03 Oct 2011
By John Chambers

Introducing a gateway to the connected home

Looking for help with your Telstra modem?
If you’re looking for advice on how to configure or troubleshoot your Telstra fixed line modem – including the BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway – head to our Telstra Crowdsupport modem forum.

Around Australia connected homes are taking shape. We’ve moved from an era where we huddle around a single home PC to access the net to a sophisticated environment where the internet is available to all members of the family across a fast-growing range of screens and devices in many rooms.

It’s an environment where the internet is no longer tethered to one location — it now moves with us around the home thanks to Wi-Fi enabled tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, smart TVs and laptops.

This means information and entertainment is increasingly available on-demand around the home.

Consider the following:

  • The number of Telstra customers using fast ADSL 2+ connections more than doubled in 2011 while the number of consumer customers using fast cable connections almost tripled.
  • In the year to June 2011, the volume of data consumed over the average BigPond fixed internet connections more than doubled.

Faster internet speeds and larger data allowances are important enablers to creating connected homes and these figures show just how rapidly our customers are moving to adopt them.

Another important enabler to building a connected home is technology that gets home devices talking to one another. A home where you can share digital content seamlessly among devices is a home that’s truly connected.

To help Telstra customers create their own connected homes and share content around the home, we’ve launched a new ADSL 2+ home network gateway – a device that acts as an ADSL 2+ modem and a Wi-Fi access point.

The new BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway comes with the latest N-standard Wi-Fi connectivity which provides better in-home wireless coverage at faster speeds. This means our customers can more reliably share the internet around the home at the same time.

Importantly, BigPond Premium Home Network Gateway is DLNA Certified®. DLNA is a technology standard that allows you to send content to DLNA-enabled devices such as home theatre receivers, smart TVs and games consoles.

A USB slot in the back of the home gateway allows you to plug in a memory stick or shared storage drive. Then, thanks to DLNA, you can share your photos, music and video easily to devices around your home network.

For example, say you’ve just returned from a holiday to Europe. You want to share your holiday snaps with the family. You can save your photos to a USB hard drive (or in tech speak a network attached storage device) and connect it to the Premium Home Network Gateway. Now, using the gateway’s in-built DLNA support, you can access these photos on your DLNA-enabled TV.

Similarly, you can store your music collection on an attached storage device and share it with your home DLNA enabled Wi-Fi. It’s a neat way to get content around the home wirelessly.

The BigPond Premium Home Network Gateway also comes with three ethernet ports. This means you can connect up multiple devices such as T-Box®, PCs, MACs, laptops, smart TV’s and game consoles using fixed cables or network extenders.

There’s also a green mode that reduces power consumption by efficiently managing the Wi-Fi network.

BigPond premium home gateway modem

Thankfully, there’s no need to be a technical expert when setting up the gateway. Simply run the Telstra installation CD to get your internet connection going. Wi-Fi connections can be added by using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Set Up) where you can simply push the WPS soft switch (located at the back of the gateway) then push the WPS button on your WPS capable device to add gadgets to your home Wi-Fi network. This means you won’t need to enter in long serial numbers any more.

Availability and pricing

The self install BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway is now available for RRP $48 from Telstra Stores, or for just $2 a month for 24 months when you take up the BigPond Broadband Offer.

More information online at BigPond.


  • Supports ADSL/ADSL2+ connections
  • Improved Wi-Fi 802.11 n (2 receive x 2 transmit) – Backward compatible to 802.11 b/g
  • One 10/100/1000 BASE-T (Gigabit) Ethernet LAN port to provide wired connectivity
  • Three 10/100 BASE-T (Fast Ethernet) LAN ports to provide wired connectivity
  • Hybrid WPA & WPA2 capability – supporting secure Wi-Fi connections for new and older Wi-Fi devices.
  • Wireless Protected Setup (WPS), including a push-button switch to activate WPS for simplified and secure wireless setup.
  • Two USB 2.0 port master ports (Type A connector) connects to a USB port on USB storage device, printers & 3G USB dongles.
  • IPv6 ready – Gateway will be able to migrate onto the IPv6 environment.

More information:


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  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you Chi, you’re a champ. Much appreciated.

  2. Joanne says:

    My modem: Bigpond Elite Network Gateway. Dick Smith store personnel recommended the Netgear Universal Range Extender WN3000RP to get better connection into our bedroom for an iPad. Instructions say to press WPS buttons on both ‘Elite’ and extender. I cannot find the WPS button on the Elite??

    • Chi (Snr Product Manager) says:

      Hi Joanne,

      I just want to check on the ‘Elite Network Gateway’, is that for an ADSL/Cable or Mobile Broadband service?

      Depending on what Gateway it is, the WPS button the Telstra Gateways are as follows:


      TG587 -- Premium ADSL Gateway is at the ‘back’ near the ‘Telstra T logo’

      TG797 (or T-Gateway) is at the back on the top


      CG3100v2 -- The WPS button is on the front at the far right hand side and has an icon, that looks like a ‘padlock’ with some Wi-Fi radio waves coming out of both sides.

