowed to dial their number. The customer can add/ delete numbers as necessary & any other number is blocked in their exchange. Surely this can be done???

  35. Gail Owin says:

    I have an awesome fix….. An over glorified answer machine, except this one is voice activated. Sounds like a live person, they talk, it then plays another message once they stop talking, and another, and another and so on. Some fools talk to the machine for half an hour!

  36. Loretta says:

    I had 4 phone calls in 30 mins and all there is a beeping sound. The last one I let go to the answering machine and they haven’t done it again.
    I fell on the 3rd call and was injured, all because of these calls. I do not have caller I.D. so I don’t know who called.

  37. anthony says:

    as a matter of fact i reckon youre even lying about your name and its probably something like raj

  38. Gregg says:

    I am reluctant to write anything here as a look through the previous entries shows that Jamie the Editor has helped no-one. That’s a sensational record, Jamie. 100%! However, I’ll try my luck. Can I arrange for Telstra to block ALL incoming mobile phone calls and ALL incoming calls with an unidentified number? And if not, why not? This should be extremely simple.

  39. Dave says:

    I have given up on Telstra. But try this -- it worked for me. I answer the calls and try keeping the scammers on the line as long as possible. Ask them questions.Tell them you are interested. Of course, give them nothing -- no credit card details etc -- just keep them talking. Act dumb. Pretend to write it all down and ask them to spell stuff -- “Sorry, I didn’t get that. Can you spell it for me?” “Sorry. Was that an ‘s’ or an ‘f’ ?”
    I kept one “Microsoft” guy on the line for 25 minutes. Great fun. They finally get it and they don’t call back. If it’s the solar panel scam, why not make an appointment to have the representative call round and waste his time, too? Have fun.

  40. Mark says:

    This site appears to be for personal phones what about business

  41. et says:

    keep getting private numbers and they say nothing. I have had 14 in the last 3 days, Overseas private numerous times and ********** a lot.
    I am just about to cancel my home line because of it and just use my mobile.

  42. Jessica says:

    Have already signed up for Do Not Call, and still receive 3-4 calls a day and we have a silent number… What’s the go?

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