18 Oct 2011
By Dem Panopoulos

HTC Wildfire S – A smart Pre-paid to appeal to all ages


Hi. I am writing another blog for the Telstra Exchange website and this time I am reviewing the new prepaid HTC Wildfire S phone and let me tell you, it’s been enjoyable looking at this phone’s amazing features.

On first view, I thought that this phone would be similar to previous HTC phones but the newer features make it stand out. This HTC uses a newer version of Android which enables quicker navigation between menus and the internet, the battery lasts longer and the new style keyboard makes writing text messages and emails easier.

People who haven’t used this phone or similar HTC phones will notice that down the bottom of the phone there are the following buttons:

  • Home button; to return to the main page,
  • A list button; to be able to access main options within the phone,
  • A return button; to do just that
  • A search button; which is particularly useful in the Android Market.

HTC Wildfire SThe large array of features on this phone makes it enjoyable to spend hours searching the Android Market. The variety of different applications in the market is incredible from the likes of Angry Birds, to apps that update you on your favourite sports. Live wallpapers that automatically move in the background of your phone are also a good download.

The free educational applications available through the market are mainly targeted at those in primary school or kindergarten with easy to use English and Maths applications included. For people willing to pay for their educational apps, there is a larger variety. The vast majority of these apps are targeted at high-school students who are completing different subjects at school (ie. Geography and Science).

This Smartphone is a good size to keep in your pocket and to use as it fits well into the palm of your hand. The phone takes a little while to get use to (using the applications, deleting applications etc.) but once you get the hang of it, you will never look back.

I believe that this phone could have a large appeal to people of all ages as it is quite easy to use and it has a large number of applications for both educational and casual purposes. Teenagers can easily access the internet and use all the usual online media programs and for the adults out there, this phone will still allow them access to email at the touch of their fingertips.

This is a more practical Smartphone than most others and it will cater for the tech savvy and for HTC fans alike.

What is your opinion of the phone? Does this phone suit you?

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  1. Gregory Opera says:

    So to clarify, the HTC Willdire S has educational applications BUILT-IN? Or are you referring to the various educational applications available in the Android Market?

  2. Jason says:

    Why is it $199 on Pre-pay, but $360 outright on post-pay?

    • Gregory Opera says:

      Part of the reason is because pre-paid handsets are network and/or service provider locked by default (the former, in the case of Telstra), as opposed to “outright” handsets which are completely unlocked…

  3. Andrew Hoffman says:

    It’s good to this phone starting at a much more realistic price for this phone compared to the original wildfire. $350 was shocking!

  4. moxin says:

    when is the 2.3.5 update rolling out?

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