    • Kylie says:

      I was also told by Dick Smith to get this range extender. Once it was finally set up (which I had to ring Netgear and had heaps of trouble getting it set up!), it has chewed through my entire data allowance of 8GB in 2 days!! I don’t know whether this was caused in the set up (I’m always suss about speaking with Indian call centres) but it is highly annoying when things get slowed.

    • mark says:

      I have an Elite Gateway 3g21Wb which does not have a WPS button to press. Is the Net gear WN3000Rp compatible? If not can you suggest something?

      Thanks Mark

    • Chi says:

      @ Mark,

      The WN3000 range extender also supports the pairing process using the Web interface:

      Try the following:

      1. Plug in the Wi-Fi range extender near your 3G gateway first, this will ensure it can accurately pick up the gateway Wi-Fi signal

      2. Use any Wi-Fi enabled device to find and connect to the following Wireless network name: NETGEAR_EXT

      3. once connected, launch a browser on your device and go to:

      4. This will now launch a wizard to guide you through the pairing process to your 3G gateway Wi-Fi details (ensure you know the 3G gateway Wi-Fi name & passphrase, as it will ask for that)

      5. Optional step, during the pairing process, it will ask give you the option to either append the _EXT or change the wireless name on the extender to anything you like.

      Recommendation for now is to keep _EXT as it for easy identification in the home.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Kate says:

    I’ve got a Mac and have been able to setup my HP all-in-one to print wirelessly by connecting to the USB and using, but I can’t get the scanner to work. When the all-in-one is connected directly to the Mac, in System Preferences > Print & Scan there is a scan tab when the printer is selected. This doesn’t happen when it’s connected to the gateway.

    • Chi (Snr Product Manager) says:


      The gateway only has a ‘Print sharing’ capability included and hence is able to support your wireless printing from any networked device.

      Network Scanning is not supported.


      • Susan says:

        Has scanner sharing been enabled in the TG797n v3 yet? If not, will it ever be enabled? Is there any work around for ethernet connected all-in-one’s to the TG797n v3 to enable scanning functionality?

    • Phil says:

      How did you set up the print sharing with the Technicolor TG587n V3. I ahve a Mac also and have go no place with finding info or setting it up. I would appreciate any help or a link to the instructions. Thanks Phil

    • Marco says:

      Hi Kate and Phil,

      I managed to get My Fuji-Xerox Docuprint 203A to be shared via the modem using the instructions here.

  4. Chi (Snr Product Manager) says:


    is your question related to “how to make all networked devices, to work with your brother MFC printer” or “how to enable all networked devices to see/interact with each other”?

    This will me more to provide you the answers you are seeking.


    • Ian says:

      Hey Chi,
      its seems I have wireless network (Bigpond !@#$%^&*) and then seperately I have the ethernet connected devices, and never the twain shall meet.
      i would like all the devices to be able to interact together i.e. watch movies/view photos stored on one computer on the other or my iPad or to able to print from my iPad on my printer.
      Any suggestions??

  5. Gregory Opera says:


    If you buy a NAS (Network Attached Storage) server,ad connect that to your gateway/modem/router by ethernet cable, you will be able to read and write to that using anything connected to the network, either witrlessly or wired.

    Just don’t get the Netgear Stora -- I’ve had one for a couple of years and had problem after problem with it…

    Regarding printing from your iDevice, as long as your printer is connected to your gateway/modem/router, you should be right, though you might need an app of some sort… I don’t use an iDevice though, so I can’t help you out there.

  6. Chi (Snr Product Manager) says:

    @ Ian,

    if all your devices are connected directly to the gateway, without any other ‘router’ on the “wired” connection, then by default you are on the same network.

    One thing to check is, with your various devices, have you set up any ‘shared’ folders/partitions, that are made visible on your own local area network?

    if you are not familiar with that set up, best place to start is for the respective device, search the ‘Help’ category for ‘Sharing’

    Or as Gregory mentioned if you are looking at sharing ‘multimedia content’ in your network, you can either purchase a NAS and connect that to the gateway, which then allows all other networked device to access the central content. Alternative you can achieve a similar result with connecting a USB HDD to the USB port on the gateway, which then will transform your USB HDD into a NAS.


  7. Lisa says:

    Have just got the new technicolour TG797nv3 and am having troubles connecting my laptop up wirelesly. My laptop is running Vista 7.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Lisa

    • Craig (Snr Product Manager) says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Is your PC still using the standard Windows7 settings? Are you able to see the TG797nv3 wireless SSID in the list of networks when you refresh that on your PC?
      If it is visible and you are able to select it you should then enter the Wireless Security Key that is printed on either your TG797nv3, or the card that came with it.
      If you cannot see the Wi-Fi network then check you have the Wi-Fi turned on for your PC (either a physical switch or function) and that the TG797nv3 Eco light is not blue (which means it’s had the Wi-Fi turned off and you’d need to press it again to turn back on)

      If you do still continue to have issues then it might be worth visiting where I’m sure we can assist further.

