06 Mar 2012
By Jehad Dabab

How has technology helped you be a better parent?


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How has technology helped you be a better parent?

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  1. I’ve been letting our nearly 3 year old use a 7 inch tablet to learn for the past 6 months. I installed a bunch of apps on it aimed at Toddlers and she’s learning the alphabet, Zoo animals, she draws and sometimes plays Angry Birds. She’s totally comfortable with this technology and it still amazes me sometimes.

    I also make an effort to install apps with her and show her how they work, or discover together how they work. She often takes over and then asks me how when she’s frustrated.

    At night we read books or she lays next to me in bed and falls asleep watching Peppa Pig or Pororo on YouTube.

    All in all I feel we connect and spend time together at night and have fun discovering apps and information together. We’re also playing ball and running around incase you think we’re chained to technology.

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