29 Mar 2012
By Brendan O'Keefe

How can we use tech & social media to get young people to engage in physical activity?


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How can we use technology and social media to get young people to engage in more physical activity?

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  1. There are so many great apps available in smartphone markets which not only help you to exercise but keep you socially connected.

    A great use of tech I have seen is an exercise bike at a gym which was transformed into a multi-player racing simulator. The other player could be at a partner gym in another state but you get to race against that person to determine a winner. With a general sense of competitiveness, these kinds of fun gyms could be a great way for young people to exercise while still being socially connected.

  2. darryn herdy says:

    well when i was i kid we would get and old news paper and tape it up to something that resembled a aussies rules is a news paper part of the social media?i think there is your problem.yo just cannont wrap sticky tape around a computer.and you cant kick it

  3. Tim McMahon [Telstra Employee] says:

    Young people tend to use SMS/MMS to engage in physical activity. However, they might be more inclined to use Facebook these days for event management.

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