  8. Maree says:

    I purchased a Telstra T-Gateway and when I arrived home there was no Install CD -- talk about annoying. When I have tried to ring (5 times) the Telstra store at the Hyperdome (QLD) they don’t answer. Is there something I can download from this website to help install the T-Gateway?

  9. Stephen says:


    Hopefully this thread is still active?

    I signed up to Telstra earlier this year (2013) and had just a few hiccups in getting setup and on the net with my current home setup, but once up and running, have not had any issues -- until now.

    I’ve got the gateway connected to a number of devices around the house via network cable, including my media pc running Windows 8, which was used to set it all up.

    I’ve just plugged everything back in after having some work done in my house, and now I have issues with the gateway, and with Windows 8. It appears that the gateway is registering as a public network when multiple cables are plugged in, which prevents the setup from working (detecting the gateway) and thus getting the internet working.

    When I take all network cables out bar the one connected to my media pc, then reset the gateway, it all works fine after some fiddling.

    Here’s the primary issue:

    When I then plug any other network cables into the gateway, the connection drops out, and I’m back to square 1 with my connection setup (i.e. can’t just pull them out and have it working again).

    This means that any computer in my house on the cable network won’t get network access. Slightly frustrating, I’m sure you realise.

    I don’t expect any assistance with the Windows 8 side of things (because I’m fairly certain I’ve got that down pat), but can anyone please explain what on earth is going on with the gateway and why it drops when I plug a cable in?

    Thanks for your help,


  10. Chi says:

    @ Steve,

    I will try to get hold off a Windows 8 computer, so I can check if that causes the bizarre situation you have at home.

    A few questions:

    - Have you tried connecting another wired device to the gateway by itself to see if you get network connectivity?
    - Does the Wi-Fi network still work for any devices in your home, when the cabled connections are down?
    - Are you able to tell us what Operating systems you are using on the other devices (non media pc)?


    • Steve says:

      Hi Chi -- thank you for your quick reply!

      I think separating the issues out helped me work out what was going on -- 1. that the windows 8 pc would treat the network as a public network, and that 2. the gateway would cause these issues when I plugged another cable in.

      I’ve been thinking about whether the first issue in fact is a result of the second, because I can successfully plug in a different router and it is instantly treated as a private network -- so perhaps something is going on with the gateway.

      Notwithstanding, some answers to your questions:

      1. When I plug a different wired device into the gateway, it will ‘drop’ all its settings, and I need to insert the CD that came with the gateway to set it up again and get the connection going;

      2. The wifi is always the first thing to work if the internet connection is working fine, however yes, the wifi also goes when the gateway ‘drops’ its settings once another cable is plugged in;

      3. Other devices in the house include a Windows 7 PC, Windows 7 Laptop, and Windows 8 Laptop. Wireless devices (both Windows 7 and Windows 8 (and Windows Phone 8)) all work on the wifi network when everything is working and at a state of Zen.

      I haven’t had the time to troubleshoot it more to work out, so I currently only have the one computer (media PC) plugged in at this stage.

      If you have any suggestions, recommendations or anything just let me know -- I’m happy to work through the issues to get a working device (i.e. not going to be a raving lunatic that thinks Telstra and this gateway are the harbringers of the apocolyps or anything).

      Thanks again for your help,


  11. Greg says:

    hi chi i have a telstra prepaid 4g wifi modem with a strict NAT setting that is causing me problems can you tell me how to set it to open please thankyou

  12. Peter says:

    I have a TG587n v3 I was hoping some one can tell me how to BLOCKa Mac addresss I have one laptop that keeps popping up in my list of devices and its all ways the same Mac address.. I need to find out how to block this one address

    Thankyou in advance

  13. cheryl says:

    I have just installed wifi modem tg797nv3 i used the card provided for ssid and wpa i would like to use my own user name and password how do i do this?

  14. Tony says:

    Ive been trying to connect a netgear wifi extender via WPS. I have managed to connect it to the modem but for some reason its unable to connect to the net. Unsure if the modem has any settings that is blocking this. Hopefully someone can help.

  15. Rod Long says:

    Just received the TG797

    Can no longer print via wireless on HP C7200 series.

    Windows 7
    Have tried with and without printer plugged into TG797 via usb. Why cant it pick up the printers wireless signal?

    Have removed old printer device in windows, windows will not find the printer on the network when trying to add the printer again.

    Have tried manually adding by
    This works, windows finds the printer, reinstalls existing drivers, printer icon in “devices and printers” says printer online and ready.
    Go to print something and the job just spools until it goes to error.
    No printing takes place.

