13 Jan 2012
By Michael Lewis

CES 2012 – close up from afar part 2


So the doors have officially opened, with over 3,100 companies showcasing more than 20,000 new products. “The 2012 International CES is”, according to Gary Shairpo, President and CEO, CEA “the world’s largest hub for consumer technology innovation”. Focus will be on ultrabooks, digital health products and connected TVs (as opposed to 3D TVs the previous two years).

The 2012 International CES covers 1.851 million net square feet of exhibition space – equal to more than 37 US football fields – filled with consumer technology innovations. (Last year’s CES had 2,865 exhibitors on 1.65 million net square feet.)

Microsoft-CES-2012-blog-contentKeynote address

During his pre- CES keynote address, Microsoft President and CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft Kinect will come to Windows on 1 Feb, 2012. (Kinect is the software technology that enables advanced gesture recognition, facial recognition and voice recognition in Xbox 360 Video Game Consol.) He also demonstrated the Windows phone – showcasing the Nokia Lumina 900 and HTC Titan 2. He went on to demonstrate Windows 8.

Nokia Lumia 900

Eliza-loves-Nokia-Lumia-900As mentioned above, the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone was announced this week. The Lumia 900 features a 4.3” Clear Black display that shows off Windows Phone Mango operating system well. Lumia 900 has a 1.4GHz  single-core SnapDragon processor and is designed for the LTE networks. It comes with an 8 megapixel camera with Nokia’s familiar Carl Zeis optics, a front facing camera for video calls, Bluetooth and GPS, along with some smart software. Surprisingly Nokia has not included NFC. Given strong support from Microsoft and the relatively small US market share, it will be interesting to watch the Lumia 900 bring Nokia back to be the “flavour of the month”.

Sony Xperia Ion

What has a 4.6” 720 pixel HD screen, a 12 megapixel camera with superfast shutter lag, built around a 1.5 GHz SnapDragon processor, and is designed for LTE networks? If you answered the latest member of the Xperia family, the Sony Xperia Ion, you would be right. Interesting to see Sony have opted to include the Android 2.3 Gingerbread rather than Ice Cream Sandwich. Actual release date and price is still to be confirmed.

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-7.7Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung once again used CES to wow the market. From all reports I have received, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be one of the “must have” products of the year. Dual core processor, and 7.7”, brilliant Super AMOLED Plus display (1280 x 800 WXGA), weighing 340g and 7.89mm thick – the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will easily fit in your coat pocket. Samsung have built in a range of connectivity, from HSPA+ 21Mbp to 802.11n WiFi channel bonding. Although probably one of the largest mobile phones you will ever use, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 works just like a mobile phone, allowing you to make and receive calls privately in Receiver Mode – removing the need for headsets or Bluetooth for voice calls.

Gorilla Glass 2

When the going gets tough……the tough get tougher. Corning have made their popular Gorilla Glass stronger, 20% slimmer and better than the original. Check out this YouTube clip – I am sure you will be as impressed as I was.

View this video on YouTube: Gorilla Glass demonstration at CES 2012

There’s still plenty more to come – I look forward to sharing it with you soon.

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  1. Matt says:

    So are there plans of bringing the Nokia Lumia 900 here to Australia via Telstra?

    BTW It’s Lumia, not Lumina… :|

  2. Dan says:

    Good pickup Matt, I have corrected that typo now.

  3. WPDownUnder says:

    Lumia 900 wins CNET’s best of CES Smartphone category! Now we just need to see it come to Telstra’s 4G network with minimal delay.

    Please go to and sign-up to the friendly petition there to show Telstra that they need this device for a strong customer base!


  4. Scott says:

    Great to see the Lumia 900 showcased. When is it coming to Telstra (or really, any other Gen 2 WP7)?
    What’s taking so long?

  5. Craig says:

    I would like to see Telstra carry the 4G/LTE Samsung Galaxy Note like the Americans are getting on their AT&T network. I want a White one.

  6. Craig says:

    That being said I would probably also buy the Lumia 900

  7. Ron says:

    You did not answer the main part of Matts question Dan. If you cannot answer that question can you say if Telstra is planning more wp7 devices on 4g or next g ??

    • Dan says:

      I can’t comment Ron, I hope you understand that information like that is commercially confidential. It is the same for other brands when releasing cars, clothes, electronics etc.
      Some cards we have to keep close to our chest, I hope you can appreciate that.

  8. Ron says:

    I think that is a yes fellas Telstra usually has no problems saying they have no plans in the future. I will personally just be awaiting announcement in the coming days.

    • Craig says:

      I wouldn’t expect the announcement that quickly. I would assume that Telstra is in the process of readying their 4G/LTE network for mobile phones to be launched sometime this year (hopefully this year and hopefully soon), and will surely be planning phones to release once the network is ready. I doubt they will go announcing 4G handsets until the network is ready/nearly ready. It’s not good business sense to announce products too early as it tends to impact on current sales.

      That being said, I personally hope some announcements regarding a new 4G/LTE network and new handsets come soon. I have been patiently waiting to leave my current carrier and switch to Telstra once this happens!

    • Ron says:

      I don’t agree when you have a product announced that gets everyone in the tech community excited, which generally has no love for wp7, release dates help to tell them when they can get their hands on it. People that have been waiting to upgrade their device for example. People get fed up with companies that take too long to announce or release date their products. Leads people to become izombies because they give up waiting have heard the story many times.

  9. Jubbing says:

    I would LOVE to see a Nokia Lumia 900 on Telstra soon! It’s a gorgeous device.

  10. Nick says:

    A question for Dan,

    Do you think Telstra will be a carrier for the new Xperia ranges from Sony? In particular the Xperia S, I think the ION is for the US market only.

  11. Michael Lewis says:

    Having released my fair share of products over the years, I undertand the frustration that not everything can come to market as soon as it is announced. The reality is that the more complex a product is, the more complex product testing becomes. Network compatibility -- (and in the case of 4G/LTE devices -- seemless handover between 3G and 4G without interuption to your call), application compatibilty, data security and integrity, emergency calls -- the list goes on -- need to be checked. What is delivered to customers is often a very different product from the one originally submitted for testing/approval.

    • Ron says:

      Not to be a pain to you guys and appreciate you writing back. But one question why is it the izombies get their devices but we have to wait. Why is there such a massive push to release their devices??

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