    I cant believe how complex this is….Why is the TG797 so difficult?

    Old Belkin modem picked up the printers wireless signal and then broadcast it on the network which could be picked up by any computer and within minutes be printing.

    I have gone into the gateway via webpage and no where is the printer recognised on the network.

    • Rod Long says:

      Worked it out eventually.

      Got into the printer settings and reset to default.
      Printer recognised network and asked for TG797 password.
      We can now print on wireless.

  16. Julyan Anderson says:

    Hey We just got our internet up and running today and have 3 laptops two of which are windows 7 one which is windows 8. One of the windows 7 is being used as the setup while the windows 8 and other windows 7 isn’t. The problem is the other windows 7 is able to take the connection and get onto the internet but the windows 8 can not can you please try to find a solution.

  17. Gilbert says:

    I have the Premium Home Network. I have speed problems. I did a speed check test and I only have download speed of 56Kbps… Ping was 72ms…
    That is really unacceptable.. Can you please assist?

  18. adam says:

    i have just replaced a vivid wireless wifi modem/router with the technicolor TG857 from telstra.

    The network features of my Denon AV receiver no longer work reliably (airplay, remote control), with the denon drifting in and out of visibility to my apple devices.

    Denon indicates this is a cheap router and suggests upgrading to a higher end known brand router.

    any other suggestions?

    • Chi says:


      I don’t have a Denon AV receiver, which I can verify that against.

      are you able to provide more details around the following:

      - Denon AV receiver model number?
      - How is the receiver connected to the gateway? (Ethernet/Wi-Fi)

      - How are your apple devices connected to the TG587?
      - What type of Apple devices are you using?

      I am using a Yamaha receiver personally and all networking features and also audio streaming is working with no issues.

      I am not using Airplay to handle my audio streaming.

      If you can provide additional information, it will allow me to investigate it further.

      In the meantime, if your devices are all connected to the TG587 using Wi-Fi, you could try the following:

      - Change the Wi-Fi channel to another Channel via the Gateway Web


    • adam says:

      i followed Denon’s advice.
      bought an apple airport extreme…plugged it in and everything works perfectly.
      the Telstra Technicolor, according to Denon, is a poor quality router with known conflicts.
      have put the Telstra box into bridge mode.

      (the denon is on ethernet, hoever there was no wifi issue to other devices on the network such as appleTV)

  19. David says:

    I am in the process of replacing my old Speed Stream modem with an ADSL Premium Home Network Gateway. i don’t have the set up disk for the gateway machine but have been trying to set up manually with the help of online support. When trying to connect to the internet via the page I keep gettinmg a forbidden page error. I asked if this would be avoided if I had the set up disk which I could probably get from a Telstra shop but was told it would not help. We have put the ethernet cable in the various outlets, tried with both firefox and IE etc etc all to no avail so far. I am now waiting on a higher level of technical assistance. Can anyone explain what my problem is and suggest a possible fix? Thanks

    • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi David,
      Think I’ll have to throw this out to the knowledgeable blog community here. Any ideas guys?


  20. Chris Raymond says:

    considering getting this for wi fi to the home, however not sure if I can have parental control of internet that is delivered to wireless/wi fi devices used by the children.

    Is this set up using Bigpond Security ‘Parental Controls’ on my account -- ie it costs $10 per month?

  21. Adam says:

    Is it possible for me to transfer files from my smart phone (iPhone or android) via wi fi to a hard drive that is connected to the USB port on my Technicolor TG797nV3 router/modem? At the moment I can view files on several devices through my home network from the USB mounted hard drive but haven’t found a way to ‘move’ files for storage.

    • Chi says:

      Hi Adam,

      Yes it is possible to file transfer from your android or iphone to the USB hdd attached to the TG587.

      The key application you would need on the android or iphone is a file browser similar to ES File Browser or Astro File manager, which have capability to connect to any network drive.

      If you need any further information, our Support Team over in CrowdSupport and also forum members will be able to help.


  22. Tracey says:

    We currently have a Netgear DG834N 2+modem router that we have had for a couple of years now, however, of recent we have had difficulty connecting to the internet. We are told to turn off the modem and try to connect again, which does seem to work. Is our current modem out dated, do we need a more recent one? Is there a way you can try a new modem and return it if it doesn’t improve our problem?

    • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Tracey,
      Thanks for your post and some good questions there. I’d recommend you have a chat to our Live Chat team at and they’ll be able to advise the best course of action for you!


  23. Nagr says:

    I have a very slow ADSL 1 connection with BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway. I am in the Telstra 4G coverage area and would like to buy Telstra Prepaid USB 4G, and plug it into Home network gateway and use the wifi 4G internet! Any suggestions??

    • Chi says:

      @ Nagr,

      I am not sure if you have already resolved your question above, in case you weren’t provided this information yet.

      The ‘Premium ADSL HNG’ can support the current in market Pre-Paid 4G USB dongle (

      Please be aware that if you are considering to set up your gateway and USB dongle with a Pre-Paid service, when you are out of Credit, the automatic redirection to the Telstra Pre-Paid top up portal may not occur, which results in you not being connected online.

  24. Peter Launder says:

    I recently had a Bigpond bundle installed with a Technicolor modem. I have purchased a Samsung TV and Samsung advise me I need WEP protocal to connect to wi-fi. The Bigpond modem is WAP. How can I change to WEP??

    • Chi says:

      @ Peter,

      Information on how to configure your ‘Premium ADSL HNG’ is outlined below. However before you proceed, a note for your awareness. WEP is a very ‘old’ security protocol on Wi-Fi and it is suggested that this protocol is not the most secure method. In addition to that, this protocol will impact the speed you may be transferring your information on Wi-Fi. Another consideration here as well, is that any devices you have currently connected to the HNG, using the default details, will need to be reconfigured with the WEP details, which again will be subject to the WEP constraints.

      Our gateway are configured by default to use WPA2 as the security protocol for Wi-Fi and if possible, please check your TV whether your TV is capable of supporting this protocol.

      To configure you Premium ADSL HNG to WEP:

      1. Open a browser on your computer
      2. Go to
      3. On the Left hand navigation, please click on ‘Home Network’
      4. On the ‘Home Network’ screen, click on your wireless network name
      5. In that screen, click on ‘Configure Main WLAN’ at the bottom of your screen (for Firmware 10.3.T.M) or on ‘Configure’ (Top right hand corner for Firmware 8.4.4.x)
      6. In the configuration screen, in the ‘Security protocol dropdown’, you are able to select the desired protocol.
      Once you change it to WEP, you will be required to choose between a 64 or 128 bit encryption key in the format of (abcdef1234567890….)
      7. change the security details.
      8. Click on ‘Apply’

      This will now have configured your gateway to use WEP.

  25. Dave says:

    Hi I have a Thompson TG782T Router and the best down load speeds that i can get are 8.45 mbps.
    I am on ADSL2 + but unfortunately the speed does not seem to be there. When i do a speed test the result is quite jerky with peaks and troughs. It’s almost like i am being throttled back.

    • Gregory Opera says:

      What area are you in?

      With an ADSL 2+ service in Victoria, we moved to the Top End (Palmerston, NT) at the start of the year, and told we were supposedly getting ADSL 2+… The speeds however, told a different story -- our data speeds are only slightly faster than (regular) ADSL!

      This went all the way to the Ombudsman and to cut a long story short, it turns out that the local exchange is over-capacity, but because the NBN is “coming soon” (i.e. work begins in a maximum of three years, with availability at least a year after that), Telstra won’t do anything…

      So, we’re stuck on (regular) ADSL, in a modern world that is designed to utilize ADSL 2+ speeds.

      I should point-out that after we contacted the Ombudsman, Telstra did actually let us out of our broadband contract at their expense, due to the fact that we contracted with ADSL 2+ and under “real world” terms, the NBN is a fair few years away…

      It’s still unacceptable that modern cities are stuck with such poor data speeds and I have no confidence that this will improve anytime soon, but at least we now have a little elbow room.

      Anyway, I’m getting off-topic -- hit Telstra up and see if you’re having the same experience…

    • Dave says:

      In reply to your Question Gregory i live on the North West Coast of Tasmania in a place called Ulverstone. 7315.
      Hope that helps mate. I would be no further than 3 kms from the exchange.

    • Gregory Opera says:

      I’d make some sort of “Tasmanian” joke right about now… But I’d probably end-up with a virtual black eye! ;-)

      In all seriousness however, one would think that an area such as yours is not over capacity, though only Telstra would be privy to this information…

      As I said above, give them a call and see what they say.

    • Chi says:

      Hi Dave,

      If you haven’t had a chance to speak to our online chat consultants, I would recommend you to give the team a shout here:

      They will be able to have a look at the Service to start with to see if there isn’t anything that’s out of place.

      In addition, are you able to provide some additional information, which you can find inside the TG782T Admin Web portal on

      If you can post the information which you find under:

      - Broadband Connection
      -- DSL Connection

      If you could get a screen shot from that page, and post it to our CrowdSupport Forum here:

      Another question I had is what local connection type is having this issue? e.g Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN?

      Any information around that will provide the team better visibility where your issues may be.


  26. Dave says:

    Hi Chi,
    I have trouble with all speeds whether it be WI-FI, and Ethernet .
    My speediest result from Telstra in Hobart and Melbourne produced much the same results. All around the 8.2 varying up to 8.3mbs.
    at times the speed looks as though it wants to go higher but is stopped.I do not particularly wish to post the speed test result on here as it has my ip address.

    If you send me an email i will respond with the full details direct back to you.

  27. Dave says:

    Hi Chi,
    As a follow up i sent my speed test result back in an email to Telstra at the response to the email i received.

  28. Paul Coombes says:

    My power light on my ADSL Gateway Network is hard on and is blue and no devices are working wi fi.

    • Chi says:

      Hi Paul,

      Your ADSL Gateway currently is operating in ‘ECO’ mode, whereby the Wi-Fi is off. This is to save on power consumption of the Gateway.

      To turn the Wi-Fi back on your gateway, simply press the ‘ECO’ button on the front of the ADSL Gateway.

      This will take about 10 seconds before your Wi-Fi is back on and the ‘ECO light’ will then turn back green.


  29. Craig W says:

    Hi Paul,

    You’ve managed to place the gateway in ECO mode (by holding the ECO button down for 3 seconds). If you press the “ECO” button again on the front of your gateway it will turn your Wi-Fi back on and the ECO light will turn back to green.

  30. Ros says:

    Stupid question probably -- I’ve just received the bigpond premium ADSL home network gateway. My partner thinks that a netgear WIFI USB Adapter is required for wifi -- I didn’t think it was as it’s an optional device….
    Does wifi just get set up like this after running CD?
    “Wi-Fi connections can be added by using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Set Up) where you can simply push the WPS soft switch (located at the back of the gateway) then push the WPS button on your WPS capable device to add gadgets to your home Wi-Fi network”

    • Chi says:


      Not a silly question.

      You are right that a Wi-Fi USB adapter is optional, since most modern computers do come with built in Wi-Fi functionality.

      The included installation CD in the kit, will guide you through the Wi-Fi set up and may also detect whether or not your computer has Wi-Fi built in or not.

      If your computer doesn’t have Wi-Fi built in, then you may need to purchase one of the Wi-Fi USB adapters for your computer.


  31. Craig W says:

    Hi Ros,

    You’d only need the Netgear Wi-Fi adapter if your Laptop or computer doesn’t have inbuilt Wi-Fi. They plug into your PC and it makes it Wi-Fi compatible.

    If you already have Wi-Fi built into your PC/tablet/phone then you have everything you need. The install CD steps you through the options you have to connect your PC’s to the gateways Wi-Fi. WPS is the easiest, or you can also manually type in your security key.

  32. Davo says:

    We have the Thompson Gateway 782T
    I was wondering if it would be wise to upgrade to the newest modem or stay with the one we have.
    The one we have at present seems to be ok so any advise would be great.

    • Chi says:

      @ Davo,

      An upgrade is really dependending if you will be changing your way of using your broadband service in the home with the gateway today and in the next 12-24 months.

      For instance, if you are intending to purchase new devices, such as tablets, newer smartphones, Internet ready TV’s or gaming consoles, then a recommendation would be to upgrade.

      The TG782 is uging older Wi-Fi standards which may not be able to cater/cope with demands on new Consumer electronic devices.

      The T-Gateway (TG797nV3), is equipped with later Wi-Fi 802.11 N, which will cater for most new in market consumer devices, for in home connectivity. Furthermore it provides you additional features, which will allow you to share media content in the home on your network. (This is particularly useful for the new Smartphones, Tablets and TV’s).

      Hope this helps.

  33. Davo says:

    Hi Chi,
    The advise is gratefully received mate thanks.
    When and if we get the NBN here will i need to get a new modem to cope with ” better speeds :)
    Any more advise gratefully accepted mate

    • Chi says:

      @ Davo,

      As a general comment our current gateways which we supply to our customers, do have better Wi-Fi performance over the previous model TG782T, which you are using.

      In addition the in home media sharing capability that the T-Gateway comes with, may of additional benefits and user experience to you. (e.g connecting a USB hard drive to the T-Gateway {centralising ability to access/store content in your home network}, which then will allow any DLNA Certified smartphone/tablet/TV connected on your home network can access).

      The T-Gateway (TG797) which we supply is also NBN capable, so you would be primed for NBN, if and when they have rolled out in your area.


  34. Lee says:

    Hi. Have this Gateway ATM and planning to get Apple AirPort Extreme for that 802.11ac standard. But I’m wondering if it’ll work with telstra’s tg587n v3 as the modem. If so, any advance tips on how.

    • Chi says:


      You can set up the AirPort Extreme behind the TG587 in two ways:

      Option 1 (TG587 routed mode):

      Directly connect the AirPort Extreme in one of the Ethernet Ports on the back of the TG587 gateway, and configure all in home devices to connect to the AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi. In this mode, you could also disable the Wi-Fi on the TG587 via the ‘Front ECO light button, Far right hand corner’

      Option 2 (TG587 Bridged Mode):

      - You can reconfigure the TG587 into ‘Bridged Mode’ using the Web Interface on the gateway, and then again connect the AirPort Extreme in one of the Ethernet ports on the 587. Then you will have to ensure you enter your ADSL service details into the AirPort Extreme. Then configure all in home devices to connect to the AirPort Extreme.

      Please keep in mind the following constraints:

      - Both Option 1 & 2 are outside our current support boundaries.

      With Option 2: there are a few considerations you want to keep in mind:

      - Missing out on Firmware updates:: From time to time, we will provide firmware updates to all our supplied gateways to ensure customers will have the latest improvements on the gateways.

      Hope this helps.


  35. Davod says:

    Hi Chi,
    Thanks for the Advice mate. I will get TG 797 in case we do get the NBN. Someone told me that now the Libs are in we won’t be getting it in Ulverstone. I hope this is untrue.

  36. Mal says:

    Need advice on the modem.
    Can I set it up so kids can only acess the modem thru thier computer, ipads at certain times. Also can I allow acces to certain sites.
    Have you a simple step by step for this?

  37. David says:

    I have a Bigpond Elite network gateway that I currently do not use (I’m now on ADSL).
    My set-up is an iMac running Mac OSX 10.6.8 connected via ethernet cable to a bridged Apple Time Capsule -- which in turn is connected to the BigPond ADSL modem/router via ethernet cable. The Time Capsule provides b/g/n WiFi to my wife’s MacBookPro etc.
    I have another (old) Mac that I want to use as a server for an IP security camera.
    The camera can connect to the Elite/old Mac via WiFi but is not accessible through the internet (the Elite sim/contract expired two years ago).
    I have a USB WiFi dongle on the old Mac that connects me to the Apple Time Capsule WiFi, and hence to the internet.
    I am wondering if I can set the Elite up to wirelessly connect to the Time Capsule WiFi so it can supply an internet connection for the camera.
    Any help will be appreciated.


  38. Ben says:

    i am looking at connecting my WD Mybook 1tb hard drive to my wireless network through the t587 gateway. the greatest concern i have is that anybody could access the hard drive and install viruses on to it. can anybody provide some instructions on how i am able to secure the hard drive so only the devices i allow are able to view the files and transfer files to it.



  39. Melissa Chesham says:

    I have just recently had a Telstra TG797n V3 installed at our new house with NBN. My ipad, iphone and Toshiba Laptop with Windows 7 have successfully connected to the Internet. When trying to connect my PC which is running Windows XP SP3 with a D-Link DWL-G122 USB Wireless Dongle it establishes that there is a wireless network available I type my password in and it sits on acquiring a network without any success. What can I do to get the Dongle to talk to the Modem?

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hello Melissa,

      Hrm, I think your request may be a little out of my league! You can try our CrowdSupport channel, where someone may know the answer or you can get one of our friendly Telstra Platinum Technicians to help you out :) I hope this helps!

    • Craig W says:

      Hi Melissa,

      it sounds like it is possible that the security encryption in your network might be the issue. The Gateways default to the secure method of WPA2 encryption, however I suspect that your USB Wireless Dongle might not be able to support this.

      If this is the problem then you have two options.
      1. You could make all of your wireless devices run a less secure encrption type of WEP (typing in a browser and click on Local network on the left, then Configure the main WLAN down the bottom). You can change the encryption type, and passphrase however keep in mind this does make your network more succuptible. Do this while plugged in via Ethernet as you will loose Wi-Fi connectivity on your devices and have to set them up again.
      2. consider updating your USB dongle to one that supports WPA2 (A Telstra consultant should be able to sell a netgear WNA3100).
      As Jamie indicates, Crowdsupport would be able to help our for any more detailed questions.

  40. Jeremy H says:

    Hi All, we just signed up and received a Premium Home Network Gateway for my parents house. We explained to the staff member at the Telstra shop before signing up that my parents do not have a computer but we wanted to set this up for Wi-Fi Internet access for tablets/etc, he said all we needed to do was plug it all in and away we go re internet/wifi.
    I set up the box yesterday and everything looks OK, lights etc are coming on green and correct, we have Wi-Fi access but no internet access.
    I now fear that we need to run the “installation” disk through a computer to get the whole thing working despite what was told to us.
    Could someone please confirm if this is correct and if so is it OK if we just bring over one of our laptops from our house and plug it into the Ethernet port and set it up for my parents ?
    Many thanks for your advise and help.
    Jeremy Hay

    • Gregory Opera says:

      You don’t really need another computer Jeremy, and you certainly don’t need a setup disk (that’s mostly a lay-over from the dialup days)… All you need is a browser.

      Punch-in the IP address ( and you’ll be able to access the gateway control panel, wherein you can verify Internet connectivity (among other things).

      Things you’ll want to confirm -- aside from whether the gateway is getting Internet access -- is the broadband username/password, the Wi-Fi name and key/password, in addition to the type of Wi-Fi being used (security type, 802.11a/b/g/etc).

      Most newer devices will support at least 802.11g, though some may support 802.11n or 802.11ac… As for security, most devices made over the last give years or so will support most of the security protocols available (WPA-PSK is best, WEP is worst).

    • Jeremy H says:

      Thanks a lot Greg, I will try this over the weekend.
      Cheers. Jeremy.

  41. Rainier Alongalay says:

    I have a weak signal on my wifi in my T gateway modem/router. It’s always sitting at 5.5 mbps wifi signal. could you help me out please. Im a long time telstra customer and i’m on adsl 2+ connection.


    • Craig W says:

      Hi Rainer,

      What type of computer/phone/tablet are you using? Are you seeing these speeds when close to the T-Gateway? It sounds like it you maybe using something that might only be compatible with earlier Wi-Fi standards however from the information you supplied it’s difficult to diagnose.

      Depending on what you are using to access the T-Gateway you might benefit from configuring it to use 40Mhz channels. Go to, Local network on the left hand side menu, and “configure the main WLAN” down the bottom of that page. There is a “Channel Width” drop down box that you could try setting to 20/40Mhz then clicking on “Apply” down the bottom. If you are using a later device a long way from the gateway this might help.

      There is also a wealth of support knowledge on where people would be able to directly answer any questions, or contact you directly for any specific information that might help.

  42. Vicki Lustig says:

    I have just installed the Technicolor Gateway as part of my new Telstra bundle. I have a large house and was previously using a D Link wireless extender with my old Netgear modem to reach all corners of it. How do I link my extender to my new Gateway?

    • Chi says:

      Hi Vicki,

      If you know of the D-Link Wireless extender model you have, I will be able to provide more details.

      There are generally two methods you can use to get the extenders to work with a new Wi-Fi gateway:

      Method #1: WPS

      If you D-Link Wi-Fi extender supports WPS pairing method, then you can simply activate this process by pressing the physical button on the extender as well as on the Gateway.

      This will establish a temporary secure link between the 2 devices and pair up with the Wi-Fi details.

      Method #2: Web Interface on the Extender

      Some extenders in the Market have a built in web interface, which you can connect to using a Wi-Fi device.

      In the interface, there should be a Wizard of some sort, that will guide you through the pairing process of the Extender to your gateway.

      NOTE: I would recommend to ‘reset’ your D-Link Wireless extender before going through the repairing process, in case it still has the old Netgear information on it.

      Hope this helps.


  43. Rick says:

    We have the above wireless device and we also have the Telstra 12550 Quad cordless phone.
    I have noticed that when the router is turned on we get a background hiss/hum on the cordless phone making it hard to hear the person on the other end. This does not happen on our other type of cordless phones in the house.
    Can anything be done on the router or the phone to remove the interference that we are getting on the phone?

    • Chi says:

      Hi Rick,

      One thing that you could try on your gateway, is to change the Wi-Fi channel on your gateway.

      You can use the following steps:

      - Open a browser window, then go to
      - Then on the left hand menu, click on ‘Local Network’
      - Then under ‘Wireless’, click on the WLAN: {name of your Wi-Fi network}
      - Click on ‘Configure the main WLAN’ under Pick a task…
      - Under Configuration, next to ‘Channel Selection’ you can adjust it to any of the 13 channels available

      NOTE: Depending on your environment and how much Wi-Fi interference is around you, changing the automatically selected Wi-Fi channel may impact your service experience. If you do find that your Wi-Fi experience has worsened, please use the above steps and change it to the ‘Automatic’ option.

      Hope this will help.


      • Rick says:

        Hi Chi,

        Thanks for your advice. I tried changing the wifi channel but it had no effect on the background noise I am getting.

        I am absolutely positive it is the gateway causing all the noise now. I have come to this conclusion after listening to the cordless phone as each time I rebooted the router after altering the channel. As it did this there was a period of time when the gateway was offline; each time the gateway was offline there was no noise on the cordless phone.

        The alternative option I have come up with is to use my older wireless router and connect it to the gateway -- but is there a way to turn the wireless transmitter on the gateway off completely?


  44. Chi (Snr Product Manager) says:

    Hi Rick,

    I think there is interference on your actual phone line when both of the devices are active or powered on.

    Out of interest, have you installed one of the ‘ADSL Filter/Splitters’ that came with the kit, on your Cordless phone?

    If not, I would recommend to do so, as it will filter out the noise/interference.

    To your question about turning the Wi-Fi completely off, yes that is possible, either via the ‘GUI’ which you went into the change the Wi-Fi channels or using the ‘ECO’ button on the front of the gateway, which will turn ‘blue’ once pressed. This indicates that your Wi-Fi has been turned off.

    However I don’t think the Wi-Fi is the cause of the hissing noise, as this is more related to your phone line.

    If you need more help, could I ask you to jump over to our CrowdSupport page, and post an article there?

    I will be able to provide further information via that forum.


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